It's easy to get lost in the illusion of modern life.

As modern men, we are surrounded by an illusion of safety and comfort.

We walk around to buy food, visit the doctor, watch a movie drink some beer, drive our cars, fly on airplanes, take hot showers, drink clean water and sleep in a nice warm bed.

These are just a few of the modern comforts of the modern world.

I can go on for an hour about things that we take for granted that make our lives ridiculously comfortable.

We live in this comfortable world surrounded by people who complain about their lives and about how hard everything is.

Sure things can be challenging, but if you looked back in the history of this planet just 150 years ago, you soon realize that we are lucky to be alive now and that what we have created can easily be taken away.

Think about it.Antibiotics were only recognized as an effective drug in the early 1940's.Before then you died from simple infections.

Small surgeries were dangerous back in those days.

Today you can get a heart transplant and its not a big deal anymore.

Want to travel?

No problem you get on an Airplane, and 8-12 hours later you are in London or Tokyo.

It's just a 100 years ago that horses were still being used as a common form of transport.

We open a tap or buy a bottle of drinking water at a convenience store.

Even today many people don't have clean water, and an estimated 780 million people don't have access to clean drinking water.

The point of these examples is not to make you feel guilty of the comforts of modern civilization.

In fact, I want to remind you of how awesome civilization is and how we need to appreciate and protect this amazing thing called the civilized world.

That being said its important to not being fooled by the comfort and safety on the surface of this modern world.

As modern men its easy to be seduced by modern comforts and thinking that it's ok to do just enough to get by.

Look around you, and you see obese and unhealthy people everywhere.

You see people doing jobs that they hate every day.

You see men walking around with no idea of how to defend themselves or their families.

Sure we live in a time with an excess of information, but we also live in a time with so many distractions that keep us from doing the things that we deep down know we need to do.

The danger of this situation is that men are being lured into this culture of mediocrity and laziness where masculinity is seen as something of the past.

Young men are being taught that masculinity is a relic from ancient times and that testosterone is their enemy.

In many public education institutions, masculinity is being labeled as an enemy.

The effect of this toxic culture is that men are feeling lost and suicide among the youth is rising.

The only way we as men will survive and thrive in this modern culture is to go back to the fundamentals of being a man.

This means embracing physical challenges, going after what we want, being aggressive in life and standing up for what is right.

Let's not be complicated about this.What should we do to overcome the challenges of this modern matrix we live in?

  • Learn to control our minds and be in control of our emotions.
  • Lifts weights and run.Be strong and raise your testosterone levels.
  • Learn how to fight and how to defend yourself.
  • Go after what you want with everything you have.Become obsessed with your success in life.
  • Enjoy and appreciate the fruits of the civilization we live in.Go out meet women and have fun.
  • Get the knowledge and learn how to improve every aspect of your life.
  • Go after excellence.Perfection is impossible, but excellence is something we can all go after.
  • Eat a lot good quality meat.Lots of it.
  • Make a Lot of Money

The key is that modern life is both an illusion and a massive opportunity.

Don't get lost in the comforts but embrace the opportunities by embracing the masculine in you and living like a man who never apologizes for his survival and success.