Here is something nobody will tell you about success.

It's a blind spot.

It's something many people miss.

They notice it sometimes in the shadows staring right at them. 

But it scares them.

So they walk off and pretend they didn't see that thing lurking in the shadows.

They try to block it out of their minds.

The very existence of this thing scares them.

What is this thing that scares most people?

It scares them so much that they never look at it even once.

Well, it's the one thing that will give them everything they want and they know it.

The reason they never look at this monster is simple.

They know that within this key to success hides a big danger.

This Danger is losing everything.

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The Truth Is Simple

The truth about success is simple.

Getting success is not simple but the recipe is simple.

What is the recipe?

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The Key To Success

They key to success is this: You have to be willing to lose everything to gain everything.

This is the monster that scares people.

So they never walk into that dark room and confront it.

Greatness doesn't just happen. If you dabble with success and put one foot in the water and don't fully commit you are done.

Success doesn't tolerate half measures.

It only accepts extremists.

Success doesn't accept trying, it only accepts doing.

Success doesn't accept guarantees of anything.

Success only accepts one thing.

That one thing is courage.

Courage to walk into a dark cave without knowing if you will ever return.

At the door is only one sign:

“Be willing to lose everything to gain everything”.

That is it.

No money back guarantee.

No confirmation of living happily ever after.

No pat on the shoulder.

This journey only you can walk.

Greatness only comes to those that have the courage to walk into this cave and don't look back.

Anything less than 180% commitment and you will fail before you even begin.

If you commit and choose courage then you begin your dangerous journey.

Walk into this cave armed with faith and you will find a way to get through it.

The Other Side

One thing that you should know is this:

If you do make it through to the other side the rewards will be bigger than you can imagine.

The rewards of freedom and independence.

The rewards to do whatever you want whenever you want.

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The Reality of Success In All Fields

This secret of success is one that can be applied to anything in life.

If you want to reach the top of any field you have to go into the cave of success.

There is no compromise on this.

You must be all in or you are out.

I failed for a long time in finding success until I found this truth.

But here is another truth.

I knew about the cave.

I just didn't want to go into that cave.

Like I mentioned before in this post.

I knew about this monster lurking in the shadows.

I knew of its existence.

I denied that I saw it so I kept on living a mediocre life.

When I decided to confront that monster in the cave everything changed.

I will be the first to tell you it's not easy.

It's hard and yes it's scary going all in and not knowing if you can come back.

However, if you go sit down and think about life one thing becomes clear.

What becomes clear is that there is another monster.

Most people are not aware of its existence.

It's even more dangerous than the one in the cave.

This one strangles you to death over many years without you noticing.

You feel yourself getting weaker and weaker every day being choked by something you can't see.

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You Can't See This Monster

It's invisible.

This monster lives like a parasite inside most people around the world.

This monster has many names.

Its most commonly known as Mediocrity.

Mediocrity chokes millions of men to death very very slowly.

It takes everything from them over many years.

The saddest part is they didn't even know it.

They felt like shit for many years and they don't know why.

Why did they feel so bad for so long?

They lost their fight.

They lost their willingness to fight for what they want.

They stopped dreaming.

They stopped thinking Big.

They stopped being a warrior.

Most Importantly they said no to courage.

Because that is what it takes to do anything of real meaning and value.

It takes courage.

With courage, you can transform your own life and everyone else around you.

This is the way of all great men.

This is the way of all masters and high achievers.

The Way Of the Masters

The masters get comfortable with being relentless and walking into dark caves.

When they come out on the other side they start looking for bigger and darker caves.

So what will your choice be ?

Will you choose courage?

Or will you choose mediocrity?

The Choice is yours to make.