Most People never make a change in life because they don't think it's possible.

They think life is the way it is and that's just the cards they got in the game of life.

This is the mindset of most people on the planet.

Its a mind virus.

People get stuck in reality and think they have to accept it and make the best of it.

Settle down and fit in.

Many men walk through life so grateful for a roof over their head and a job, a house and a TV.

They think that they did well for themselves.

They think this way because they think this is who they are and that can not change.

They think God, genetics, circumstances or nature of whatever they believe in gave them the life they got and they should be grateful for it.

They can under no circumstances see that they can improve their financial, relationships, physical or spiritual lives.

They have a fixed mindset.

I always believed that change was possible although I went through a time in my life that was so bad that I forgot that I could change my reality if I choose to do so.

However, the first time I heard the terms “Fixed” and “Growth” mindsets were when the author Carol Dweck wrote her now famous book “Mindset.”

In the book, she refers to the two main types of mindsets people fall into.

One is the fixed mindset; this is the mindset I talked about earlier in the blog post, the mindset where people believe their reality is fixed and can not under any circumstances be changed.

The second mindset is the growth mindset.

This mindset is something that I always believed in although I never had a name for it.


Carol Dweck created the term “Growth Mindset,” and her book really explained this reality to me in a great way.

People with a growth mindset believe that every person has an incredible potential to grow in all areas of life.

They believe that with education, focus and hard work you can improve and transform your life.

You are not static, you can become dynamic if you choose to do so.

People with growth mindsets are optimists and usually create things that most people thought were impossible.

The problem in today's world is that people have lost faith in themselves and they don't believe change is possible for themselves and the people they care for.

They have stopped dreaming, and they have chosen to just settle for what they got and be grateful.

I say fuck that!

We are on this planet once.

There is no way I'm going to settle for that weak shit.

The fixed mindset for me are people that have given up and who are not prepared to fight for what they want in life.

They are not prepared to do whatever it takes to go where they want to get.

So they tell themselves the story that they are who they are and it's not their fault.

They have made a choice to stop believing in themselves.

Or maybe they never did?

We also have a choice.

I know things can get hard and we all go through times where it's hard to think we can change our realities.

But the truth is there is no choice.

For me, the fixed mindset is a scary place.In that reality, I have no power.

In that reality, I'm weak and stuck between a rock and a hard place.

In that reality, I stopped fighting.

In that reality, I'm a coward that has decided to lie down.

And that I cannot accept.

I choose to fight.

I choose to believe that if I focus and take full responsibility for the way I think and act then anything is possible.

It was Henry Ford who said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't-you're right.”

I have to agree with Mr. Ford.I think I can!

You have to choose that whatever you want in life is possible.

If you don't think its possible then its game over.

The worst part of this fixed mindset is that it doesn't just set up individuals up for failure and unhappiness, but it also sets up children for failure if their parents have a fixed mindset.

fixed mindset

Also when your wife or girlfriend has a fixed mindset, you will be influenced and limited by it.

In your workplace, your boss might have a fixed mindset and hold you back because they don't believe great things are possible for you.

You have to break the shackles of your mind.

You need to believe that you can grow in all areas of your life.

Start dreaming again, start believing in yourself.

This is the first step in creating a powerful mindset and a powerful life.