So the expectations of others finally got the better of you?

So you are pushed into a corner.

No idea how you got there.

But you find yourself between a rock and a hard place.

Life has an uncompromising way of revealing the true nature of reality.

We then take some time to process what is happening.

Regret, anger, and self-pity are some of the common emotions that come at you.

And the more you think about it the more depressed you feel about your life.

You ask yourself: “How did I end up here?”

Well, you ended up there because you allowed the world to dictate your movements.

You allowed the world to tell you how to think.

You allowed the world to tell you how to feel.

You allowed the world to teach you to care more about what they think than what you think.

You allowed the world to tell you who you are.

But the truth is that they have no idea who you are.

They have no idea what you are capable of.

Only you know that.

But more importantly, you allowed the world to define who you are as a man at a very core level.

And when you allow the world to do this it just means one thing: It means you allowed them to put mental chains on you.

You allowed them to imprison you.

You allowed them to plant lies and falsehoods about the world inside your mind.

But even worse you allowed them to plant lies about yourself in your own mind.

And these lies were seeds for fear to take over all the hope you had for the future.

It took your most important tool,your imagination.

You were destined to be a King and they told you to be a slave.

You believed them, and now you are stuck.

What Are You Going To Do?

So here you are, you have fallen flat on your face.

And the question is this: Now that you know that you are stuck what are you going to do about it?

Are you going to continue with self-pity?

Are you going to continue punishing yourself for past mistakes?

Or are you going to stop feeling sorry for yourself and get up?

Because guess what?

No one is coming to save you.

It's up to you to take back your power.

I can't do it for you, your friends cant do it for you.

It's all up to you.

How Do Turn Your Life Around?

You get control of that round thing on your shoulders.

You need to take control back over your mind.

You gave the world control and now it's time to take it back or leave here now and go back into mediocrity forever.

You need to stop waiting for someone to tell you how to think.

You need to stop listing to the world about who you are.

You need to focus on being the man you want to be.

Not the man people expect you to be.

If you believe the saying “I want to find myself ” then I have some bad news:

You will never find yourself.

If you are waiting for that then you will wait forever.

Instead, you need to decide who you want to be and then go out into the world and do the work to turn that into a reality.

Form a clear picture in your mind about who it is who you want to be.

Then become the artist who turns that into reality.

It can be done.

I have done it, and many others I have worked with have done it.

You are born with creative abilities that have been suppressed, it's time you start using them.

Will it be easy?

No, it's going to be hard.

Nothing of value gets created easily.

It takes Self-Discipline, consistency, and focus.

You will have to become someone else because guess what?

The person you are right now is not who you need to be.

You need to create someone else.

You need to start creating yourself.

That someone must be designed and created by you.

You need to find the tools and turn them into reality.

Remember, life is about creating yourself.

Conclusion: Creating Yourself

The good news is that your mind is the most powerful goal-seeking machine in the universe.

And you need to start using its incredible potential to build the life you are destined to live.

It's up to you to start creating yourself.

It's time to get up and start doing the work!!

Until next time.