“If you allow the status quo to persist, you can’t expect to improve performance, and you can’t expect to win.”

– Jocko Willink

One thing changes in us and that is who we perceive ourselves to be.

See, another year is coming to an end and many people will do the same things they always do.

They will make a bunch of new year resolutions and talk about how the next year will be different.

The problem is there is a conflict between who you want to be or need to be and who you are right now.

There is a gap.

First, you need to understand that gap and then close it.

See, most people have a set of unconscious routines:

They wake up and the first thing they do is check their phones.

Then they mindlessly scroll for the next hour. 


They eat an unhealthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

They watch TV for hours and get no exercise.

Make no mistake, if you do these unconscious rituals consistently every day then it's a culture.

It's a culture of mediocrity that is holding you back.

If you want to make a change then you need to realize that you need to disrupt and end this culture.

Introduce new powerful rituals that will empower you.

And build a new dynamic culture that you consciously create.

Because your current rituals and culture are weakening you.

So you need to create a new pattern and stay committed to it.

But here is the problem:

You are going to finish reading this and feel all pumped up and excited. 

You are going to feel excited to write down your resolutions or goals for the new year.

But after the excitement fade away in a week or 2 what happens?

What happens when that energy fade?

What is left?

Well, what is left is you.

And then the question is what are you made of?


What is behind the smoke and mirrors?

Because this is what matters.

Anyone can become motivated for a day or 2. 

But who keeps going after the lights die out?

You made a promise to yourself.

Are you going to keep that promise?

Decisions shape your destiny.

Decisions action and commitment.

That is what will form and mold your new identity.

You need to start identifying with this new identity you are forming.

If you work on this consistently you will not be the same person you were before.

You created a new culture within you and it's now time to start living that identity.

It's time to start growing.

You need to start telling yourself, “This is who I am now, there is no alternative. I'm going after this new vision I created for myself. This is how it's going to be.”

Ask yourself every day: “Who do you see yourself as?”

Then go and live that.Growth is one of the most important human needs.

If you dont grow you slowly stagnate until you are done.

You will have to crawl before you walk.

Remember, the fight is won or lost far away from witnesses. 

It's won early in the morning or late at night when no one is watching. 

It's won alone in a room working through the night for weeks and months.


When no one is watching you do the work. 

And then they will call you an “overnight success.”

Remember there is no random.

There is cause and effect.

There is action and reaction.

That is why you choose purpose, order, and systems.

That is why you choose rituals and habits.

That is why you choose Self-Discipline.

Until next time.