I want to give you a choice.

Let's imagine for a moment there is a new planet.

God tells you that you have a choice.

You can be a wolf or a sheep.

Take a guess which choice will be the most popular.

Easy right? Wolf of course.

I can hear everyone saying wolf.

Of course its a wolf.

OK back to planet earth.

how to tell if you are a wolf

How To Tell If You Are A Wolf Or Sheep

Who are you now right now on this planet.

Let's use this analogy again of the wolf and the sheep.

You have two choices.

Who are you right now?

Are you a Wolf or sheep?

Many of you would probably say “I'm a wolf”.

But are you really?

See many say they are wolves, but they act like sheep.

They love the idea of being a wolf.

Sounds cool right?

Wolves do what they want, eat what they want, and are respected by other animals.

So, of course, you want to be a wolf.

Sounds cool to be the wolf.

But here is the problem.

Yes being a wolf is cool.

You get the power, independence, and freedom and everything else that goes along with that.

But nobody saw that wolf coming through the ranks.

Now that he is an alpha everyone admires him for his skills and power and his fuck-you attitude.

But nobody saw that wolf start off as a puppy.

The tests and initiations it had to go through to get to the top and be the alpha wolf.

Nobody saw the other wolves fall and die along the road to becoming an alpha.

Nobody saw the alpha working for years on his craft as a hunter, a leader, and a provider.

Nobody saw him fighting the hundreds of battles to reach the top.

Nobody saw him being tested by other older wolfs who wanted to rip his head off and destroy him.

Nobody saw that wolf being injured but then recovering.

Nobody saw that wolf being left for dead.

Nobody saw him rising when everyone had forgotten about him.

They only start noticing him when his power started growing.

When he started rising, they saw his qualities as an alpha.

wolf or sheep


Suddenly everyone wanted to know that wolf.

Everyone wanted to be him.

So then that alpha decided to take some younger wolves under his wing.

He decides to give them a chance even though he wasn't sure they could pass the test to be an alpha wolf.

But the alpha decided to give them a shot.

The younger wolves were excited about the idea of learning from the older wolf.

They wanted to learn everything so that they too could become alphas.

So then their education started.

The first hour they were excited because the alpha was taking the pack of young wolves into the mountain to show them his world.

After 5-hours of walking some wolves started complaining and asked “How far until we get there”.

The Alpha looked back and said, “You should go back this is only the beginning.”

So some turned back and went down the mountain.

The few remaining wolves stayed with the alpha.

They finally got excited when they saw some prey and the Alpha showed them his tracking and hunting skills.

They were impressed by his power and ability to be at the right place at the right time.

They were impressed by his endurance and his will to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

After enjoying the meal and feasting in some deer the wolves were tired and lazy.

They thought it was time to turn back.

To their surprise the alpha wolf told them,”Day one is not finished.This is only the beginning of day one.We are going deeper into the mountains.”

Exhausted and tired all the remaining wolves except one wolf turned back and went home.

The last wolf would go on the to learn from the alpha and become the leader of his own pack.

The young wolf realized the world of the alpha wolf is one of intensity, perseverance, control, and relentless action.


“To me the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one's potential.”

-Bruce Lee

More importantly, the alpha tries to reach his full potential.

He consistently tries to bring value to himself and those around them.

Still, want to be a wolf?

Still, want to be an alpha wolf?

OK, you are still reading.


If you stopped reading your choice was probably sheep.

Being a sheep is easy. You do what you are told.

You get your food and wait to die.

It's easy but crushes your soul.

Many men die as sheep and realize it too late.

They hate wolves.

They don't understand the wolves.

They look at them and despise their independence and power.


If you choose to be a wolf remember this:

You will enter the fray.

What does enter the fray mean?

The dictionary says the following:

“an exciting activity or situation in which someone competes with other people. Other bidders are now likely to enter the fray. Dangerous or exciting situations: danger, crisis, emergency… a fight or argument.”

In reality it means…….

You will have to go down roads that most will not go into.

You will have to go up mountains that most will not want to climb.

Some sheep like the idea of climbing or doing but once the reality of action hits them they stop.

They give up and turn back.

It easy to start writing a book. But how many finish it?

It's easy to start a business. But how many don't give up until they have made it?

It's easy to join the gym. How many go for a lifetime?

It's easy to fantasize about those beautiful women. How many consistently talk to any women they want?

It's easy to eat one healthy meal. How many eat healthy as a lifestyle?

It's easy to talk about your dreams. How many take action on them?

It's easy to think about being a wolf. How many walk the path of the wolf?

To be the alpha wolf and get what you want in this life comes at a price.

It comes with sacrifices that most don't want to accept.

With awesome power comes great responsibility.

It comes with accepting challenges as part of life.

It comes with accepting that the process of living life at intensity is the reality of your life.

It comes with perfecting the process.

It comes with knowing your death will come and finding inspiration in that.

Finding freedom in that fact.

If you do accept the way of the wolf, you will be rewarded with a life that others think is impossible

It comes with experiences others only dream about.

It comes with seeing this life as only the beginning.

What will it be?


Or Sheep?

Your choice!