This article is about how to be a better man. It's about how to transform your life and go to the next level.If you had 30 days to a better man then this article will help you get there..

If you follow these guidelines consistently your life will change.

So let's start!

How To Be A Better Man

how to become a better man

(1)Become Responsible For Everything.

Become responsible for everything in your life. Everything that happens in your life is on you.The good and the bad it's all on you.

Once you take this responsibility on yourself you now have the power to design the life you want. You are in control now.

Self awareness is the first step of taking control for everything in your life.

Your self improvement starts with self awareness + take responsibility 

(2)Become The Architect of Your Life.

You are an artist even if you don't know it yet. You have the ability to design your life and then turn that design into a reality.

If you keep that vision in your mind every day then you can make that dream a reality. You can design your future if you choose to do so.

30 days to a better man

(3)Become Someone That Reads a Lot.

You will need every tool and resource you can find to become a better version of yourself. Knowledge will give you the power to change your own life and the people around you.

Knowledge will give you the potential to change the world. Luckily we live in a world where we can go online and find all the knowledge resources we need to be successful.

(4)Become Strong, Flexible and Fit.

Your body is the vehicle that will take you through this life. To make this life as enjoyable as possible you need to make sure your body is strong, flexible and fit.

As an independent man, you should be able to run, jump, pull, push, bend, swim and be functional with your body.

Looking good is cool but you need your body to be a machine that functions properly. Things happen and you should be ready for anything and have as much fun as possible.

Therefore, if you need to lose weight and get in shape start today.

It's simple, eat a healthy diet, lift weights and do some cardio.

You can lose weight,don't overcomplicate it,just do the work.

(5)Become Hard To Kill.

Become someone that anyone would find a nightmare to kill. Be the guy that everyone wants to be around when shit goes bad.

Learn how to defend yourself. Learn Jiujitsu or another solid self-defense martial art like Boxing, Muay Thai, or Wrestling.

Learn how to use weapons. Become proficient with shooting rifles and pistols. Know how to use and defend yourself with a knife.

Know basic CPR and basic survival.

Learn the Sheepdog mindset. We live in a modern but dangerous world.

Mass shootings are becoming more common by the day and you need to know how to handle yourself when a clusterf*ck happens on your watch.

Most people are soft targets, don't be one of them.

(6)Become Aggressive.

Learn to be aggressive when its necessary. Go after what you want in life. Confront life head-on and claim what is yours on this planet.

Stop apologizing, pull your shoulders back and stand up straight. Don't ever apologize for your survival on this planet.

(7)Become A Renaissance Man.

A Renaissance Man is a cultured man who is knowledgeable, educated and proficient in a wide range of fields.

Learn about the world and become someone with a rich understanding of how the world works.

Become a renaissance men and a better man.

(8)Become Someone That Sacrifice Short Term Gratification.

Think long term, never go for the short-term gratification. For example in business when you start making money don't start spending all your cash on short-term fixes.

Forget about spending that money and reinvest back into your business so the long-term payoff can be big. Sacrifice the short-term fun for massive long-term success.

Robert Greene

(9)Become Great With Women.

Learn how to be comfortable around women and embrace your sexuality. We live in a world were good masculine men are made to feel bad for being attracted to women.

Masculine men are being blamed for everything bad in the world today. Don't listen to the BS, if you see someone you find attractive then walk over and start a conversation. Life is short,so go talk to her and enjoy it.

Be comfortable with being a man that loves women and embrace being a modern day sexual man.

(10)Become Well Traveled.

Today we can travel all around the world and at a very low cost. You can be in New York and be in Tokyo 14 hours later.

So get out of your little bubble and go see the world. Go drink beer in Munich, Germany or go on an African safari in Tanzania.

There is a whole world out there that will change how you see your life and the people around you.

If you want to take it to the next level then go live in another country for a year. Places like Thailand and Vietnam have great lifestyles and a very low cost of living.

(11)Become an Entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are the new artists of the world. Entrepreneurs are going to save this world from itself.

You need to accept the fact that you need to become an entrepreneur whether you like to or not.Being an entrepreneur means self improvement.

Need ideas?Start a social media business.Digital real estate is the easiest business model,with lowest startup costs and highest returns.

You need to be able to take ideas and start turning them into a money-making business. This is the way of the future. Embrace it ,become rich and become a better man.

(12)Become Resourceful.

One of the common complaints you hear from entrepreneurs, students and other professionals on why they did not achieve something is because they did not have the resources.

The truth is that it's never a case of not having the resources. It's always a case of not being resourceful enough.

Like Anthony Robbins always says, if something is important enough you will find a way to make it happen. You will become resourceful enough if you decide that that thing is an absolute must for you and not a maybe.

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(13)Become Mentally Tough.

Become the guy that can endure any situation no matter how bad. Learn how to build mental toughness by training yourself to never give up.

By combining meditation, visualization, self-talk, and physical exercise to create the mental toughness that will allow you to excel in life.

Become focused on what you want and create an identity of a man who is relentless and unstoppable.

If you want to know how to be a better man then become mentally tough.

(14)Become Loyal.

Loyalty is something that becomes very rare to find in today's world. Men back-stab each other all the time.

Loyalty is royalty. Don't ever be one of those weasels that stab their friends and allies in the back.

Its just a scumbag thing to do and its something that destroys friendships, bonds, and communities.As a loyal man, you will be rewarded with friendships, relationships and trust by people that recognize that you are the real deal and a very rare man on this planet.

You will become irreplaceable and someone everyone looks up to. Be the most loyal guy on the planet.

But don't do it for the rewards, do it because masculine men have a code, a code that elevates them above the rest of the human beings on this planet.

One of the most important rules in your code is Loyalty.


(15)Become Financially Independent.

Don't depend on others to guarantee your financial future. We live in a new world where no job is certain, it could disappear tomorrow.

You need to start approaching your life as a business and start making your own money.

You need to create your own streams of income, For now, use your job as one stream of income and start creating others so you can build up your finances to the point where you are a millionaire or multimillionaire.Focus on becoming financially independent.

(16)Become Unpredictable.

One of the biggest weaknesses many men have is that they are completely predictable.

Everyone knows what is going to happen before it does. This is bad in business, relationships, and sports.

It kills dynamic energy and for women, it's just a turnoff. So change things up and make the people in your life think twice about what you are going to do.

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(17)Become a Man That Values Freedom.

Be a man that values above all else the freedom and independence of individuals.

Don't fall for the victim herd mentality. When we protect the rights of individuals then everything else will take care of itself.

(18)Become Consistent.

Whatever you do become consistent with it.If you exercise be consistent. Building a business?

Be consistent in the actions you need to take to be successful. Want to date many women? Be consistent in talking and asking women out.

Want to lose weight? Be consistent in eating healthy.

Consistency is a superpower. Being consistent creates a compound effect and before you know it you have created massive results in whatever it was you wanted to achieve.

(19)Become Focused.

In a world where the attention span of most people are a few seconds the ability to focus is becoming rare.

Your level of success will depend on your ability to focus. You need to build your focus muscles and work on your ability to finish things you start.

Start by limiting your time on social media and read more books. Some form of meditation will help you build your ability to focus. Do one thing at a time and finish it.

(20)Become a Leader.

Be the guy that everyone looks for to make big calls. We live in a world where very few people want to make real decisions and be responsible for those decisions.

Become the man that leads the way with intelligent and strong decisions and follow through on them. Be a real leader in a world where the sheep are the majority. Take full responsibility for those decisions.

(21)Adopt Self Discipline.

Self Discipline will set you free. It will put you in the position to be free of your own limitations and be fully in control of everything that is going on in your life.

True freedom is found in an iron self-discipline. When you control your mind and your mind no longer control you then you are a free man. Self Discipline will show you the way to freedom.

Self improvement through self discipline should be key to your path to become a better man.Don't just think about doing fun things,focus on the things that will make you better.

(22)Become a Free Thinker.

Like Mark Twain said,”If you find yourself on the side of the majority its time to stop and reflect.”Don't ever just blindly follow the masses.

Don't let the mainstream media, your friends or co-workers force you to think in a certain way.

Get your own knowledge and information, then analyze it. When you are done form your own opinion independently.

Think for yourself. Don't be pressured into anything. We live in a world dominated by sheep. Don't be one of those mindless sheep. Be an independent free thinker.

(23)Become Emotionally in Control.

Emotions are the most powerful things in the universe. It can give us amazing pleasure or it can create chaos and rip countries apart.

Emotion can be good and bad depending on how you use it or let it use you. Most people are not in control of their emotions or are not aware that they can control their emotions.

They don't know that you don't have to be a slave to your feelings. How do we take control? Next time a negative emotion comes up like fear, anger, or jealousy then stop for a moment.

Recognize the emotion building up in you. Take a deep breath and ask yourself if there is a benefit to you acting in a certain way based on this emotion. Make a conscious choice before you act.

For example, someone insults you in a bar, you get the emotion of extreme anger. Stop and ask yourself if its worth your time and energy to punch this clown. The answer is probably no, then take a breath smile and walk away.Don't let negative emotions control you.

(24)Become Open-minded.

Being open-minded is a term that gets thrown around a lot. Most snowflakes that use this term call themselves open-minded because they all agree with each other about how “woke” they are.

The reality is that they are “woke” losers that hate anyone that thinks different than them. Being really open-minded is to let other people have their freedom of speech and their opinions.

It means being open to analyze other ideas and not taking it personally when they are different than your own.

It also means that you know that opinions are just words and you don't need to act all emotional and be “offended” by words. Only soy boys lose their shit over words.

how to be a better man

(25)Become Well Dressed and Groomed.

The way you present yourself to the world says something about the way you see yourself. It's an expression of who you are.

Start dressing well and looking sharp. Make an impression on the world with the way you dress.

Keep a nice balance between your personality and being fashionable.

Looking good is relative but there is always an objective standard of what looks good, so figure out what works for you and start dressing like a confident masculine man that is on a mission to change the planet.

(26)Become Goal-Oriented.

Your goals should become a part of your everyday life. It should constantly be in your mind. The way you do that is by setting massive goals.

Goals so big that you almost think is impossible. Make the goals so big they inspire you.

Then read them every morning and every evening before you go to bed. Focus on them and work on making those goals a reality.

Be a better man by focusing on your goals relentlessly.


(27)Become Adaptable.

Human beings survived on this planet not because they were the biggest or strongest.

We survived because we are the most adaptable species on the planet. Learn how to adapt to circumstances when things go bad.

You don't need to just quit, assess your situation, adjust and change course.

Bruce Lee said it best,“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”

(28)Become Socrates.

Learn the Socratic method of inquiry. According to Wikipedia the Socratic Method is ” A form of a cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presumptions.”

Socrates was probably the greatest philosopher in history. His method of asking questions to get to the bottom of things changed the world and created a powerful way to find the truth.

Use this method to overcome problems and find solutions.


(29)Become Someone that Always Improves.

In Japan they have a philosophy of never-ending improvement in their companies and businesses.

It's part of Japanese culture.It is called Kaizen.

A Japanese Sushi chef will spend his whole life making Sushi and improve it until its perfect.

Implement Kaizen in your life by never settling and always trying to become better in everything you do.

(30)Become a Trendsetter.

Don't wait for others to set new trends. Be a risk taker and try new things. Be the one that sets trends.

Too many guys wait before they take action. They wait for others to tell them it's ok.

Don't wait, out yourself out there, you don't need to ask for permission and take action. Become the guy that creates trends.


(31)Become Someone that Learns From Mistakes.

Mistakes suck but we all make them and if you haven't then don't worry, you will. The good news is that mistakes don't have to be all bad.

Mistake scan becomes very powerful tools for personal growth if you use the opportunity to learn from them.

So next time you make a mistake, stop and reflect, and ask yourself what you can learn from the situation. Then promise yourself to never make the same mistake again.

(32)Become a Deal Maker.

You should have the mindset of a deal maker. Even if you are not an entrepreneur you should always be selling yourself.

Your life is a business and you should always see the possibility to make a deal and build your life to the next level.

Always see the potential for a deal or progress when others see nothing.

Improve your body language and communication skills will help you learn the art of the deal.

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(33)Become Someone That Thinks Big.

Become someone that thinks so big that people think you are ridiculous. When people start laughing at your dreams you will know you are on the right track.

Dare to dream incredible dreams and then go to work on making them a reality. Your ability to dream is one of the most powerful parts of who you are as a man.

Don't let anyone tell you to stop dreaming incredibly big dreams. This dream could change the city, country or world you live in. DREAM BIG!

(34)Become Someone that Faces His Demons.

Be a man that recognizes his own weaknesses and then confronts them. If there is something in your life that is holding you back then you have to confront it.

If you don't it will hold you back forever and stop you from reaching your full potential. For example, if something bad happened in your past then stop and confront it.

Then take action to make that thing powerless over you. By confronting the issues you now have grown as a man and you getting more power.

So go into your shadows and kick out whatever is hiding there, it will give you freedom.Face your fears!


(35)Become a Man That Does Not Complain.

Stop complaining ! Yes, bad things happen and things will go wrong. Complaining about them helps nobody.

You will make plans but like Mike Tyson said sometimes you make plans and then you get punched in the mouth.

So take the punches but stop complaining, it helps nobody. Least of all stop being a little bitch, man up, and don't be a complainer. It's weak.

Sure, if you see something wrong, then speak up, but don't be a victim. There is a difference between taking a stand for something and complaining like a little bitch.Make not complaining one of your core values.

(36)Become a Man That Lives By a Code.

In business, relationships and everything else, do everything according to the code you live by.

You don't have to be perfect but have fundamental principles of living.

Every man has a different code based on his view of the world.

Follow your own rules.

This will build self-confidence and give people around you a sense of certainty.

I'm not perfect and I bend rules to win, but I have a code that I try to live my life by that code. Create your own code of ethics that guides you through the good and the bad.A good man lives by a code.

core values

(37)Become Selfish.

Become selfish so that you can become generous in the future. You need to become selfish and focus on making yourself strong and powerful.

After you have created yourself as a powerful man you will be in a much better position to help others.

Don't try to save the world from a position of weakness. So build yourself up by being selfish. With selfish I mean putting yourself first, I don't mean being an asshole.

(38)Become A Man That Confronts His Inner Bitch.

Your inner bitch will sometimes stick out its pathetic head when you are supposed to do things.

The bigger the moment the more the inner bitch want to come out and have a conversation.

We have all been there. For example, the hottest woman in the world is standing right next to you at a bookstore, all you have to do is start a conversation.

There are suddenly 2 voices in your head. The one rational you are saying talk with her she is hot, and then the inner bitch comes out its hole and says”don't do it, she is not going to like you, keep your mouth shut”.

When this happens to tell the inner bitch to get the fuck out. Confront the inner bitch before it gets comfortable.

With consistent work, you will notice the inner bitch retreating a lot more.Personal development will silence your inner complainer. 

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(39)Become Someone that Doesn't Give Many F*cks.

Stop creating inner meaning for external events. For example, if someone says a bad thing about you, don't make it personal.

Just because some clown said something doesn't mean it has to affect you in any way.

Grow a thicker skin and very rarely give fucks. Because giving fucks take energy and you want to save your energy for fun things in your own life.

Become a better man with an internal frame of reference. Some things truly don't matter, so let them go.

(40)Become a Good Lover.

Become good in bed. Don't be another loser that bores his lover, girlfriend or wife to death.

Learn about sex and know your way around the female body. Obviously, you want to enjoy yourself and part of that is giving the maximum level of pleasure to your partner.

So get the resources and books that you need to learn as much as possible about it.

Then go into the field and practice what you learned. Become a master and the women will thank you for it and they will reward you for your focus on pleasing them.You must work on better sex.

(41)Become Rich.

Becoming rich is your responsibility. It is your duty to yourself, your family and the people around you to become very rich. We live on a financial planet, accept it.

The biggest way to make a positive impact on this planet is by becoming very rich and giving back.

The added bonus of being very rich is having total freedom to do what you want and when you want. It's fun! Will money make you happy?

Probably not, but I will guarantee you being poor won't make you happy either.

Being rich will make it a lot more fun for you to figure out how to become happy when you have a lot of money.How to become rich must be your focus.

(42)Become Someone with a Powerful Masculine Mindset.

What is a Masculine Mindset?

A masculine mindset is a powerful foundation through which a man sees reality. It's a lens through which he approaches the world.

This lens is one of personal responsibility, strength, courage, relentlessness, power, confidence, and purpose.

With this mindset, he can design his own life, overcome any obstacle and reach his full potential.

How to be a better man is build on a powerful mindset.

(43)Winning is Important.

Don't let anyone tell you winning isn't important. Winning matters, end of story.

You will lose sometimes, but you don't have to like it. Don't buy into modern soy boy culture that gives everyone participation awards.

In the world of losers, they like giving each other hugs and say its ok to lose. In the real world of men, losing sucks.

Just playing and participating sucks. Competing and coming out on top should be your goal.

This is where the real rewards in life can be a find.It pays to be a winner. End of Story.

(44)Don't Apologize.

Don't apologize for being a man that walks tall and goes after what he wants on this planet. With a relentless masculine mindset, you will step on some toes on your way to the top. You don't need to apologize for trying to reach your full potential.

We live in a culture where people apologize for everything. They apologize for being on the planet. Don't ever go down to this level.

Most rules have an exception. And in this case, there is only one. Only apologize to your close circle of friends and family. Only do it when you know you were absolutely wrong.

(45)Become Successful.

You need to become obsessed with becoming successful with your mission in life.

Create a vision for your life and then make a list of goals that fall into this vision.

Start executing on these goals and your vision. This vision is your purpose and you need to become obsessed with your success.

It is your responsibility to execute successfully and leave a legacy. Become Relentless with reaching your full potential.

Don't say “make me a better man”,rather take responsibility and commit to being a better man.

How to be a better man comes down to this very important point: Become very successful in everything you do.Therefore becoming a better man is also being a successful man.

Becoming a better man is a process ,so start today.