Being An Entrepreneur.

Right now the word entrepreneurship is a buzzword.

Every second person you meet claims to be an entrepreneur.

Most of those people come and go.

If you see them 6 months later they quit “being an entrepreneur” and they are back doing something else.

Then there is another group of people who don't call themselves entrepreneurs.

They just want to make money and lots of it.

The only thing holding them back is the fear of going out there and taking action. 

This fear is natural.

If you are serious about going out there creating value and being rewarded for it financially then you will feel fear.

It's Not For Everyone.

The truth about entrepreneurship is that it's not for everyone.

Not everyone is built to be an entrepreneur.

By build, I don't mean in terms of being “naturally gifted” at numbers or business minded.

I'm talking about something else.

The Most Important Quality.

The most important quality you will need to be successful as an entrepreneur is being able to live with a large amount of uncertainty and risk.

Some people like the certainty of a steady paycheck every month.

That is fine.

However, as an entrepreneur, you live with the risk of failure and losing everything.

The flip side of this is that the reward of entrepreneurship is massive.

Once you have settled into being an entrepreneur and committed to it as a lifestyle then you start building your financial resources and assets.

Then you can start managing risk better but it never really totally goes away.

But most entrepreneurs will tell you that feeling of going for it is what makes it so exciting.

It makes the payoff so much more rewarding.

The Reality Of The Game.

It's an emotional and financial risk.

It's not for everyone.

But if you want to see if you can stretch the envelop and make a difference on this planet then entrepreneurship is for you.

If you are comfortable being outside your comfort zone then entrepreneurship might be for you.

If it's moral, ethical and legal then go for it and don't give up.

You can't hit it out of the park if you don't take a swing.

step up

Take A Shot.

Maybe you are sitting on the fence about becoming an entrepreneur?

But you think you have the courage to step up and play the game.

Then do it!

You are not going to know if its for you if you don't take a shot.

But you have to realize that it's not an overnight success story.

Success takes time, hard work and patience.

Don't expect to become a millionaire overnight.

But expect rewards if you create a lot of value for a large number of people.

I Hated Working 9-5.

For me, I was bored and unhappy with how my life was going.

I never felt comfortable having a normal 9-5 job and slogging away for 40 years and waiting to retire.

I felt fear starting my first business.

I was reluctant to spend money knowing that I might never get it back.

But once I made my first dollar I never looked back.

You realize that if you can make $1 you make $10 and if I can make $10 I can make $100 and then $1000……….

A large part of it is a belief in yourself.

And your ability to keep going even when it seems like things are falling apart and still staying the course.

Failure Is Part Of The Game.

I have had my fair share of failure.

Some projects failed.

Some failed badly.

Some were complete train wrecks.

But I always came back and tried again until I got a bit of momentum and got things going again.

Then I took that momentum and build it into something great.