We are all born weak.

I get that.

As humans we have to depend on our mothers, fathers, or guardians for years until we are strong enough to face the world on our own.

We need to be fed, looked after, and protected.

Our parents and the generations before them came from a time that was a lot harder.

They faced challenges that we can't even comprehend.

They lived through times without antibiotics which made even small surgeries dangerous.

They lived through world wars.


Get Perspective

They lived through great depressions.

Our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents created a foundation for one of the best times in human history.

Right now we are living in the best time in human history.

Yes if you listen to the mainstream news you would think the world is terrible and about to end.

But the reality is that right now is the best the world has ever been.

Yes, there are people that are less privileged for various reasons.

There are poor people.

There are low-income people.

There are the middle class and the upper-middle-class people.

Then there are rich people.

The 20% that have it all.


The 20%

The bad thing about that 20% is that people have been taught to despise them.

Even hate them.

Because a lie was created telling people that all those people somehow cheated the system.

They somehow got lucky.

Sure there are some that were born into wealth and got born into a trust fund.

But even those trust-fund babies had to work hard to build an empire.

But my point is this:

We all have struggles.

We all have to overcome hard times and odds that sometimes seem insurmountable.

The world is not always a fair place and yes mistakes have been made.

But we are humans and we make mistakes.

And that being said I bring you back to the point that right now you have an opportunity.

An opportunity to make something of yourself in the best time in human history.

But you can only do that if you overcome the vast amounts of negativity that is dominating the internet and other forms of media.

And if you manage to do that the most important thing of all needs to happen.

You need to take ownership of it all.

The good and bad.

Nobody is coming to save you.


It's all on you.

Everything is on you.

Forget about whatever group you think you belong to.

Real power is in the individual liberty.

You have immense personal power that you are not even aware of.

So grab this responsibility and take extreme extreme ownership.

We are men.

This is our fate.

But it's liberating.

Men get born with very little.

We are weak.



We are not women who can depend on their looks alone and get married and live happily ever after.

We have to produce the goods.

We have to make something of ourselves.

We have to create a giant out of the weakness we get born into.

Human babies get born early unlike other primate species.

We get born early because our big heads(big brains) won't allow us to be born later when we are physically stronger.

So we are weak.

The Mind

But in this weakness is a small seed of potential power.

It's our mind.

And within this seed that is our mind is another smaller seed that needs to be cultivated.

It's our will.

Our will has the ability to transform our world into whatever we want it to be.

But the will is a very strange little seed.

It only works if you give it water.

Through working on your mind and being very careful with the influences that come into your mind it starts growing.

If you can control those influences and get momentum then you can start doing the work to transform your life into something great.

alpha male


Something truly spectacular.

Something that nobody expected from you.

Something that will impact the people around you and the whole world you live in.

But for that to happen you need to go to your old friend cause and effect.

You need to do the work.

You need to become the cause that creates the effect in all areas of life.

If you do that you will create a force.

A force that cannot be stopped.

But watch out!

We live in a time where the forces of negativity have convinced many men that they are victims.

Victims condemned to darkness.

Unfortunately many fall for this lie.

But if you are reading this then it means you have some light in you.

Grab onto that light, cultivate it and turn it into a fire.

Feed that fire until its an inferno.

Then at the top of the mountain look back and see how far you have come.

Look back and see who you have become.

You can become a lion or a lamb.

lion heart

All On You

That is up to you.

But you must sacrifice and destroy the darkness and fear that will confront you.

This has been done by many great men who were once called victims.

These great men who have become titans of their different fields come from nothing and created gold from dust.

They did not accept their fate as victims.

They challenged their destiny and overcame it.

They found the light deep inside them.

They held on to it.

And became giants.

Being a victim is a choice.

If you are a “victim” right now then know this:

I get it.

I once was at the exact place you are now.

personal development

Dead Man Walking

I was a dead man walking.

I was in extreme darkness and saw myself as the victim.

I pointed fingers.

I hated rich people.

I thought they were lucky.

I thought you were “born” that way and that I was just not one fo the lucky ones.

But guess what?

I had a moment of clarity in the darkest of times.

Call it God, the Force or some type of energy inside me told me to get up.

It told me to get my sorry ass up.

It told me to start fighting.



For some crazy reason, the first thing I thought was that I needed to get a book.

I needed to learn.

So I started reading.

And I walked into that part of the bookstore that I usually avoided.

Usually, I was ashamed to be seen in it.

That section was the personal development section.

I thought I was too good for developing myself.

I thought that was for weak people.

But the truth was that it was my fake modesty.

“I dont need that”.

But the deeper truth was that in my past pathetic life I had an arrogance that was destroying me.

I thought I knew better than all those successful people that I despised.

live the dream


But the results in my life proved otherwise.

Because let me tell you a little secret about this universe.

There is a rule that can not be broken and I mentioned it earlier: Cause and effect.

And by that I mean that if you have certain results in your life right now then the actions you are taking are creating those results.

So you are responsible for those results.

If your results in life are bad then you are creating it with the actions you are taking.

The foundation of good cause and effect is Self Discipline.

You have to create a culture of Self Discipline to manage cause and effect.

If you can do that you can change everything.

Then you can do the work to get the life you want.

You can create anything you want if you do this right.

A lot of peole look for very complex answers when it comes to building power and success in life.

But the most powerful success principles are very simplistic but have extreme power.

This knowledge is right here to accept or reject.

It's up to you.

I mentioned before that knowledge is not power.

Knowledge is only potential power if you implement what you learn.

warrior mindset


You have to take action on what you learn.

It's all up to you.

Those seeds of the mind and will has the power to transform everything for you.

The question is this:

Will you take action today and start building the life you want?

Until next time.