Everything you see around you now was first a dream, and someone took that dream and turned it into reality.

That Person was THINKING BIG.

We live in a world now where we constantly get reminded of our limitations.

We constantly get told that something is not possible and that we need to get realistic and play it safe.

Why are we so comfortable with society dictating our mindset and thinking?

We allow other people to tell us to stop dreaming. We allow them to place limits on our thinking.

Limits on how successful we can be.

Limits on how much money we can make.

Limits on who we can be friends with.

Limits on which women we can date.

Limits on how strong we can become physically.

Limits on who we can become as a man.

Society has crawled into its shell.

We have allowed a prison of the mind to be built around us.

We allowed it to happen.

We didn't even notice when they were doing the construction in our minds.

What do they tell us constantly?

They tell us we are victims.

They tell us to say sorry for being men.

They tell us not to dream big.

They tell us to fit in.

They tell us that we should not take responsibility for our lives.

They tell us to blame others for our failures.

They tell us to go to safe spaces.

They tell us to take antidepressants when we feel the slightest pain.

They tell us to rely on the government for handouts.

They tell us that all capitalism is bad.

They tell us to study degrees we don't need.

They told us to blame our own problems on others.

They tell us to be realistic.

Today the middle class is probably the most dangerous place to be.

This is where people get comfortable.

This is where most people stop dreaming.

This is the place where mediocrity gets celebrated.

This is the place where they tell you to be grateful for what you have.

They will tell you that you did great to have come so far.

They now want you to stay where you are and stop the dreaming and become “realistic.”

I'm here to tell you that you need to wake up.

You need to realize that you are far from being safe.

In fact, you are in a trap.

The middle class is the place where dreams get killed.

It's our responsibility to start dreaming big.

It's our responsibility to start dreaming of being rich, very rich.

It's our responsibility to start thinking so big that other people think we are ridiculous.

Start attacking life again.

Stop sitting on your couch thinking your good.

You are not good. You are vulnerable.

Forget about details for now.

Just dream about what you want.

And figure out later how you are going to make it happen.

Everything awesome in my life came from being unreasonable and dreaming big.

My dreams were laughed at and the people around me though its impossible.

These people only thought it was impossible until it was done and I achieved my goals.

At the time I did not know the how, but I knew that my dreams were important to me and would figure out a way to achieve them.

think big

Here is the reality of the modern world. We have limited ourselves by letting our minds be imprisoned!

It's time to break those chains of the mind and start thinking big again.

Time is our greatest commodity, and we need to take action on a massive scale NOW.

We need to believe that its possible again. Because it is.

It is possible.

There are no limits. 


Let's start reminding ourselves that it's our responsibility to DREAM BIG.