The benefits of yoga for men is something that needs more attention.

And some of you were probably skeptical when you read the title.

You are probably thinking “Yoga”?

Years ago I thought the same thing.

I thought Yoga was for women.

I wasn't into the things that I thought I knew about Yoga.

yoga for men

All I knew about it was a bunch of women stretching and breathing deeply.

It wasn't until I started doing Brazilian Jiujitsu when my instructor introduced me to Yoga.

He told me if I included Yoga in my routine I would be better on the mat and also avoid injury.

jiujitsu self defense

So I decided to give it a go.

I went to my first 1-hour yoga class and thought this will be easy, just a bit of stretching and breathing.

Soon I found out that Yoga is a lot harder than it looks.

I also found out that depending on the type of Yoga you do it can be a challenging workout.

And after my first class, I was drenched in sweat and I was surprised at how challenging it was.

It was something else.

But that something else was surprising afterward.

I felt relaxed, more relaxed than I have felt in a long time.

I left that class thinking maybe I will go to another class.

But then that same week I heard Joe Rogan talking on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast about Yoga and how it improved the quality of his life.

Soon I was back in Yoga class.

I also started doing research and learned that professional sports also started embracing Yoga.

A lot of athletes discovered what I did: They learned how much value adds to your life.

From MMA Athletes to, Navy Seals and other professional sports players.

I also discovered that arguably the greatest Jiujitsu Master and MMA champion Rickson Gracie is into Yoga.

There are many benefits of yoga for men.Yoga is not just a women’s activity.

In fact, there are many benefits of yoga for men. For one, it can help with weight loss and muscle tone. It also helps to improve flexibility and breathing, which in turn can lead to better overall health and vitality.

Additionally, yoga has been shown to be helpful in relieving stress and anxiety, as well as improving sleep quality.

Yoga can also provide a great physical workout as well as mental and emotional clarity.

Yoga can also be beneficial for men who are looking to improve their focus and concentration.

Through various poses, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques, yoga can help increase mental clarity and focus.

This can come in handy when trying to stay focused on tasks at work or at home.

Lastly, practising yoga helps cultivate a sense of inner peace and balance that is helpful for all individuals.

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, finding time to relax and de-stress is something we could all benefit from.

Yoga provides an opportunity to slow down and re-centre ourselves while enjoying physical activity as well as its many benefits.

If you're a man considering giving yoga a go, there's no reason not to try.

With all its benefits, taking time out of your day for yoga is an excellent way to look after your body and mind.

But lets look at specific benefits of men's Yoga.

The Benefits Of Yoga For Men

nervous system and yoga

Injury Prevention

Yoga will improve your body mechanics and will make you more aware. 

This will lead to avoiding injury. 

Very few things are as annoying as an injury and yoga is a great way to increase your longevity in any sport or activity.

Yoga is a great way to increase overall body strength and flexibility, which can play an important role in injury prevention.

Research has found that testosterone levels can increase after a regular practice of yoga and this testosterone spike helps build muscle mass, while stretching during yoga further increases flexibility.

This improved strength and flexbility can help protect the body against injuries when engaging in physical activities.

Of course, it's important to always warm up prior to any activity for best results; however, yoga can help you stay fit and injury free for the long run.

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Increase Endurance

Yoga with its variety of poses in different positions for long periods of time will increase your respiratory capacity. 

With regular practice ,health issues like asthma can be improved and even overcome.

Yoga will also increase your efficiency of motion and also help you get big improvements in energy, digestion, and circulation.

Yoga is increasingly being recognized as a great way to increase endurance levels.

It helps build physical strength and yoga poses provide an effective form of low-impact aerobics which can increase the heart rate without straining the body too much.

By increasing flexibility, yoga practitioners are able to extend their range of motion which allows them to move more efficiently and lower fatigue during sustained physical activity over a longer period of time.

Men especially can benefit from yoga because they often lack flexibility and tend to focus more on building muscle.

Yoga can help bridge this gap by improving balance as well as providing a good workout that tones muscles while teaching proper breathing techniques.

As a result yoga has proven beneficial in helping people achieve more physically demanding activities with increased endurance levels.

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Your Power Will Increase

By practicing yoga regularly you will return your body to its optimal alignment and this will increase your power in all areas if you combine Yoga with weight training. 

Try doing weight training several times a week and then on every other day bring in a yoga session.

Yoga has become a staple form of exercise for men seeking to increase their strength, power, and stamina.

By attending yoga classes or committing to yoga at home, they can begin to reap the benefits yoga provides.

Through yoga asanas, or poses, men are able to increase blood circulation throughout the body and consequently build muscle with more ease.

Furthermore, yoga also offers physical postures designed specifically for men and designed to help trunk muscles become stronger for improved power.

These postures include such exercises as Viparita Dandasana (Inverted staff pose), Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-limbed staff pose), and Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide-legged forward fold).

Ultimately yoga can help men develop the extra boost in power that they need to maximize their performance.

yoga martial arts

Better Recovery

A benefit of yoga that gets missed is that Yoga helps athletes recover a lot faster after a competition of heavy workout. 

When you feel stiff or sore after a heavy workout or sports game go for a yoga class.

Yoga is beneficial for anyone looking to speed up their recovery time.

It can help tone muscles, open blocked pathways in the body, soothe aching joints, and even improve breathing for further relief.

Improved flexibility also increases range of motion and helps protect against future injuries.

Yoga can also help increase focus and concentration which can benefit those who have suffered from any injury or trauma that could impact their work or day to day life.

And yoga doesn’t just benefit physical recovery, it can also improve mental health by providing an outlet to reduce stress and promote relaxation through guided meditation.

For those looking for improved physical and emotional recovery following any kind of injury, yoga could be an ideal solution.

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Better Focus

One of the biggest benefits of Yoga is your improvement of Focus. 

Yoga has been proven to balance your hormones and improve around immunity.

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular among men as a way to improve focus and relieve stress.

It can help calm the mind and create clarity in thought, allowing yoga practitioners to better manage daily tasks and create a more productive workspace.

By relieving physical tension and teaching mindfulness, yoga can make a considerable impact on overall mental clarity and focus.

Additionally, yoga incorporates the use of various breathing techniques to promote relaxation through exhalation from the body’s core – an exercise that many find beneficial in focusing energy back onto goals at hand.

From restorative yoga for relaxation to more dynamic yoga for improved strength, there are plenty of yoga styles available for men looking to develop better mental focus.

men's yoga

Improve Balance

As you practice yoga you will build better body awareness and balance.

Every yoga practice offers the opportunity to improve balance.

This is true for yoga practitioners of all ages.

Yoga for men often has a particular focus on balance due to the extra physical strength men possess.

To improve your balance, yoga poses and exercises require you to use both sides of your body at once and activate many smaller muscles that are involved in balancing.

With a consistent yoga practice, practitioners are able to build strength, coordination, flexibility and muscle tone simultaneously – all of which are key components of healthy balance.

Plus, getting on the yoga mat can also help slow down one's heart rate and calm their mind, resulting in increased awareness of their environment – something that can be invaluable for attaining better balance overall.

yoga for weight loss

Fat Loss

Yoga is a popular way to promote weight loss and overall health.

For men in particular, yoga classes can be an invaluable tool to improve muscular health and burn stubborn body fat.

Yoga helps build muscle through controlled, low impact movement that triggers the body’s metabolic engine more than other traditional forms of exercise.

In addition, yoga provides numerous cardiovascular benefits through its rhythmic breathing techniques and stretching exercises that increase heart rate, providing additional fat-burning opportunities during longer yoga flows.

As an added bonus, yoga helps to reduce stress hormones like cortisol that can lead to increased body fat.

By practicing yoga regularly, men can enjoy improved overall health ,a stronger immune system, as well as a slimmer physique.

If you are overweight and need to focus on fat loss then Yoga is a great option. 

You can try hot yoga and have an intense workout to start burning all your excess fat.

Or if you don't want to do something as intense as hot yoga then just do a dynamic yoga class like DDP Yoga.

Check out this famous video of this veteran transforming his broken body with DDP Yoga.

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Yoga Classes

Like with any sport, martial art, or activity you get good teachers and bad teachers. 

So make sure you do your research and choose the type of yoga and teacher that works best for you.

Choosing the right yoga class type can be an intimidating and confusing process, especially for yoga newbies.

To ensure a smooth yoga experience that caters to individual goals, it is important to take many factors into consideration.

First, try to narrow down classes by general yoga style (Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, etc.) and discover what kind of instruction each class type provides.You can even try hot yoga.

Additionally, assess the skill level of the class and whether it's cost-effective.

After making a decision based on yoga style and other preference factors, look into teacher qualifications to confirm they are equipped with the necessary education and certifications to create an optimal yoga learning environment.

Finally, if one specializes in yoga poses for men – due to physical differences and yoga needs – there are specific teachers ready to help at almost every studio.

Start a regular yoga practice and see how your life improves.

hot yoga for men

DDP Yoga

Personally, I used to go to a lot of yoga classes with an instructor. 

But because I travel a lot I started using Yoga apps so I can do Yoga anywhere by myself with the help of a Yoga instructor. 

I stumbled across DDP Yoga, again by watching the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.

I really enjoyed the App and dynamic Yoga style. 

So I have been using this app for a few years now and has worked great for me.

DDP yoga is a unique yoga workout experience that was created by wrestler Diamond Dallas Page with the intention of making yoga more accessible to men.

Rather than focusing on the meditative nature of yoga as practiced traditionally in Nepal, DDP yoga focuses heavily on strength and flexibility training, making it great for those hoping to gain muscle tone or improve athleticism.

Unlike traditional yoga practices, DDP yoga incorporates a heart rate monitor and encourages users to increase their heart rate within a certain range during workouts – allowing practitioners to receive an aerobic workout while performing yoga movements.

The distinct combination of intense cardio, strength and yoga make DDP yoga a dynamic workout routine well-suited for those looking for something new.

yoga class


If you are on the fence about trying out Yoga classes then don't be. 

Open your mind and try something new. 

You might be surprised what you find on the other side of regular yoga practice.

Until next time.