Most people are looking for the easy road when they go for success. They wish the universal rules of success didn't apply to them so they look for a hack or and easy way out. 

You need to decide who you want to be. You need to make a decision if you haven't already made it. You need to decide to be great. Its a choice, nothing just happens by chance. 

You have to make a conscious choice and then follow it up with the actions that life demands.

The Rules Of Success And The Art Of War

(1)Embrace The Art Of War.

The art of war defines success in life. Nothing happens randomly in life there is only cause and effect. 

And whatever you have in life right now is just the effect of what you are all about.

If you are in business, sport or anything else in life the actual doing of business or the playing of the sport is not the key to your success. 

The key is what you put into it long before the game begins.

The things you do before the curtain goes up, before the lights are in your face.

All your preparation when no one is watching. 

Let's say for example there is a business meeting.

Most people will just go there with minimum preparation.

They will just go through the motions.

But a few men will study the ins and outs of that specific meeting. 

They will go above and beyond what is needed and will be more prepared than anybody else. 

These are the people that kicks dirt in their competitors' faces. 

They are the ones who are preparing when others are sleeping or partying. 

They are the ones working on their craft when no one is watching.

Remember The Art of War:

“Every battle is won or lost before it's ever fought” Sun Tzu

12 Rules Of Success

(2) Maximize the 24 hours In a Day.

Look back at your day now and be honest with yourself. How many hours did you waste? 

I get it ….we all need a break sometimes. But breaks should be earned. 

Most people just say “I wish the day was longer. But I'm here to tell you even if the day was 34 hours or 48 hours you would still say the same thing.

You would still say ” I wish the day was longer”.

It all about priorities.

What is really important for you? 

What is your goal or vision in life?

If it's important then act like means something to you and prioritize it.

Every second can feel like an hour. Every second is valuable.

Ever been on a grueling long-distance run? Notice how slow the clock goes when you are suffering? 

My point is that we can all utilize the seconds given to us if we stay focused on the things that are important. 

You have exactly the same amount of hours as all the greatest people that ever walked on this planet. 

The same as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nicola Tesla, Tiger Woods, Micheal Jordon, Elon Musk and many others. They all have 24 hours.

Elon Musk built his company space X by working 120 hours a week and sleeping on the factory floor

I'm not saying you have to work 120 hours a week but you need to step up if you want to do something great. Sleep faster!

“There are way easier places to work, but nobody ever changed the world on 40 hours a week”

Elon Musk

how to become successful and rich

(3) Accept That You Will Be Tested.

This game is a test of your will. You cannot avoid this or try and change it. 

You won't know who you are until you have been tested. 

Most people look for a level down and not up. They look for the hack.

And within this very idea, they are defeated before they have even started.

Because being tested means being exposed.

Your weaknesses need to heal and get stronger.

So when you go through these tests of late nights, early mornings with no sleep know that its part of the process.

One day you will look back and realize these tests molded and sculpted you into the person you are today. 

Then you will find something beautiful. 

You will realize the fear you felt is gone. 

The fear is gone not because of the road that lies ahead of you but because of the road that lies behind you.

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(4) There Are No Guarantees.

One of the paradoxes of life is that in the most difficult times in life the most value gets created.

In all the areas of life where there is no guarantee, the rewards are the biggest.

Going for a steady paycheck might be a guaranteed thing but it could also lead to an unhappy and miserable existence. 

Going for the life of an entrepreneur or artist might be scary and uncertain with no guarantee. 

But the payoff is massive, not just in terms of money but in the intense experience of life itself. 

The freedom that is found in uncertainty is a contradiction.

And the contradiction of freedom is that it forces you to face your fears.

The thing that makes something fun is the danger that everything might go up in flames. 

If you can accept that then the world awaits you.

Go out and take it. 

Ever wonder why people love rollercoasters and Bungy jumping?

There is a danger but the payoff of the experience is big.

Choose dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.

The rewards are priceless.

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(5) Keep Moving Forward.

Things will go wrong in this game of life. 

Life will punch you in the mouth sometimes and then you need to make a choice. 

Will you fall back and cry? 

Or will take the punch and keep moving forward?

I have some good news and bad news.

The bad news is that you can't avoid these punches. 

It's just the way of life and business. 

The good news is it gets easier the longer you stay in the game and the better you become as a human. 

The more you develop and grow as a man the more you can absorb the punches.

You then take the hits and just keep on moving forward effortlessly. 

But when you start in this game the first punch in the mouth will sting.

Expect it and stay the course.

Always keep on moving forward. 

Don't lose your momentum.

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Winston Churchill

(6) You Must Stand On The

Shoulders Of Giants.

Things in life are not as much taught as they are unlocked. 

You need to study and learn from the greats that came before you. 

It might not happen immediately but gradually their wisdom will unlock the knowledge that you need.

You need to embrace life to start your own unrelenting quest for freedom and greatness

Study the books, blogs, podcasts, and videos and learn. 

Its all available for you. 

We now have the opportunity to learn and study from the greatest men in history by clicking on a screen. 

The question is will you take the opportunity

And remember Success Leaves Clues“.

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(7) If You Feel Fear Then Take It As A Sign.

We have to do the things we are afraid of. That is where the gold is in life.

Are you feeling fear for whatever you are about to undertake?

If the answer is yes then know that this is exactly what you should be doing. Do that thing that scares you.

On the other side of fear is everything you are looking for. 

Nothing of massive value exist without going through pressure.

And for you to receive the value you need to go through the same process. You need to feel pressure and absorb it.

Face your fears head-on and still move forward. 

Most will stop and run. This will be your test.

Will you back off when you see fear coming or will you stand your ground? 

This is important. I felt fear starting my first business.

I felt fear in writing my first book.

I felt fear going to my first Jiujitsu class.

I felt fear quitting my job.

I felt fear walking away from a relationship that was bad for me.

I felt fear many other times….

But every time I walked through fear it was the right choice.

When I listened to my gut and walked through that fear I always got the rewards.

sun tzu art of war

(8)Commit Or Go Back Now.

There are no guarantees in life.

But there is one guarantee I can give you today with absolute certainty. 

The guarantee is this: If you don't commit and take action on your vision for your life you will get nothing.


This is the only absolute guarantee I can give you right now.

If you don't go all in then you will lose. 

Most people just dabble. 

They put in one foot in the pool to feel the temperature. 

They don't commit and dive in and swim.

You need to swim if you want to get to the other side of your mission. 

There are no half measures. 

Half measures are for cowards.

Half measures are for the quitters and losers.

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(9)Love Yourself More Than Anybody Else.

You need to love yourself more than anybody else on the planet. 

Look yourself in the mirror every day and say I love you. 

Tell yourself over and over I love you. 

Start giving yourself a pat on the back.

You need to start believing in yourself because know this: If you dont believe in yourself and love yourself then how do you expect other people to do it?

You need to believe in yourself so much that it's easy for others to do it.

Not many people are going to praise you and tell you how great you are.

You have to have to do it. 

Start working on that self-belief. Build it until it becomes massive.

It's your job to tell yourself how great you are.

You have to believe it before the world will believe it.

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(10) Demand What You Want From Life.

Ask, and you shall receive. 

Life will give you what you ask from it.

Ask for quarters and that is exactly what you will get.

Dream small and that is exactly what you will get.

Have a narrow vision for your life and you will have a mediocre life. 

Dream big giant dreams and you will get a big life in return. 

You have to stake your claim in this life to get something in return. 

Even when you go to a casino you need to play the game or place a bet to have a chance of winning anything. 

Bet low and get low returns.

Bet high and win high. 

You get the picture.

sun tzu art of war

(11) Become Your Vision.

You need to become successful in the inside world before you can become successful in the outside world. 

Make your vision a mirror reflection of your mind. 

The best way to be successful is to live the vision you have for your life.

Show the world what you are about in everything you do.

From the clothes you wear, the way you carry yourself, your body, language and way of conducting yourself. 

Everything should be a reflection of your mind. 

Your thoughts should be reflected in all the actions you take.

By being this person you will attract people, business and opportunities into your life.

Control your mind.

Live your vision. 

Be successful before you are ever successful.

12 Rules Of Success And The Art Of War

(12)Become a Super Soldier.

You are at war with yourself.     


Yes, war.

There are 2 parts inside of you. 

The good guy and the bad guy.The angel and the devil. 

You need both of them for a good life. But you need to be at war with the devil.

You need to control it and let it out of the cage when you need it.

But when you are trying to become great in this life and be successful you will need to battle your devil.

For example. When you want to work there will be impulses popping up in your mind of women and going out for a beer.

The question is how do you react to these tests that your devil will place in front of you.

The best bait your devil will throw out to you is short term pleasure.

Things like eating that junk food to feel good in the moment.

Or going to that party to have fun. But at what cost?

You need to become a “super-soldier” and go to war with this part of yourself if you want to become great and reach high levels of success.

How do you fight this part of yourself? You embrace self-discipline!

Your body and mind should be a tool to improve your life. Train your body in the gym. 

And train your mind every day with educating yourself, meditating, studying yourself and studying reality.

Every day become better and better. Every day become a better version of yourself compared to yesterday.

You might lose some battles. 

That is OK.

But just get back on the horse and make sure you win the war.

Mastering the art of war is life.