Want To Get Rich?

Want to Become a Millionaire?


Is this blog post going to show you how easy it is?


Is this post going to show you that its possible?


If you want the quick fix and the overnight success story then point your mouse to the top right corner of your screen and click exit.

This is not a quick fix or scam.

This article is about a practical plan to make your first million.

It's going to be hard to get there but if you take action then you will reach your goal of becoming a millionaire.

Forget The Noise And Focus

Forget about the glamour you see on Instagram about the fake overnight success.

It doesn't exist, there are no overnight success stories.

Be prepared to the work hard.

Regardless of your economic condition, it is 100% possible for you to become a millionaire if you do the work.

Getting rich is not a dream or fantasy.

Most people believe becoming a millionaire is a something reserved for a special group of people.

This is not true.

It will only be a fantasy if you don't take action.

What is the reality for most people on the planet?

The reality is today is that most of the people in America and the west are broke.

You don't need to follow in their example.

Step out of this brainwashed society and start dreaming again.

Most people think you need to start your own company to become a millionaire.

Sure that is one way but there are many ways to become rich.

Starting your business is great but you don't have to quit your job.

You can work during the day and work on your business at night.

Your job can be one source of income.

Here is a truth about building wealth that you need to accept:

You Can't Save Your Way There

You are not going to just save and become a millionaire.

Sure you can save and hopefully one day die as a millionaire.

But we want to get there faster.

We want to enjoy the money while we are living our best years.


For any goal to be achieved you must believe it's possible.

You need to get your head right if you are going to turn this into a reality.

You need to be able to constantly be moving forward.

When the motivation runs out you need something to keep pushing you forward.

Remember the following when things become hard:

Money will give you freedom.

It will give you time to do whatever you want whenever you want.

The more money you have the more power you have.

Money = Choices.

Your goal should be having so much money that no single loss or setback could ever leave you in a bad position.

Where You Get Your Advice?

Most people get financial advice from people who are either struggling with money or who gave up on getting rich.

You need to study and model the top 20% of financially successful people who appear to always have an abundance of money.

Getting rich is a taboo subject in our society.

People don't like talking about it.

And if they do talk about it then rich people are judged for their success.

Rich people should be looked up to admired but unfortunately, they are many times criticized for being wealthy.

We live on an economical planet with financial demands and limitations.

We have a responsibility to take care of ourselves and our families.

Being rich is your duty and responsibility.

Getting rich is not just about you.

Most of us are convinced by the middle-class mindset to settle and compromise for just enough rather than having abundance.

This is selfish because when you just don't have enough you can't help others.

The problem most people have is that they make getting rich complicated.

They think it's like the movies where the guy is some genius getting rich overnight.

Getting rich is a lot more simple than people think. You need to simplify the process.

Being rich will not make you happy.

But it won't make you unhappy either.

But let's face it its a lot easier figuring out how to get happy when you are rich.

Getting rich is ⅔ mental and ⅓ mechanical.

If you want to get rich you need to go on the offense, you cant play defense.

If you constantly play defense you will never win.

Forget about being too old or young to become rich. That is just a story you tell yourself.

But you have to shift your mindset and you have to become offensive.

The next very important thing you need is a strategy.

Just last year 500,000 families became millionaires in America.

The Wealth Creation Formula:

Millionaire decision.

You need to make a choice right now that you are going to become rich.

Make a line in the sand and decide that you will be rich!!

Millionaire math.

You need to figure out how much you will need to make every month to get there.

For example, sell 100 ebooks at $30 per book.

Or Work 5 jobs for X$ and make your million.

Get clear on the numbers.

Increase your income.

You need to create multiple streams of income.

Your job can be one stream.

Selling ebooks on Amazon can be another one.

There are many ways to make money just start looking for resources to get you there.

You can increase your income in countless possible ways.

Don't let it be beneath you to do small things to increase your income.

What's beneath you is living month to month and not being able to provide a good life for you or the people you care about.

No one gets rich without increasing income first, regardless of the method.


The value of your business is based on how much income you can create.

Who's got my money?

Start asking yourself this question:

Who's got your money?

Then set off getting it with a fierce determination

People start a business but never ask this simple but important question.

You don't need to create money, you need to invest all of your time connecting with those who have your money.

See what you can provide for them in exchange for the money they already have.

Be nice to everyone but pay special attention to the people who have your money.

Don't waste any time with people who can't or won't give you money.

If you spend your time with people who can't or aren't interested in paying you, you'll eventually become someone who can't pay.

Focusing on who's got my money is one of the most powerful concepts of money and time creation.

Stay Broke

Don't make the mistake of starting to make money and then spending it all on crap.

You need to build up your resources for a bigger goal.

So don't start spending.

Be disciplined and keep on building.

Don't worry, there will come a time when you can enjoy your wealth, but not now.

You need to get rich first.

Save to invest.

I said earlier that saving will not make you rich.

However, we must use saving to build our resources so we can invest in things like real estate and other types of investments.

These investments will be the thing that creates massive and lasting wealth.

Repeat, reinforce and hyperfocus.

When you get the ball rolling you need to repeat and reinforce everything I just said and become obsessed with reaching your goal of becoming a millionaire.

They will criticize you!!

People will criticize you for “changing” because you will become a threat to their status quo.

People will not like it to see you transforming from zero to hero.

They will question everything you do when you start rising.

If you are truly committed to becoming a millionaire you need to be prepared for your “friends” disappearing.

You should spend a lot of time with super-successful people in your environment.

In the beginning, you don't have to do this in person. You can listen to their videos, read their blogs and books.

These are the people you should surround yourself with.

People who are committed to success want other people to be successful.

When you tell these super successful people about your dreams they will not question or criticize you.

They will encourage you and try to help you.

These people have a growth mindset and believe anything is possible.

They dream Big.

And so should you!