Today I'm reviewing the book “Digital Real Estate” by Masculine Theory.

So why do I recommend this book to anyone looking to start making money online?

Look, the last 2 years have shown us that if you don't have any assets online then you are very vulnerable.

At any time the world as we know it can change and you can lose your job and source of income.

Your employer can one day just tell you “Sorry we don't need you anymore.”

And there is nothing you can do about it.

But even more importantly than that, you want to build freedom and independence for yourself as a man. 

You want to be mobile and have the ability to manoeuvre, knowing that you are financially stable.

This will give you confidence and peace of heart knowing you got the assets to live a great life.

This will also put you in the position to take care of the people in your life that you care about.

You want to be the pillar of strength that your girlfriend/wife and family can depend on.

You are probably thinking “this sounds nice but how do I get to this position?”

Enter Digital Real Estate.

So if you are in a postion right now where you know you need to make a move then Digital Real Estate is something you have to explore.

The Book Is filled with value and has the potential to transform your life and take it to a whole new level.

Why do I say this?

Well, the tools in the book are basically free and easy to implement if you are willing to do the work.

I have said it before and I will say it again: On we do not share get rich quick scams and magic pills.

And this product Digital Real Easte is no diffrent.

You still need to DO THE WORK.

This means taking action consistently, showing patience, and being disciplined.

That being said let's take a look at what specificly the term Digital Real Estate means?

online marketing

Digital Real Estate.

Digital Real Estate refers to free digital tools like social media accounts (for example Twitter) that gets developed to the point where they become assets.

They become assets in the sense that once they are developed they become a powerful tool for you to make money by selling digital information products like eBooks and video courses.

And the best part is that when you start doing this you don't need any of your own products.

You sell other creators' products and get a commission for every product sold.

This is also known as affiliate marketing.

So you might have heard of the term, but this specific method is the most effective way to quickly and easily start making your first $$ online.

Later in the process, after you have established your brand you can start thinking of creating your own products.

So let's take a look at what specifically will you get in this eBook.

Gary v

Inside Digital Real Estate.

1. You will learn the ingredients to building a “bulletproof” brand and a “timeless” message that will have people flock to you in masses.

2. You will learn how to engage, tweet, and create emotional content like a viral creator.

3. The method to convert your followers into loyal, paying customers that send you weekly paycheques.

*Keep in mind that the eBook comes with 6 powerful video lectures to really break down all the little details that you will need to start building your own digital assets and start making money online.

And an added bonus is the content templates to help you learn how to create high-quality content consistently.


As someone that has been in the online entrepreneur space for several years, I'm always looking for ways to make more money and get tools to expand my own business.

So I learned a lot about the power of social media tools like Twitter to further expand my business and network.

More importantly I learned how to make money on Twitter.

And if I had this book when I started,my online business would have been even further than I am now.

So with that in mind, I highly recommend Digital Real Estate for any new and intermediate entrepreneur.

If you want to learn more about Digital Real Estate