Stop asking for permission.

Stop stalling.

You already know.

Whatever it is you want to do.

You already know what it is you need to do.

Stop fighting it.

When did you stop trusting your instincts?

When did you start trusting other people's opinions?

These other people who have no idea what you really want or who you really are.

Trust Your Gut Animal Instinct

Animals have this all figured out.

They see what they want, they do not hesitate, they go after it.

They don’t stop to hang out with other animals to weigh their options.

fixed mindset

They Don't Ask

Should I do this?

What if it doesn't work out?

What if I don't get what I want?

Should I think about it first?

They don't say “I will try again tomorrow or next week”


Just Stop

If You are thinking this way then stop right now!

Go out there and do whatever it is you need to do.

Here’s how it usually goes for most People:


Loser Group

Ideas go from the brain to the mouth.

Then it stops so they can talk about it, discuss it, share it with others for feedback and approval.

Mediocre Group

Ideas travel farther down toward the gut.

But then it diverts toward the heart, where it gets lost in emotion and more thought.


For Winners, the ideas move straight to the gut, where instinct takes over and immediately takes action.

Winners feel it. T

hey have total confidence in the gut reaction.

Then they take immediate action.

mental toughness

Change Your Mindset

Stop thinking.

Stop asking.

Stop saying you are sorry.

When you’re a winner, you trust your instincts.

When you start winning consistently you will become unstoppable.

When you become unstoppable your instincts will start trusting you.