The power of mindset in people's lives is significant but most people are unaware of this truth.

We all run programs in our minds.

It's impossible to cut off all external stimulus.

I don't care who you are you, you are getting influenced.

The only exceptions are enlightened Buddhist monks.

But even they have a hard time clearing their minds.

We all run programs but you have a choice to make.

You consciously choose the program you run or you just get unconsciously influenced by everything that comes in through your eyes, ears, touch, and taste.

There is no perfect program but we can build a pretty solid structure in our minds that will keep us on solid ground.

We need to build the structure in our minds so that we can go through this ocean of life 90% in control.

Why do we need control?

We need control so that we can reach our full potential.

Remember what Napoleon Hill said:

“If you don't control your mind then it will control you.”

Like I said before most people are unconsciously programmed.

We think the way we live our lives is our conscious choice. But is it?

How do most of us get influenced unconsciously?

Mindset Is Everything And How You Get Influenced


Everywhere you look you will see some kind of logo or advertising that is trying to get your attention.

I remember once driving in Australia through a desert and seeing a Coke sign in the middle of nowhere.

It's everywhere. It's very difficult not to get influenced.

This planet is an economic one and people need your attention to make more money.

That's why you will see it everywhere.

All the companies in the world are looking for a little space in your mind.

TV and Movies

TV shows have their own agenda depending on the studio, the writers and the type of show they are making.

For example, if the producer is a feminist then it's almost certain there will be some kind of propaganda advocating that lifestyle and the views associated with it.

News and Newspapers

Most news is fake news. Journalism is dead.

There was a time in history where Journalists still had ethics and a certain pride to report the truth.

Those days are gone.

Now you will hear half-truths at best mixed with a healthy dose of bullshit to fit into a certain narrative or agenda.

Most news channels and newspapers want a scandal so they can sell more papers or get higher ratings.

It's not about the truth anymore it's about influencing your view over the world so hopefully, in the future, they can get you voting in a certain way or buying a certain product.

Always remember most newspapers are owned by giant corporations with their own interest at heart.

Social Media

Social Media is the new dopamine playground for humans.

It is here that we get our need for validation.

Facebook or Twitter gives us our dopamine fix and we hope for more.

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are meeting a need very deep in human psychology.

Thousands of years ago humans lived in small villages and this was normal for a large part of our evolution.

In small groups, we were able to know everything about everybody.

We could also share and debate with the whole tribe.

Facebook and Twitter lock on to that ancient part of us.

With these platforms, you can talk to a global village and people will listen.

They will like you and share your ideas. Its a tribe and village on steroids.

The algorithms on Facebook are programmed so that you get the right amount of fear, joy, and sadness for the day.

Since social media has been on the scene depression numbers have gone through the roof.

Facebook and Instagram ads have made the influence on human minds even more massive.


The internet as a whole is transforming the way we as humans see the world.

Search engines specifically have the power to steer our perception of reality in a certain direction.

Most search engines like social media companies are privately owned and their view of the world will be forced on you in terms of the results you get when you search for something.

For example, if you have a certain view about eating meat and the owners of a specific search engine is vegan then you can expect to see a lot of anti-meat propaganda.


You may have a lot of friends, a few close friends or not many friends.

But one thing is sure the people you spend most of your time with will have an influence on your mind.


Your family and parents have a massive influence on the way you see the world

They are the ones that spend the most time with you.

They were the ones responsible for your formative years.

They planted a lot of the seeds in your mind that is still having a massive effect today.

And if you still are spending a lot of time with your parents then they will still be influencing you whether you are aware of it or not.


The books that were given to you or the books that you chose to read will have a massive effect on you.

Books changed my life for the better but books can also have the opposite effect if you are reading terrible books.


Women have a massive influence on men.

Scientists are even of opinion that most wars of primitive societies in history started because of the access to females.

Men will allow or not allow women to influence them depending on the mindset of the man.

It could be a good influence or so bad that countries go to war. Remeber the movie, Troy?

Where You Live

The neighborhood you live in and the environment you spend most of your time in will influence the way you feel through the day.

That in turn, will influence everything you do in terms of your worldview.


Food You Eat

The food you eat plays a massive role in the way you feel and experience reality.

It makes absolute sense because that what you eat you become.

Your food is your building blocks.

Your organs transform the food and pump it into your blood and rebuild your body as time goes on.

The regulation of your hormones is all depending on the type and quality of the food you put in your body.


Studies have shown that human happiness is directly influenced by the way we use our bodies.

Human bodies are designed to move and when it doesn't we become depressed and it could lead to disease.

The hormones released during exercise plays a huge role in the level of satisfaction we have every day of our lives


We need to have a lot of sex. It's a basic human need.

When we have more sex our body gives off hormones that make us more happy and content.

This leads to us being more confident and feeling more creative.

Take sex away and you will see men causing all kinds of chaos.

Take a look at countries or cities where there are a lot more men than women. It's not good.

Look at modern “incels”(the idiots who shot people because they couldn't meet girls) that lose their mind because they can't get women to like them.

School And University

Schools and universities are one of the main brainwashing places of humanity.

Its here were certain narratives and brainwashing programs gets forced down peoples throats without them knowing it.

Its a sad state of modern education but it is what it is.

How are going to create a program of our choice that run our minds?

Or to put it in terms that everyone will understand.

How will we unfuck ourselves?

Well, we need to take control of everything we allow to influence our brains.

That includes all the sources I just mentioned.

Yea I get it, it's not easy.

But by being practical and intentional you can make a massive difference in the quality of your life.

This will improve your self-esteem, confidence and your mindset.


This one is difficult to stop but try and limit your exposure by turning down the volume when your TV is on and showing ads.

Try and ignore most social media ads, don't click on any advertising.

Try resisting the urge to click on an ad you see on your screen.

You can't cut out advertising but you can reduce it.

TV and Movies

Avoid trash TV and most TV in general. You don't have the time anyway.

So if you want to watch it try and limit it to something interesting like documentaries or sports.

Movies should be watched selectively, but start getting into the habit of googling the Director and what he is all about.

Get a bit of background of who the person is who made the movie you want to watch.

Keep your time watching TV or Movies limited and selective.

News and Newspapers

Both of these are difficult.

We form our worldview on what we see on the news and read in newspapers.

But the amount of fake news makes it very hard to get an accurate representation of reality.

So you need to avoid most of them and try and find independent journalists that provide real journalism and ethics.

If you listen to big channels or read big newspapers be very selective about what journalist you follow.

Check out their backgrounds and see if you should give these people any of your time.

Remeber most of the modern corporate media are dishonest and don't have your best interest at heart.

So best to limit your time on mainstream media.

Social Media

Social Media is dangerous. End of Story.

We cant live without it because it's a double-edged sword.

It has pros and cons.

Pros are mostly for business and keeping in touch with friends and family.

I can make a long list of the cons.

But we already covered that.

My advice is to choose one social media platform to connect with friends and family.

You don't need all of them.

If you are on all of them you will eventually lose your mind.

You can use more for business but don't get sucked into them.

Remeber even for business these platforms are just tools.

They are not playgrounds.

Besides the real world is a lot more fun.

mindset shifts


Like social media, the internet is a double-edged sword.

We need to control it or it will control you.

Don't check your email and business first thing when you wake up.

Don't sleep with your phone next to your bed.

Limit your time online.

Schedule times away from your computer and phone.

Its hard but you need to reset your mind.

So now an then take a weekend off from the internet and a week off social media.

winning mindset


Friends are great but a lot of “friends” are not real.

They pretend to look out for you but then you realize they are backstabbing traitors.

You need to cut these people out of your life.

If people don't respect you and are parasitic in nature then you need to cut them off.

Like you break up with a bad girlfriend you can do the same with fake friends.

Cut them off.

You don't need that negative influence in your life.


We all have parents and most of them love you dearly but some don't.

If you are in the group where your parents are bad people then you are probably already making a move to not see them.

But for the rest of people that having loving parents that just don't support them, be cool about it.

Don't just cut them off because they don't believe in your dreams and vision for the future.

Let them think what they want, they are family. That is important.

Just limit your time with them and make sure you catch them on a time where they are probably going to be in a good mood.

That way you experience them at their best.

power of mindset


This one is simple.

Avoid trash like most cheap fiction.

I'm not saying all fiction is bad but a lot of fiction is not helpful.

If you read books about horror, murder, and zombies for months and years then it will have an effect on your mindset and the way you go through the world.

If you like those books then limit them for the weekend.

On the other hand, if you want to empower yourself then read books that add value to you as a person.

Books that are resources to make you better and more efficient. Learn new skills, get new insights, and understanding.

Read books that motivate and inspire you. Books are powerful tools for change but that change could be good or bad.

That is your choice.

If you read a book about how great socialism is then you might end up poor and depressed 3 years from now.

On the other hand, if you read the Millionaire Booklet you might get rich 2 years from now.


Women can make you or break you.

If you allow women to dominate your then you are going down.

If you allow women that are parasites or feminists into your life you are in for a world of pain.

However, if you allow high-value, intelligent, feminine, and beautiful women into your life then you are going to have a great time.

Where You Live

Sometimes we don't have much choice of where we live.

If you live in a big city and a bad neighborhood then you have to make the best of it.

Avoid bad areas and try to find places that improve your state of mind.

Go to a coffee shop or library that takes you out of the environment you don't like.

If your neighborhood is bad but your apartment or room is small but cozy then make that place your base and your place of safety.

Make it as comfortable as possible and do whatever you can to create a space that lets you escape from shitty surroundings.

Go walk around in awesome neighborhoods that you want to move to.

Or put up a poster of the beach in Thailand that you want to call home in the future.

What you Eat

Your food is one of the most important aspects of your experience of reality.

There are a few principles here that are practical.

Avoid all processed food.

That means only eat something that was killed and cooled or something that what grown in the ground.

So that means basically meat and plants.

If you don't want to spend a lot of money then keep it simple.

Buy a bag of rice, lots of unsalted butter,eggs, and minced beef.

Vegetables are expensive so buy a tub of mixed greens to take care of your vegetable needs.

Drink lots of water, Black Coffee, and herbal teas.

Get some supplements if there is room in your budget.

That's it, you don't need much to have healthy brain chemistry.

mindset is everything


Keep it simple.

Lift weights and do lots of interval training to keep your heart strong.

Combine that with weekly stretch sessions and you are good to go.

Exercise is one of the best ways to keep you happy and out of the dark depression holes that we all want to avoid.

The iron is your friend.



You need to have lots of sex. If you struggling with meeting women for whatever reason then you need to fix it.

It's not going to magically change.

Find the resources and make it a priority.

Women are awesome and sex is your birthright.

You should be having a lot of sex.

You need to handle this part of your life.

If you are not on top of it then take action now.

Learn and then take action

Your happiness depends on it.

School and University

So how do we avoid universities ?

Any place that is against independent thinking should be avoided .

If you are still thinking about university then remember that you don't have to go to college, only do it if you think you are really passionate about your subject area.If you want to be a doctor, engineer or lawyer then go to university ,but almost anything else you can learn yourself.

If you are already done with school then just know that you need to unfuck yourself from all the negative brainwashing that you got at university.

mindset matters


We can't control everything that influences the way we experience reality, however, we can control a large part of it by taking these practical steps.

The key to having lasting change is to be consistent.

Consistency is one of the most powerful things in the universe.

Lack of consistency leads to insignificance

Consistency leads to a massive transformation and great significance in your life.

Remember, mindset matters, it matters a lot.

We don't have total control as humans but we can influence reality a lot more than we think.

The only question is how important it is to you to get more control over your own reality?

Time to start building a winning mindset.