You probably clicked on this article wondering what's a yes man?

Well, it's unfortunately a widespread weak mindset that is growing among modern men.

Unfortunately, the widespread adoption of this mindset has led to a lot of men getting trapped in unhappy relationships or destroying their own relationships.

And today's article I will explain to you exactly what a yes man is and how you should avoid this mindset at all costs.

What's A Yes Man ?

I recently went to lunch with an old friend of mine from school.

I haven't seen him for years.

We ordered food and the whole time there he seemed uncomfortable and kept checking his phone every minute or two.

I asked him what's up?

I asked why he is acting like a distracted monkey?

He said he is waiting for an important message.

I poked and prodded for a minute and then he started telling me about this girl he has been dating.

He said he took her out a few times but she acts hot and cold.

She calls him sometimes and sometimes she just disappears and doesn't reply to his messages for days.

Then out of the blue, she will text him again and she wants to meet for lunch.

So there we were sitting at the table and he tells me this sad little story.

I wish I could tell you this is the first time I heard stories like this from a guy.

But there are many like him.

I leaned forward in my chair and looked my friend in the eyes.

I took my sunglasses off and said, “Why are you allowing this in your life?”

He looked at me at disbelief and asked what I meant by that statement.

I told him “You are letting this woman control you.

She is in your mind right now controlling how you feel and how we are enjoying this dinner”.

“She is in your head and she knows it.

She knows you are allowing it so now she will ride you”.

what is a yes man

Women Will Destroy Yes Men.

Most guys out there in the world are “Yes-Men”.

“Yes Men” are guys who say yes to any question, request or statement a woman makes.

If a woman says: “jump” he asks, “How high?”.

If women said: “I couldn't reply to your message for 3 days because I was sick', he says ,”Yes I understand.”

If a woman says: “Pick me up at 8 pm”, he says, “Yes Ok.”

He says yes even if he is busy.

If a woman says: “That shirt you are wearing looks like shit”, he says,”Yes I know I will change it.”

If a woman says: “I'm sorry but I can't make it tonight I forgot I'm meeting my friends at the club tonight”, he says,”Ok I understand.”

“Yes Men”will do anything for approval.

His whole world is about getting approval from this one woman that gave him the time of day.

He must please her at all costs no matter how badly she treats him.

He will find some kind of explanation to justify it to himself.

It Not About Her.

I get it !

Most women who act like this are clowns anyway but that is not the point.

There are also many women who just do this because she is using the guy until someone better comes along.

But again this is not important.

What is important is that you are allowing this.

You allow women to dictate your day to day happiness and the way you live your life.

By acting this way around women you have given away your sovereignty and you became a little bitch.

You are the guy who is holding her coat and bag while she is talking with some other guy at the bar.

Guess what? You created this monster.

Stop Being A Yes Man

My first advice to guys is this.

Go look outside on the lawn.

There you will find 2 round things.

These two round things are your balls.

Pick them up and put them back in your bag.

Now that you got them back you can put yourself in neutral.

Now we can talk about getting your power back.

You Are Independent And Make Your Own Rules.

The first step to get back your power is to tell yourself the following:

“I am a powerful independent man.I don't tolerate bullshit from anyone, that includes women.”

“The bullshit that I don't tolerate includes dishonesty, selfishness, disrespectful behavior, tardiness and any other behavior that devalues my time and presence”.

You Will Feel The Power Shift.

You will feel the power shift when you take your power back.

For example, if you acted weak in the past and she cancels on you for the tenth time. Just say “Fine,Im done.” Just cut her off.

If she comes back with “How about we meet tomorrow night” reply with, “Sorry I'm busy”.

Make a line in the sand and show her your time is valuable and you don't tolerate bullshit from any women.

She will probably then try to win you back. 

She has just been mind f*cked and now she is intrigued in your new power and wants to see you.

Women will always pursue that which retreats from them.

The Friend Zone.

Ok, so now you are you are going to say you really like this girl and she is actually nice.

You are also going to say you have been hanging out with this girl for weeks or even months without closing the deal.

If that is the case you are already in the “friend zone” and you are stuck in the mud.

You can't get out of the “Friend Zone”.

You can avoid it, but once you are in you can't get out.

If you are being treated like shit by a girl and she still spends time with you and sometimes acts flaky then you are in the “friend zone”.

The friend zone is for losers that wash her car or holds her umbrella while she does her makeup before she meets some other dude.

Don't be that guy.

what is a yes man in a relationship


Oneitis is a term used in the dating community referring to guys who obsess over one woman.

They refuse to see the flaws of the women they are involved with. She can treat him like absolute shit and he will not see it. Or he will just be blinded by his obsession.

She can do anything she wants and he will think its fine.

Yes, men often suffer from oneitis.

They can't get rid of it and will do anything to justify their own stupidity.

If you're a yes man that suffers from oneitis and you re letting women treat you like shit then stop.

That is the very first thing you need to do. Stop!!

It's About You.

All these things you are doing is not about her. She is not as great as you making her out to be.

Yes, she is treating you like shit. And yes it's not cool. You need to face the real problem. You.

The Way You See Yourself.

If you are acting all defensive right now then stop.

Don't start with “If she could just see how cool and special I am then she would find me attractive”.

Or another one of my favorites, “It's her loss if she can't see what a good guy I am”.

Really? Do you believe those things? Do you respect yourself? Do you really like yourself?

If that was the case why are you allowing a woman to treat you like shit?

Why are you acting like this is the last women on the planet?

Why are you allowing your time to be wasted?

Sitting by your phone waiting for it to ring.

Never Make A Women The Most Important Thing In Your Life.

Women should never be the most important thing in your life.

Even in a perfect situation where you are dating the coolest women in the world you still can't make her the most important thing in your life.

Your mission is always number one. The purpose of your life should be your absolute priority.

When you make this mental shift where your mission is number one women will find you more attractive.

I have talked before about why attraction is not a choice.

This point of your purpose links up with deep attraction switches in women.

She will unconsciously find a man attractive who is focused and determined to get what he wants in life and who doesn't allow any distraction to get him off his path.


Well, Women have evolutionary attraction switches that get triggered when a man has a high survival value.

In ancient times men who could stay focused and determined in intense adversity where the ones who survived.

And even today women will respond if they see these qualities in men.

They will not find you attractive if you can't stay focused and jump to please her when she snaps her fingers.

Change Your Mindset.

Work on your mindset and start seeing yourself as someone that is in control of his life.

See yourself as someone that allows no women to control his time or his focus.

You are the one that makes the rules.

You are the one that approves of her not the other way around.

You should be doing the screening of who is allowed in your life.

Take back your power and start living like a high-value man.