The Millionaire Mindset you need is not what you expect!

Anyone that tells you making money is easy is lying.

Anyone that tells you that building wealth is easy is lying.

Is it possible?

Yes, it's more than possible, it's not just a dream.

You can do both, but getting there will take a lot of effort.

It will be hard.

The instant gratification culture wants us to believe that we can get anything we want overnight.

Want a big car or house?

The culture tells you it is possible to get it overnight.

I get it, being smart and using good strategy is important, but just looking for shortcuts and magic pills is not going to get you there.

You need to take the long hard road, and if you get a bit of luck on that road that elevates you to the top then great.

But prepare for the long road so you don't just give up.

If you use the right strategy and don't over-complicate things then you will move up the ladder.


The Millionaire Mindset -The Right Strategy 

The reality is that most people are broke.

Yea they look good on Instagram but in the real world, they don't have any wealth or cash flow.

It's all maxed out credit cards and other debt.

We don't know what is going to happen in the future, but sitting back like a sitting duck waiting to be picked off is not a good idea.

You have to get your money right.

A thousand different things could go wrong, bad things happen.

Shit happens, get over it, that's the planet we live on.

But be prepared, start making your money a priority.

Peter Thiel the billionaire investor said a few years ago that a million dollars are just not good enough in terms of having security in America today.

Now a lot of people were shocked by that statement, but that is the reality of today's world.

Something bad happens and you need a lawyer or doctor for yourself and your family what will you do?

The reality is that if you only have a million dollars and no other income then a major setback like a lawsuit or disease could take almost all of your money.

Don't just hope for the best.

think and grow rich

Start taking action now.

A recent survey done in the USA found that 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

That means if something major happens to them before the end of the month they have no resources to deal with it.

Most of these people start stressing in the middle of the month about how they are going to make it to the next payday.

This is not only the case in the US but also in other developed countries like the UK and Australia.

If you ask these people how they are going to solve their problems they tell you they are trying to save money.

Now even if that was the case there is a big problem with that approach.

If you think you are going to save your way to financial independence then you are wrong.

You will be retirement age by the time you have enough to live comfortably.

And if you want to make your first million then saving for it is not the best way to get there.

Sure saving can be part of a plan but saving can't be your only strategy.

The only way to get there is to find other streams of income.

If you have a job right now then figure out how to make more money on the side.

You have to increase your income.

If you have your own business then find ways to add more income streams.

There are many ways to make more money online or in a conventional way.

Online is a great way to build extra income, the cost of starting an online business is low and you can do it at home after work.

You can start writing ebooks and sell them on your website or on Amazon Kindle.

You can become a blogger.

You can do consulting and make money on what you already know.

You can even sell physical products online through Amazon or eBay.

In the real world, you can do other jobs like teaching a language or find any other type of part-time job that can form a second stream of income.

Do whatever it takes to form a second and third stream of income.

Then you put that money into a sacred account that you will not touch until you reach your goal.

That might be a five hundred thousand dollars or a million dollars.

The Next Step

Then you take that money and invest it into something that is safe and will guarantee a long-term payoff.

Investing in real estate is always a good option because it's a sure thing if you do it the right way.

Don't invest in something that doesn't guarantee a payday.

You can take more risk with investments after you become financially independent.

After you invested your money start the whole process again.

Start milking those streams of income and start building those sacred accounts.

Then invest again.

Then repeat again and again.

This is, of course, a very simplified explanation of how to build wealth, but simple is always the best.

People sometimes get into complex ways of making money and then never take any action to turn it into reality.

This process is simple but one thing is for sure if you do it consistently it will work.


The bottom line is that every day you keep living paycheck to paycheck you are exposing yourself more and more to risk that is avoidable.

Take action now.

Don't stay in a vulnerable position that could destroy you and the people you care about.

It is your responsibility as a man to get your money right and become financially independent.

You must step up and do whatever it takes to build wealth.

This is the Millionaire Mindset You Need.