The Warrior gets created first and then the Monk.

This means you have the capacity to bring out the warrior.

But you dont do it.

Unless it's called upon to be of service.

The warrior is your dark side.

We all have a dark side and we also have a side filled with light.

Some people however have a dark side controlled by the metaphorical demon energy.

The Way Of The Warrior Monk

The Dark Side.

The warrior monk has mastered his dark side and has cultivated light control over it.

Both the warrior monk and the person controlled by demon energy has the same type of potential power.

But one is motivated by light and the other by darkness.

This means you have disciplined the dark side of yourself.

Because you know if you unleash this energy you can cause a lot of harm and suffering.

If you use it in the wrong way you can complicate your life.

However, when demon energy confronts you it's time to call on the warrior.

When you, your family, or people you care about are in danger then you need to be able to bring out this warrior. You need to bring out the dark energy that is under your control.

You need to realize that it's better that you have control over this type of energy than someone else having it and you have nothing.

Dark Energy.

Every human being has dark energy.

You will see this when you push someone to their limit when you provoke someone.

This energy will come out.

Now the question is does that person have knowledge and control over this energy?

Two Sides Of Human Beings.

Now both the warrior monk and the undisciplined person (controlled with demon energy) have power.

But is this power cultivated as an effective weapon?

Your core is the warrior but the way you conduct yourself is the monk.

In your normal daily life, you are peaceful.

But only because you decide to be peaceful.

But you know you have access to the warrior when needed.

The Reality Is This:

A man must be able to protect his family and allies.

This type of power is not available to you if you dont cultivate it.

You must cultivate the warrior spirit that doesn't give up when the times get hard.

This is the difference between a warrior and a mediocre person.

Both will come to a point where they are challenged.

They might even get to the point of their first defeat.

The difference is that the warrior keeps going.

The mediocre person will quit.

Someone who doesn't have enough courage, discipline, and willpower to keep going after repeated failure will give up.

The warrior learns from failure, it doesn't define him.

Because of these lessons in failure, the warrior still keeps going until he succeeds.

And in this process, the warrior spirit keeps on growing stronger.

Through all these lessons in adversity his confidence grows.

He learns that you can't control other people but you can control your own actions.

And realizing this reality you dont know who you are going to meet out there.

But you have calmness knowing that when conflict arises you know the warrior is there to deal with it.

This gives you the confidence and freedom to walk wherever you want knowing you can handle yourself.

But if you have no skills you are vulnerable and the people around you are vulnerable.

When you develop your warrior skills you sharpen your spirit and start building this attitude of being able to overcome any adversity that comes your way.

This leads you to not allow fear to determine and dictate your life.

How do you develop the warrior monk?

Developing The Warrior Monk.

Step 1 :Cultivate Self Discipline.

Without self-discipline, you will not be able to control the power that you will cultivate. Therefore without self-discipline, you will be reckless and of no use to yourself or anybody else.

Step 2 :Build A Powerful Mindset.

You must get control over the frame you use to see the world and yourself.

mental toughness

Step 3 :Physical Readiness.

You need cardiovascular fitness, strength training, and flexibility. You need all three elements to be a balanced warrior.


Step 4 :Martial Skills

Martial Skills Has 3 parts:
Part One – Choose a Martial Art.

There are many martial arts out there, choose one that is practical in the real world.JiuJitsu, Muay Thai or boxing are my recommendations.

Part Two – Be Proficient In Modern Weapons.

We need to adapt to modern reality and realize that we must have basic proficiency in pistol and Carbine.

Part Three -Develop A Sheepdog Mindset.

You must cultivate a sheepdog mindset of always being aware of the dangerous reality that does exist on planet earth.

This is not about being paranoid, this is about awareness.

It's also about being hard to kill so that you can live another day.



The warrior monk approach is living by a code, it's one that puts you in perfect balance with your objectives and the reality of the world.

Power games are a reality on this planet.

This is true whether you like it or not.

Being prepared is the only way for you to overcome and prosper.

Until next time…