Why do humans wait until bad things happen before they take action?

They will hold their hands to a flame and then be surprised when they get burnt.

This is the mindset of the majority of the planet.

The real problem is not the effects but the cause of all these things.

Enter cause and effect!

But what is cause and effect?

But before we answer this question,lets look at somthing else.

Let's take a look at the key areas where most people fail:

Key Areas


Obesity is at pandemic levels around the world.

Even poor people are fat because of the excesses going around in developed countries.

Not that poor countries got left out.

They also got seduced by the same garbage as western and other developed countries around the world.

People eat garbage like fast food and processed food consistently for years.

They are then surprised when they get fat and end up with a heart attack, diabetes or some other fat-related disease.

People are literally eating themselves to death.



Depression is also at pandemic levels around the world.

You can't talk to somebody without hearing about someone that is on antidepressants.

Or someone that wants to kill themselves.

Yes, I get it, its a serious disease.

And yes some people have legitimate reasons for being depressed.

For Example going through combat, death or some other setbacks.

I'm not talking about these people.

I'm talking about the masses of people that “mysteriously” get depressed.

These people who every day just sit and do nothing but watch TV, surf the internet, smoke weed, play on their phones and sleep.

The Problem In Society.

The problem in today's society is the following.:

how to lose fat

Let's start with the fat situation:

So someone is obese and fat.

They go to the doctor and the doctor tells them they have diabetes and give the person medication.

So the person keeps on living the same way they did in the past.

They do the same thing because they now have pills so they think they are all good.

Same with depression.

People go to the psychologist and the doctor says to the person they have depression.

So the doctor gives them anti-depression pills for the condition.

So the patients walk out and go back to their old lives like nothing changed.

The pill “fixed” them and now they are “fine” again.

They don't change their lifestyle that could be the cause of their depression.

They just go back to the old ways.


Because they got a pill for it.

The Principle Of Cause and Effect

There is a very powerful principle that influences everything in the universe.

Nobody can escape its power.

You can't hide from it or avoid it.

It will find you.

This principle is Cause and Effect.

But what is cause and effect?

Cause and effect simply mean that for every action that you take there will be an effect caused by that action.

In Buddhism, they have a similar principle called Karma.

With Karma, the intention is the most important factor.

In other words, why are you doing something?

Negative energy and intentions cause harm.

Positive intentions cause a good thing to happen.

Well in the modern world people do a lot of things without knowing why they do it.

And yes they do a lot of things intentionally but we won't focus on that today.

Today I'm focusing on things people do consciously or unconsciously and think that somehow they can avoid cause and effect.

A lot of times these cause and effect relationships is done in ignorance.

Sometimes its done knowing that its bad but they still do it.

This is where human irrationality come into the picture.

what is cause and effect

Human Irrationality

We think if we do this “little harmless thing ” over and over we will somehow avoid the effects.

Small things we do every day without question fascinate me because they are so obvious.

For Example, millions of people around the world everyday get up take a shower and then spray deodorant under their arms.

They do this for years consistently without a second thought.

This deodorant is filled with chemicals that are harmful to your body.

Personally, I haven't used deodorant for over 10 years.

It messes with my skin and hormones.

I take my hygiene seriously but my health is more important.

Deodorant is just one example when it comes to personal products.

What about drinking sugar in your coffee?

So it seems like a small thing but you drink 2 teaspoons of sugar in your coffee.

Let's say for example you drink 5 cups of coffee a day.

That means you get 10 teaspoons of coffee a day just with your coffee.

This does not include all the other sugar you get into your body. Think about how the sugar ads up over weeks, months and years.

Let's look at a different topic.

For example, someone that watches a lot of news on TV.

Every Day the person watches an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening.

This goes on for weeks, months and years.

How do you think this person's state of mind is?

How indoctrinated do you think this person is?

These are simple examples but the point is simple.

Cause and effect are everywhere.

What Is Cause and Effect? The Little Hammer Effect

Think about the cause as a little hammer and effect as a wall.

You take that small hammer and you start hitting the wall.

The wall is very powerful and the hammer is very small.

In the beginning, the hammer doesn't seem to have an effect on the wall.

But after about a hundred hits a small crack appears on the wall.

After another 200 hundred hits a little piece of brick breaks off.

Then after another hundred hits one brick falls to the ground.

After another 1000 hits, the wall starts falling apart.

After another 1000 the wall is destroyed.

This is cause and effect.

The Nature of Karma

Throw a rock in water and waves will start forming.

This is the nature of Karma.

Your actions matter.

To improve your life and avoid the pain you need stop living like a robot.

Wake Up!


Become Conscious Of Your Actions.

Identify things you do on autopilot that could harm you in the future.

Stop Doing those things.


A lot of problems that we have in our lives can be avoided by using common sense.

human mind

Being A Mindless Drone

We get busy and buy into propaganda on TV and online that tells us its OK to be a mindless drone.

It's not OK to be a mindless drone!

Wake the fuck up!

Many people on this planet are in a trance.

If you are in a trance right now.

Wake up and change!

Discipline Equals Freedom

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Remember prevention is better than cure.

Don't want to get fat? Stop eating crap.

Don't want lung cancer? Stop smoking.

Don't want to be poor? Stop spending money and start making money.

Don't want to be a loser? Then stop feeling sorry for yourself and get up right now!

Don't want to be alone? Stop smoking so much pot and start talking to people.

Don't want to feel depressed? Stop watching TV, eating junk and not exercising. Start running and eat real food.

Don't want to be bored at work? Quit your job find a new one?

I can make a list of 10 thousand things but I think you get the point.

Now you know what is cause and effect.

Cause and effect rule the world.

Become conscious of your actions and start seeing the good Karma in your life.