You were not born special.

Somehow this is not common knowledge.

We now live in a world where millions of people think the world owes them something.

They think people care about how they feel.

I'm sure you know the type.

I have listened to many of these guys.

One guy in particular stands out for me.

He was always telling us how he was going to start his business and become rich.

He was always talking about the next big thing.

Whenever I walked into this guy somewhere he was in the middle of a story.

He would tell everyone how he would make millions and then move to Thailand and work on the beach.

He would talk about how he has meetings lined up with investors.

When he got drunk he would talk about how he knew big players in major companies that had his back.

He would then switch the topic to how he was now lifting weights to get stronger and more focused.

He would go on and on about how things would work out and how his success was on the horizon.

Weirdly it was hard not to get inspired by this guy's positive vision for his life.


But here is the problem.

I never saw this guy do a thing.


I never saw him have a meeting.

Make a sales call.

Or ever going to the gym.

What I did see him do a lot is party.

He would be drunk every weekend and many weeknights.

He would constantly be smoking weed and going away for weekends.

So it was no surprise to me when nothing ever came from this guy's big talk.



He never made millions.

He never made a deal.

He never went to gym.

And he never went to Thailand.

The thing about this guy is that he is not special.


There are many like him in different forms.

They all have this expectation that life is going to deliver things to them magically.

They think that because of their awesomeness they can skip all the things that create value.

Things like responsibility, hard work, perseverance,focus, and discipline.

These people all think they are the complete package and the world has to reward them for being so naturally brilliant.

You see for him and many like him it starts young.

From the time they are babies they are told how special they are.

They get participation trophies even when they suck at something.

When they lose badly they are still reminded of how great they are.

This is a form of propaganda that has created an army of delusional people.

These people are coming home to claim their pound of meat.

Problem is nobody told them the world is not a fair place.

Nobody told them it is a ruthlessly competitive and violent world.

Nobody told them that if you want something you will need to accept one thing:

You are not good enough right now.

And that you have to start improving everything about yourself.

If you don't, you will get left behind.


This all comes back to our old friend mindset.

These people who think the world is their prize have a fixed mindset.

They think they are perfect just the way they are.

They think they are entitled to everything just like they have always been as children.

They are special.

Then there are another “special” group of people.

They think that they are not as good as others and that is why the world owes them something.

They are the professional victims.

They live and thrive on the currency of victimhood.

The world has somehow fucked them over.

Therefore the world will forever owe them something.

They are owed special treatment.

They demand special treatment.

Both these groups think they are special for different reasons.

And both these groups end up as losers.

Because the truth about the world is that nobody owes you anything.

I went through a time in my own life where I thought I was special and waited for the world to deliver my reward for doing fucking nothing.

Of course I got rewarded with nothing except unhappiness and self-induced depression.

But I woke up and got my shit together.

And I got out of that deep hole I dug for myself.


My teachers were a group of men.

They are lions roaming this earth.

This group of men know they have to work for every inch.

They were taught that that can get anything they want but only if they work for it.

Only if they constantly improve themselves.

Only if they are honest about their own flaws and weaknesses and work to improve them.

These are the men that win in today's world.

They expect nothing from the world.

They know that if they provide value to the world they will be rewarded.

They know nothing is for free.

They know its a 50/50 world.

They know you must first give in order to receive.

This is the cause and effect of this universe. 


Entitlement is the wall that breaks many people and is damaging the world we live in today.

This is the reason so many people are on antidepressants and living like professional victims.

They keep telling us how bad everything is but not once do they shut up for a moment and

look at the truth.

The truth will reveal itself if they stop and turn the camera on themselves.

They would see the problem for the very first time.

They would see the truth:

What is the truth?

The truth is we are all our own biggest enemy.

But unfortunately this event doesn't happen very often.

Unfortunately most never get rid of this entitlement and live long and miserable lives of anger and hate.

If you are in one of these groups then you still have a chance to get out.

But you have to take action now.

First by taking responsibility for everything in your life.

And second to start taking action by rebuilding you mindset.

And then rebuilding your life.


Winning in this life is a conscious choice. 

What are you going to choose? 

Next time you see someone great.

Someone you admire.

You will probably notice they are exceptional at something.

And they are obsessed with that thing.

They spend all their waking hours focused on that thing.

They work hours and hours on that thing.

Then you will realize that they don't do it because they are special.

They do it because they know they are not special.

And that is why they always try to get better.

And these are the people we see as great.

They are not born great.

They make themselves great.