Today I'm doing a review of the Audiobook Illimitable Men by Life Math Money.

I have previously mentioned the book on my blog so I decided to write a review about it since I got some of my readers asking about the book.

Let's start by saying I think it's a great book packed with value.

And in a world where there is a very big misunderstanding about how the world actually works, it's a much needed book for men.

The grim reality for most men is that they are often taken advantage of, exploited, and then left with nothing.

Corporations often exploit their knowledge and skills to make more profit before giving them the boot in favor of a cheaper alternative.

Women mostly use them as pawns in what can sometimes even be preplanned divorce scenarios designed to strip away all the financial resources from an unsuspecting man.

And society amplifies this narrative by enforcing outdated ideals about gender responsibility which only serve further to oppress men -continually subverting any chance of men achieving lifelong dreams or ambitions.

But have you ever wondered why some men seem to have it all — financial security, dating success, and freedom?

The secret is that these are the top 20% of men who don't play by the same rules as everyone else.

If you too want a life full of adventure and abundance rather than struggling against an unfair system, this audiobook reveals how anyone can become part of that elite group of men if they are willing to do the work.

A lot of men want to achieve great things but they keep finding themselves in a position where they fall short of their goals or don't even get close to them.

They approach life in a certain way and then find out that their effort was all for nothing.

The reason for this is that most men have a very big misunderstanding about themselves and the world.

They have a very big misunderstanding of how power operates in the world.

And that is what the Illimitable Men audiobook is all about.

It's about telling you the truth about the world.

More importantly, it gives you a framework on how you can transform yourself into the type of man that elevates himself into the elite group of men, that plays by a different set of rules.

The Illimitable Men audiobook will give you the truth about the majority of men in the world.

But more importantly it will show you how you can elevate yourself into the elite group of men that live on their own terms.

You must realize that it doesn't just automatically happen.

First, learn how the world really works, and then you must take the steps to create the type of man that lives in a world beyond the normal world.

A world where you make your own rules.

So more specifically, what will you learn in the book?

The Illimitable Men Covers The Following Key Areas:

laws of power

Masculinity:How To Be A Masculine Man

True masculinity is a rare commodity in the world today.

And becoming a high-value man requires that you build a high level of masculinity.

Unfortunately, many of our resources that once taught enlightened masculine values have been replaced with toxic stereotypes like “men are pigs”,”toxic masculinity”,etc.

In the Illimitable Men Audiobook, they will show you how to become one of the elite-level men by giving you honest and straightforward advice on cultivating your own unique set of core characteristics.

With increased value comes fewer rules; women will be drawn to you and men will respect you.

Your very presence will break down all traditional boundaries – after all, there are no limits when it comes to real strength and confidence!

A lot of men are striving to achieve the happiness they deserve.

However to make this a reality you must cultivate a masculine presence in three key areas – your mindset, body, and aura.

Once these elements of masculinity have been developed, you will experience a reality that you have never experienced before.

You will get admiration and respect from those around you – and you will realize that up until this point you have played way below your potential.

The Illimitable Man Audiobook sets out a great roadmap to guide you to this reality.

But keep in mind that there is a common misunderstanding of what true masculinity means, so the first step for you is to find out what real masculinity is.

The bottom line is this:

You must become a high-value man.

And becoming a high-value man means you must do the work. You don't just snap your fingers and become a high-value man.

It's a process and if you want to become elite then you must be willing to do the work necessary to become a high-value man.

If you are reading these words then you might have some big holes in your armor so you need to identify and fix them.

If you change this part of who you are then women will find you more attractive and men will respect you.

Masculinity has been attacked and ridiculed in modern culture.

But the truth is that modern society needs more masculinity not less.

Women And Female Nature

Modern men have many shortcomings as a whole.

But one of the biggest shortcomings most modern men have is about women.

In fact, most men have no idea how women think and operate.

They have a total misunderstanding about women.

To take it a step further:

Most of what they think about women is false.

Most dating advice they have ever gotten is false.

Understanding women is crucial for a man but unfortunately most modern men are clueless.

What they don't know is that most men have been programmed by society to see women in a way that gives women more power and takes power away from men.

This has created an army of feminized men who has a Disney worldview when it comes to women.

If you look at modern relationships you can clearly see that men unconsciously put themselves into relationships where they are set up to lose.

Their girlfriends or wives leave them or cheat on them.

They get disrespected and end up broke, lonely, and divorced.

All this happened while the man thinks “I did everything right and she left me.”

Modern men are clueless about how women really operate.

And this is not an attack on women.

In fact, I think women are very smart, especially when it comes to social manipulation.

They use their skills to manipulate and get what they want.

Men who see women as above them and untouchable often end up regretting their relationships.

Women are not mysterious or divine; they simply have different needs and abilities that most men are unaware of.

Ignoring this reality can lead to costly payments, broken hearts, and worse – no return on your investment of time or resources.

Men's misconceptions of female nature are comparable to the archaic belief that Earth was at the center of our universe.

If we ask most men today how they view women, it is highly likely their responses would be similarly delusional and wrong as those same pre-enlightenment assumptions about planetary motion.

Although society often leads us to believe that women are mysterious, the reality is far from it.

By accepting and understanding true female nature, men can slowly start to identify the unique female traits passed down through centuries of evolutionary development.

For example, women have a tendency to seek out romantic partners of higher social status, often choosing men who are taller and stronger in addition to having financial stability. This is the hypergamous nature of women.

Men often find themselves perplexed by the behavior of women – continually choosing ‘jerks' and then returning to them for consolation only to go back to the ‘jerk' again.

It's an endlessly confusing cycle, leaving men with but one question: why?

With no easy answer in sight, it appears that this is just another “mysterious” part of being a woman.

Do you ever find yourself struggling to comprehend why the women in your life seem to keep chasing after “jerks” and then turn around asking for advice?

Are they really as clueless as it seems, or could there be more than meets the eye?

If so, understanding female behavior no longer needs to remain a mystery.

Through this audiobook's insights into their perspectives – including those that are often overlooked – you'll get a high-level understanding of just what makes them tick.

Women are complex and intricate, and taking the time to understand them is key to having success with women and dating.

By studying their motivations, desires, and behaviors – you will be able to identify which woman could be a good match for a long-term partnership or marriage.

Finding the right person for a long-term relationship is essential for a good life.

And if you are not interested in marriage or long-term relationships, the same guidelines will be valuable for you to date the type of woman that makes your life better, not worse.

Keep in mind that divorce can be financially draining, leaving you without most of your net worth and strapped with years of child support payments.

Therefore it's important that men recognize the differences between women and that not all are created equal.

So it's crucial that you make an informed decision about who you wish to share your life with.

So the key here is for you to understand the true nature of women and become a master of their world so you can overcome these games and thrive.

Once you understand how the game is played you will always be 2 steps ahead and you will be able to avoid the traps most men fall for.

But most importantly you will know how to identify the high-value women and avoid the ones that will make your life a nightmare.

social intelligence

Social Dynamics.

Are you feeling undermined, underestimated, or stuck in a situation where it seems like someone else is always favored and you end up losing?

Are clients and customers lowballing your rates despite the hard work you put into something?

Do other men act threatening when they come across you in an unfamiliar environment?

Has she bluntly said “let's just be friends,” without reason as to why this is happening?

It's time to take control; learn how social dynamics can play both ways so that instead of being taken advantage of, you start taking the high ground.

You must realise that human beings are social animals.

And if you want to build power, build connections, and build wealth then you must master this part of being a high-value man.

You must improve your social intelligence and social skills.

In other words, you need to be able to play the game.

You need to know how to handle different social situations and how to deal with them.

You need to be able to identify when women are attracted to you or why your boss is being rude to you.

Again, women, in general, have a more natural understanding of social dynamics than men.

But men can learn social skills and master the game with a little bit of knowledge and guidance and this is where the Illimitable Men does a great job of pointing out your blind spots.


“Nothing great will ever be achieved without great men, and men are great only if they are determined to be so.”

-Charles de Gaulle


So what is my overall verdict on the Illimitable Men Audiobook?

Well, I think it's a must-read book.

I think it's a very important book.

Again, we live in a unique time in history.

We are overwhelmed by technology, propaganda, and other obstacles that make men blind to what is really going on in this game of life.

You must realize that there are an elite group of men that live by their own rules.

These elite men are more or less 10% of the world.

They play the game of life with a different set of rules than the majority of mediocre men on the planet.

This mediocre majority is about 90% of the men in the world.

These are the men that follows.

They don't lead.

Most of them will never know the truth, even if you show it to them they won't believe it.

They are too far gone.

But if you have read this far then it means you know something is wrong and that you want to know the truth.

You want to find out what it is that is holding you back from getting the power that you really want.

If that is you then I recommend you listen to the Illimitable Men audiobook.

But if you want to keep on living a mediocre life then forget that you read this and go back to living your life with the majority of mediocre men on the planet.

masculine women

For those of you who are still reading:

Congratulations you are on your way to making the biggest transformation of your life.It's time for you to take the red pill Neo.Join the Illimitable Men.

See you on the other side.

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