When you figure out what is the purpose in your life.

And you figure out what it is in life that you want, something else needs to happen.

Nobody can help you figure out this question: “What is my purpose?”

Only you can figure it out and only you know the answer.

What is my purpose?


Always evolving to the next level in all areas of life.

You have to figure out yours.

If you don't know yours then go lock yourself in a room and don't come out until you know what that purpose is.

So let's imagine you figured out what that purpose is.

find your purpose

What Happens Next?

At that point where you know what your mission is then you need to accept this truth:

Now you have to be willing to walk alone.

You also have to be willing to look like a fool to others.

You have to be willing to look like you are making “crazy” choices.

You have to be willing to look “unusual” and “different” for a while.

You have to be willing to make no sense for a while.

Remember that the sheep will always criticize you when you start going after your purpose in life.

This will happen because they are the sheep and you are now the wolf leaving the sheep behind.

What does walk alone mean on a deep level?

It means you have to break the mental chains that have tied you up.

Things like parents, schools, religions, negative people.

The only reason to hold on to these chains is if they are supporting your mission.

But this is not common.

If your religion supports you,great keep it in your life.

If your parents support you, fantastic.(If they don't then juts ignore them, but don't be an asshole they are still your parents, they just don't understand your mission.)

Your school planted a lot of bad seeds in your mind, let that shit go.

Negative influences like social media and negative people have to be cut off.

If people are consciously trying to stop you then they have to go.

So when you break the chains and they come after you don't stop.

Don't look back, just keep walking.


Your Purpose Must Add Value.

If you don't have a purpose of value then stop and reevaluate.

Do something that will add value to a large group of people.

If your purpose is destructive then don't do it.

And if you are a destructive negative person then don't read this blog.It's not for you.

This blog is for builders and value creators.

It's not for leeches and parasites that just want to take and drain energy from strong people.

self discipline

Reinventing Yourself.

When you reinvent yourself and transform yourself into the best version of yourself then you need to let go.

You need to let go of your past.

That old version of yourself needs to be left behind.

You need to stop being attached to a version of you that only brought negative results and pain into your life.

All those old insecurities need to to be changed and cut off.

If you want to move forward in your career, relationships, fitness, communication and your whole life then you have to let go.

You have to let go of that old version of you.

Attachment is common in human beings.

But progress only happens when we let go of the old and embrace the new.

To be able to move forward you have to let go!

You can't climb a mountain with a concrete ball and chain tied to your ankle.

It sounds so obvious but so many people struggle to let go of the past.

What is the purpose in your life

What Happens If We Don't Let Go

So what happens?

We stay where we are.

We are not willing to go through the discomfort of change so we hold on to the past.

We revisit it with the hope of reliving it.

And all that it brings are more of the same old things we are trying to get away from.

If you don't want to let go then fine.

But stop pretending that you want to change.

Stop pretending you want to get better.

With relationships guys talk about breaking up, they talk about being unhappy but they keep on going back to the same place?


Because it's comfortable.

It's familiar.

It's safe.

They don't have the courage to be uncomfortable for a while.

They don't want to walk alone for a while to get stronger and better.

Fitness is the same.

Guys start a gym program and start eating healthy but soon go back to the old habits of doing nothing.

They go back to the comfort of junk food and watching TV.


Because it's comfortable.

It's safe.

They don't have to face the pain that is involved in change and growth.

Business is the same.

They start an online business but after a month the pain of the hard work is too much.

The uncertainty of entrepreneurship is too much.

So they quit and go back to their job.


Because it's comfortable and they don't have to deal with uncertainty.

Humans love certainty and comfort.

But unfortunately where there is certainty and comfort you won't find growth.

But the thing that binds all of these things together is the big challenge that started this post.

The challenge of walking alone for a while.

Walking alone is scary for most men.

They have to face their fears and that is scary.

It's painful.

So they run for cover.

They go back to the comfort of the past.

The irony is that it's going to take a lot more energy from you to hold on to something that you know is not right.

If you go after something new it will also ask energy but it will be dynamic energy and you will get momentum and move forward.

But what happens with holding on to the past?

Its static energy that builds up in one spot.

Nothing moves.

And because nothing moves that energy builds up.

It's like a gas leak in a locked room.

It just builds and builds until someone drops a flame in there and the whole place explodes.

Yes, it takes courage to let go.

But its easier than living a life that you don't want.

Change can not happen if you don't have courage.

It's impossible.

You can't build power without courage.

Nothing of value gets build without courage.


Because the opposite of courage is cowardice.

If you are being a coward then nothing will change.

There is no other way.

You have to make a choice.

I have said a thousand times on this blog:

Winning in life is a conscious choice.

The Problem Of Associating With Pain.

When most people think about change they focus on the short term pain they have to deal with.

This focus on short term pain stops all change from happening.

For example if you are fat and want to lose weight then most people will focus on the discomfort and pain of changing bad habits.

So they go back to comfort because they associate pleasure with going back to the way things were.

This is how people use pain and pleasure in the wrong way.

Unfortunately, this is how most of the planet use the powerful forces of pain and pleasure.

But what happens if you flip the script on pain and pleasure?

Take the same situation of being fat and overweight but flip the script.

What if you think the following:

“If I don't exercise I will get fat and ugly and that is very painful”

“If I work out now I will be good looking and attractive in the future.”

So focus on the long term pleasure and not the short term pain.

If you do this you can take control of your life.

You have to take control.

You have to take control of your mind and body.

Because time is running out and one day you will die.

Then it will be too late to change anything.

But if you are reading this you still have time to make this life matter.

You are not a free man if you don't have control over your mind and body.

And for you to become a free man you have to walk alone for a while.

You have to walk alone and overcome the pain so you can get stronger and become better.

To get what you want in life you have to be willing to walk alone like an alpha wolf looking for a new pack and a new hunting ground.

You have to get your shit together.

No man with ambition can avoid this reality.

If you avoid it only one thing is certain and that is a living hell.

Most think hell is something in a different dimension or something that happens after death.

But hell is happening for many in their daily lives.

Many live lives they hate.

They live in loveless and sexless marriages.

They work jobs they hate.

They live with unhealthy bodies.

They live life in poverty, physically and mentally.


Because they couldn't let go.

They held on to the past.

masculine mindset


So you have a choice.

It's a simple one.

But its a very powerful one.

Walk alone or die a slow death in a life you hate.

Your choice.