We all talk every day of our lives.

We either talk with others or sometimes to ourselves.

We either do this consciously or unconsciously.

We talk a lot — some more than others.

But the power of language is something most don't understand.

It's not just a way to share ideas.

It's not just a way to influence others.

It's not just a way to communicate with others.

Language does something more important.

It exposes the way you think.

Let's look at some examples:

” I'm going to try it. “

“I can't stop smoking.”

“I'm not a business person.”

“I can't learn a new language.”

“I'm going to see how it goes.”

“I can't lose weight.”

“I can't build muscle.”

“I can't quit my job.”

“What do these statements tell us?

It tells us everything about the people who say them.

It tells us they are lost.

It tells us they have no control over their minds.

It tells us they have started to believe all the lies they tell themselves.

It tells us they have settled for mediocrity.

It tells us they stopped believing in themselves.

It tells us they made a choice to lose.

It tells us they are happy with the world of average.

It tells us that they have defeated themselves with their own conscious thinking.

You see there is a common belief out there that it's only the subconscious mind that influences our behaviors.

This is not true.

The conscious mind,our thinking mind is sometimes one of our worse enemies.

The conscious mind is the one that sends the information to the unconscious mind to work with.

Our thoughts and language are the helpers of our conscious mind to load up the unconscious mind with a narrative or mindset.

This mindset or narrative is sometimes positive.

But unfortunately its also a lot of negativity and lies.

Like like the ones I mentioned above.

People who have lied to themselves for a long time will get defensive when I say these words.

They will say its bullshit.

They will say my words “Make no sense”.

But it is they who make no sense.

They keep on doing things that make them unhappy and miserable.

Then they wonder what they keep getting the same results.

They keep getting the same results because they program themselves to get the same results.

Our Mind Programs.

I remember a guy I talked to a few years ago in the gym.

He told me “I can't lose weight”

He expected me to not agree with him.

He wanted some sympathy to make him feel better.

But I agreed with him. I told him “You are right you can't lose weight”

He was offended when I agreed with him.

He said, “How can you say that?”

I told him, “I agree with you because that is the choice you made. Nobody can help you until you make a different choice. You were the one who said you can't lose weight. So who am I to disagree with you?”

He looked at me with the expression of a man that has no clue of what I'm talking about.

He didn't realize the power of his own words and that those words were a conscious choice not to lose weight.

This is why people fail.

They literally program themselves to fail.

They do it with a conscious mind.

Why Diets Fail.

Let's look at another example. Diets.

Diets never work.


Well, the failure of diets starts with the wording.

It's normally worded like this:

“I'm going on a diet for a month”

“I'm on a detox diet for 2 weeks”

See how their words have already put them on the back-foot?

They already put a time limit on it on the way they eat.

This means they will go back to the way they always eat after a month or however long the diet was.

We Choose to Lose.

We make big decisions by defeating ourselves before we even start.

“I'm going to try and build a business”

Notice the word try?

“I can't talk to women”

Notice the word can't?

“I'm scared of flying”

Notice the words “I am”?

These are all decisions.

You lost before you even went out there into the world.

What you think you become.

It's simple as that.

Think And……

One of the most successful books in history “Think and grow rich” gives the clue in the title.

First you think then you do.

But unfortunately most don't think about how they think….so they fail.

Think and grow rich.

Think and grow poor.

Think and grow powerful.

Think and grow weak.

Think and grow.

It's a conscious choice.

To win in life is a conscious choice.

We all have a choice to use our rational minds in a conscious and responsible way.

The mind can become a tyrant if you don't take control of it.

Bad mental habits like focusing on negatives and focusing on past failures are rational choices.

And the poor mental habits gets stronger with repetition.

Failures of the past have no value if you don't learn to from them.

Learning from them is the only value they have.

If something bad happened to you then take the lesson and let it go.

Catch yourself every time you want to go back to those past events and consciously choose to focus on the positive.

Make Your Choice

We always have a choice to focus on the light or the darkness.

In a world filled with darkness and negativity its sometimes hard to see light.

But you need to step up.

You need to step up for yourself.

You need to step up and start fighting back.

Move back into the light.

Start by making new choices.

Choices that empower you.

Even if you don't believe them in the beginning start telling yourself that they are true until they become true.

Repetition builds power.

You have this power of rational thinking or conscious thoughts.

Use that power and fill up your unconscious mind with pictures of you doing what you want to in this life.

Be the hero of your own movie.

Start believing that it's possible to transform your life.

Start believing that you are a King again.

Start walking proud with the sword of your imagination and build a world in your mind that will start transforming the way you talk and the way you live your life.

If you do that everything changes.

You will look back and see how powerful you have become.

Do it now.

Start right now!