Do you remember when they came for you?

Do you remember?You don't?

I remember when they came for me.

At the time I couldn't do anything about it.

You have no idea what I'm talking about? Right?

So let start from the beginning.

Let's go back to the time when we where kids. Remember that time?

That was the time when you were still dreaming.

Remeber that age?

Age 1-10 .

Or for some or 1 -13 if they were lucky.

Back then you were dreaming.

You were a dreamer.

You believed in Santa.

You believed in superheroes.

You believed anything was possible.

You were dreaming big.

Like a God you were creating worlds in your mind that nobody could touch.

You were dreaming of becoming a soldier and superhero.

You were dreaming of being a world-famous surgeon.

You were dreaming of being a New York billionaire.

You were dreaming of being an astronaut and going to Mars and beyond.

You were dreaming big magnificent dreams.

They were massive dreams.

They were glorious dreams.

You would dream of the return of the king.

Nobody could stop you.

You thought you were unstoppable and that the world was yours to take.

You knew those dreams would come true.

All you had to do was take it .

And then all those things would become a reality.

Then They Came For You.

So then one day you turned 12 or 13?

And you had a party.

At the party you blew out your candles on your cake.

You made a wish.

Then someone asked you what your wish was?

Then came the biggest mistake of your life.

You answered that question.

You answered and everybody heard you.

See, for a long time, you kept those dreams inside you.

Deep deep inside you where nobody could touch them.

They were gold.

But that day you opened your mouth.

And it came out.

You told the world of your dream.

You told them all about how you were going to conquer the world.

You thought they would welcome it.

You thought they would encourage you.

But that was not what happened.

In that moment they ripped your crown from your head.

You were a young King.

But not anymore.

They told you to “get real”.

They said, “Those types of dreams never come true.”

They told you to start living in the “real world.”

They said that you are thirteen now and that you should start growing up.

They said those kinds of dreams are for toddlers.

You were a kid.

So you listened to them.

At first, you thought they were wrong but then you started believing them.

Those dreams you had were gone.

They took your crown.

They kicked you off your throne.

Your game of thrones was over.

return of the king

They Took Your Sword.

They took your sword.

The sword of the imagination.

Your imagination is the most powerful weapon you have.

It's the most powerful weapon any man can have.

A good imagination is the most powerful weapon in the universe.

Everything you see around you came from someone's sword.

The sword being the imagination.

The greatest men in history had powerful imaginations.

They thought of great things before they went out there and showed the world how real the dream was.

Thing of great dreamers like Napolean, Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein , Abraham Lincoln,Buddha,Gandhi, Thomas Jefferson, Sun Tsu, J.R.R. Tolkien , Henry Ford , Nikola Tesla, and many others.

In modern times think of dreamers like Elon Musk,Peter Thiel,Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos.

The Modern World.

Somewhere in the modern world they started thinking its a good idea to crush imaginations.

Young boys around the world lose their swords at a very young age and walk around feeling lost.

They only wake up once they find their swords again.

But most never wake up.

Those who are lucky enough to find their swords become Kings again and transform everything around them.

Parents,Schools And Bad Karma.

They say everything that is wrong with you is your parent's fault.

But everything that is right with you is also because of your parents.

Both are true but its something we don't talk about.

My parents fucked me up,just like many other parents around the world fucked their kids up.

They didn't consciously fuck you up.

They thought they were protecting you.

Their parents did the same to them.

And the parents before them did the same to them.

It's a cycle of Karma that must be stopped.

Cause and effect is a powerful force and if you don't stop the power of bad Karma it steamrolls ahead like a truck.

My parents wanted me to stop dreaming and start living like an adult.

They weren't the only one's.

In my school and millions of other schools around the world they tell us the same thing.

Stop dreaming, stop thinking you are going to live your dreams and start being responsible.

So we started listening.

And we quietly start walking a road that we know is not for us.

We know it's not for us because we feel deep inside something is missing.

So you become a “responsible” young man.

You did what they wanted you to do.

You started to live in “reality.”

You became someone that walked the line.

You became a good boy and you got a responsible job.

Everyone around you was so proud.

Behind The Mask.

But behind the facade.

Behind the mask you were wearing something was burning.

Those dreams they thought they killed were still alive.

Buried under all the shit were your dreams.

When they took your sword they thought they took it all.

But they were wrong.

Deep down in your soul you still had a fire.

All it needed was a spark

That simmering fire was ready to explode.

My Fire.

One day sitting in an office I felt something.

Inside me my fire was burning.

I had hidden it for a long time but it was growing in my belly.

Long enough had I cowered in a job I hated.

In a life I hated.

It was destroying me.

Something in me snapped, and I just said “Fuck this I'm out.”

I walked out.

Then I went to looking for my sword.

Luckily I found it.

And once I pulled that sword out of the stone my life started changing.

return of the king

The Stone.

The stone represents the superficial world.

The stone is the world without dreams.

Pulling your sword from the stone represents getting your power back.

Taking your dreams back.

Your dreams of conquering the world with your creative power.

This scares many people.

Many people around you want you to play it safe.

The last thing they want is for you to pick up that sword and go out into the world.

The last thing they want is for you to be a King once more.

The last thing they want is the return of the king.

The Return of The King.

It's your responsibility to pick your sword up and be the King of your world.

Yes,its time for the return of the king.

But if you decide to go for it ,you will have to face your past.

You will need to face all the demons you created.

Those demons you created while living as a “good boy” in society.

Face all the lies you told yourself and the world around you.

You will need to get rid of the crutches you were walking with.

All the safety nets around you.

Because living as a King demands everything from you.

It will demand one thing above all.

That thing is courage.

Because once you start living as a King the rewards become big and so do the risks.

But this is exactly how Kings live.

They put everything on the table and go after that dream in their heart.

That is what life is all about.

Knowing that you have this one shot at everything you ever wanted and this shot is happening right now.

There is no retakes or do-overs.

It's happening right now and the clock is ticking as we speak.

If you are on the fence and still playing it safe then remember this:

You will have to face yourself in the future.

Regret is a motherfucker and it will be there to greet you at the end.

Like I have written before on this blog,fear will come for you.


Right before you want to pick up your sword fear will come for you.

This is the nature of reality.

Right before you make that choice to step up.

Right before you take back your sovereignty as a man.

Right before that moment fear will meat you at the gate of your mind.

Right there fear will try and negotiate with you to go back.

You will have to make a choice.

A choice between darkness or light.

You will have to start right now.

Is time to start taking back your life

Its time to pick up the sword and go sit on your throne.

You are a King.

This is your game of thrones.

You are aristocratic.

And with that comes great responsibility.

You will be tested.

You will doubt yourself.

But this is part of your climb back into the light.

You have chosen to go after your dreams.

This will demand everything from you.

You will have to transform yourself into the person that can reach those goals.

You will have to transform into the person that can make those dreams a reality.

You will have to transform into a King.

Are you up for it?

You have to take full responsibility for everything that you do?

You must be the sovereign King of your mind and your world.

Don't shift responsibility to somewhere or someone else.

You must be the master of your own kingdom.

You have to open your eyes and realize what you are getting into.

This is serious.

Wake Up.

You have to wake up.

Life is happening right now as you are reading these words.

This is not a drill.

You are reading these words for a reason.

Remember there is a world out there that will try and tell you who you are.

But you have to focus on your internal world where you decide who you are.

You are the one

Be careful of the outside world.

The Outside World.

It's very noisy and very tempting.

It has all the lights, glitter and toys.

It's calling your name and telling to stop what you are doing and join them.

They will make you doubt yourself.

And thoughts in your mind will make you doubt yourself.

You might think for a moment you are not enough or not good enough.

So the world will shout at you and tell you who you are.

You have to shut that noise off and tell yourself who you are.

You Are The Only Authority In Your Life.

Only you have that authority.

Nobody else.

As a King you will have an ongoing battle to stay on your path.

To stay on your mission and goals.

Your will and self-discipline will push you forward.

The external world will test you.

But you have to grow your confidence.

Then those outside voices will get smaller and smaller.

You have to reclaim who you are.

That little boy that was running around in the garden with his sword.

Remember him?

That was you.

That kid that was dreaming and thought nothing could stop him.

You need to reclaim that authority.

You have already made the choice.

But it will take work to grow that confidence and belief.

So you need to rebuild your identity and strengthen your self-esteem.

You need to start seeing yourself as a King again.

Be the hero of your own movie.

In your movie you are the returning King.

The one with the giant sword.

Ever wonder why all the great movies have men with swords in them?

Movies like Star Wars,Braveheart,Conan,King Arthur?

Its always about the guy who gets lost and then turns into a warrior who picks up his sword.

This story is a deep masculine story.

The story of the hero who loses his way.

And then he gets resurrected and returns as the hero.

These stories are in our DNA.

It's your story.

It's my story.

It's the story of aristocratic men.

It's the way of men.

return of the king

You Will Not Fit In.

Your new life will be different.

You will not fit in anymore.

You will walk alone now.

Like the alpha wolf or lion ,you will walk alone in the mountains.

That old life of being a good boy who is fitting in is over. 

He is gone.

In your new life as King you will stand out.

You will be tested.

But this is the life that you want to live.

You want to be tested.

This is why you are reading these words.

You want to become great.

You want to dream big.

You Have To Thing Big.

The days of thinking small are done.

You are back, and you are dreaming insanely big dreams.

Take the dreams you have right now and 10 x them.

Make them bigger.

Think bigger than you ever thought you would.

Write down those dreams and meditate on them every day.

Then go out in the world and start working.

Start building those dreams into reality.

You are an action taker.

Take massive action and show the world who you really are.

Step Into Your Fears.

Like I mentioned before, fear will come for you.

It will not just come for you when you make your choice to take your power back.

It will return again once you start building momentum into your new life.

How do you overcome fear and step into courage?

You step aggressively towards your fear.

Don't back away.

That step into your fear is your courage.

That step will break the fear into pieces.

We are scared of what we don't know.

And that's OK.

But there is only one way to get better and learn the lessons we need.

And that one way is to confront fear.

Your Road to Greatness.

Your road to greatness will be a road full of small things done well.

You will stack those small things on top of each other.

You will stack it so high that you will build a wall of greatness in your life.

Courage And The Choices We Make

Courage is the key to a great life.

A lot of people who will read this article will say things like “My life is so difficult I will never get out of this.”

So guess what ?

They will never get out of it.

They made a choice.

Read the words again.”I will never get out of this.”

Do you see that?

People who say these words made a choice.

And when they make a choice it's hard to stop that person.

The choice this person made was a bad one.

But many men make these choices.

Bad choices.

They unconsciously decide that they will lose.

And they unfortunately follow through on their choices.

They unconsciously made these choices.

I hear many of these types of choices every day.

People say things like:

“I can't lose weight.”

“I can't learn French.”

” I'm not a good runner.”

“I can't speak to women.”

“I'm not a business person.”

“I can't learn self-defense because I'm not a fighter.”

” I can't stop smoking.”

Do you see the pattern?

It's all choices.

People don't realize the power of their own words.

They think its just a stupid sentence they are saying.

But these words are powerful.

Unconsciously they set themselves up for failure.


Winning in life is a conscious choice.

Imagine these people started dreaming and made the opposite choices.

Imagine they started saying:

“I can get rich.”

” I can learn French.”

“I can stop smoking.”

” I am a fighter.”

” I can lose weight.”

” I can start a business.”

“I can talk to any women.”

See the difference when you start dreaming and start making good choices?

It changes everything.

So the next time someone tells you “I would have done what you did, but I can't get out of here”.Stop them….

And ask them this:

“Is there a bus or taxi close to your home?”

If the person says “yes ” then tell them this:

“Get on the bus and go do it.”

“Take Action Now!”

If You Think It ,You Can Do It.

So remember this:

If you can think it, then you can do it.

This is the human condition.

This is our power.

It's a massive superpower we all have and many are not aware of it so they live like mental slaves.

Don't Waste One Day From Now On.

Don't waste a day.

Whatever you do make it count.

Every day on this planet take action.

Use your days wisely.


When that day is gone you can never get it back.

That moment of inspiration you are waiting for is happening right now.

This is it.

Don't waste it.

Life Is Easy

You Know What ?

Life is easy.

But truly living and going after a dream is the hard part.

Living is tough and living can be a bitch.

But ask yourself:

What is it you want to do?

What is it that lights that fire in your heart.

When you answer this question it's not the end.

It's just the spark.

It's just the beginning.

Once the fire starts burning you need to feed it.

You need to keep reminding yourself why you are doing this.

Because we all have started some things and then we stop.

Things like a workout, a diet or a goal.

Then we give up.

We stop after just a few days or weeks.

And then we forget about it.

To overcome this weakness you need to remind yourself consistently that you are dying.

You need to make friends with your own death.

Use it as fuel.

And then remind yourself that you are dying to do something great.

Because if you don't remind yourself your old life will pull you back in and your dream will die.

And then your miserable old life will return.

But like I said:

Life is easy.

Living is hard.

And if you are not chasing your dream then I have some bad news.

You are already dead.

Dead man walking.  

Take Ownership.

So let's get down to business.

Take ownership now of your mistakes. 

We all have them, so own them.

You don't need to hide them.

They are yours.

Deal with them, but don't let them define you.

We bring them out into the light.

When you do that.

When you take ownership of your problems, the problems will get solved.

The time for excuses are over.

Don't blame anyone else for what goes wrong.

Its all you from now on.

All you !!

The good and the bad.

It's yours.

Take control of your ego.

Don't hide your delicate pride from the truth. 

Take ownership of everything in your world.

Take ownership of your mistakes, your weaknesses, your problems, and then take ownership of the solutions.

Take ownership of your dreams.

Take ownership of your future

And take ownership of your life.

Then lead like the King you already are.

Lead yourself and all the people in your life.

Lead them all and win.

It's time for the return of the king.