So you want to “make money?”

Or want to “make money online”?


I congratulate you for taking the path that is your duty.

Yes, it's your duty to build wealth.

But many fail in the undertaking to “make money” or build wealth.

One of the reasons for this is because of a misunderstanding about money.

And this misunderstanding leads them to make the process of building wealth harder.

The misunderstanding is this: People talk about “making money“.

But the reality is this: You dont make money, you catch it.

The reason why this distinction is important is becuase the whole idea of “making money” creates scarcity in your subconscious mind.

When you talk about “making money”, it sounds complex and subconsciously you make it harder for yourself.

The Truth.

The truth is there is too much money out there.

In fact, there is more money out there now than ever before in history.

Here is a fact that most dont realize:

Money is in total abundance and even in more abundance now than ever before.

In 2020 the Federal Reserve Printed 80% of US dollars currently in existence.

Now I'm not saying this is a good move by the US Federal Reserve but it has happened.

And it does mean there is a lot of money out there.

This has not just happened in the USA, this happened in a lot of countries around the world, where the governments decided to print more money because of the pandemic.

They think that is how you “help” people.

I dont agree with this idea, but I dont make the rules.

We just take advantage of the situation.

We adapt and win.

This brings me back to my point, and my point is money is in abundance, you need to think in abundance.

You need to build an abundance mindset.

And you need to start catching money.

You don't need to “make money”.

The money has already been made.

You just need to position yourself in a place where you can catch a lot of it.

And I got even more good news.

It's never been easier to position yourself and catch money.


We have access to the biggest market in human history?


The internet.

But how?

Again we have the internet and computer technologies that provide the link between us and catching money.

You have to realize now is the greatest time in human history.

Now is the time for you to make a move and step up.

Yes, stop watching the news.

Start seeing through the smoke and mirrors of the mainstream narrative about how bad things are.

Yes, things will be bad for the millions of sheep out there who buy into the scarcity, negativity, and fear that is being pushed 24/7.

But you are reading these words, so you are not a sheep, you are a wolf.

And wolves hunt.

Wolves make things happen

Nothing Will Be Given To You Must Take It.

You must realize that with all that is happening in the world we live in the best time in human history.

But only if you take the opportunity given to you.

First, get your mind right.

And free yourself of the shackles that the world is trying to place on you.

Second, find the tools that are available to you.

Third, do the work necessary to place yourself in the position to start catching money.

You have to make it happen, nothing will be given to you.

how to make money online


One last point you must understand is that the world is changing rapidly.

And right now is the time in history where the most changes are happening the fastest.

But the world is rapidly changing and we don't know what will happen in a year or 2 from now.

This means the best time to take action was yesterday, the second-best time is now.

Go catch some money.

Until next time…..