A lot of people say they are going to do something?

But how many does it?

If you want to be one of the few who take action then you need to compete.

Not with others but with yourself.

You have to become better every day.

You have to become elite.

You have to ask more from yourself every single day.

You have to ask more from yourself than anybody else expects.

You have to have that competitive drive to be the best.

This drive will be the thing that carries you.

It carries you through your training and whatever task you have to do.

It carries you to work on your craft when no one is watching.

If there are people around you who hold you back then call them out.

I there are people around you who don't bring the intensity then call them out.

You have to create a culture of the hustle and grind.

That is what life is about.

You grind you win.

become elite

You need to cultivate this alpha male mindset of keeping up the intensity every single day.

You need to cultivate the belief that you can and will come out on the winning side.

You need to believe that you can be the complete package if you grind and give everything.

If you want to become elite in this world then you are going to have to step on some toes.

You are going to have to be outlandish.

You are going to have to call out your coworkers or employees when they slack off.

You are going to have to do things that others are afraid to do.

You are going to have to be a leader.

You are going to have to be an outlier.

You are going to have to become more intellectual with whatever it is you are doing.

You need to think outside the box.

You need to build your obsession.

An obsession to be the best in your field.

An obsession to reach whatever goal you set for yourself.

It's an elite mentality.

Do you have it?

Do you have what it takes to become elite.

One Thing To Remember.

Greatness has a cost.

It's the greatest sacrifice.

It reschedules your plans.

It puts your family and friends on hold.

It makes you feel misunderstood.

It will put you in some deep dark holes.

Greatness demands everything from you:

Your mind.

Your body.

Your spirit.

And your soul.

But what do you do when things get hard?

Do you sulk?

Do you weep?

When you disappointed yourself.

When you let down the people who depended on you.

Do you ask for sympathy?

Do you ask why me?

how to become elite

What do you do when people start saying it's over for you?

When they say you will never make it?

Do you start feeling sorry for yourself?

Do you wish you can go back in time and take that safe job?

Or make a different career choice? 

Do you run for safety?

Or do you fight back?

And then decide to rise above it all.

Decisions shape our destiny.

And obsession can be a beautiful thing.

It's a hunger to hunt when others are eating.

A hunger to get better when others think they perfected their craft.

There are a lot of talkers and naysayers.

But they all have obligations.

They are not willing to cut it all off.

It's not just about working on your craft every day.

Lack of skill is a lack of mind. At work and away from work.

Your mission is a platform to grow.

Its where you will learn about the terror and joys of life.

Of struggles and goals and everything in between.

become elite

Its where you transform the darkness into the light.

The universe will always bring a new challenge.

A flaw that needs to be healed.

The game of life will send the medicine directly your way.

You will have to make that choice for yourself.

The choice of paying that price.

Because greatness cannot come without that cost.

How do you press enough without pressing too hard?

How do you go far enough if you don't go too far?

How do you prove to the world who you really are?

How do you honestly express yourself?

But nobody's expectations should live up to your own.

You have to be more and give more.

That is when you will feel alive.

What is it going to be?

Are you in?

Or Out?

Will you be average or will you become elite?

Your Choice!