Yes, most women have developed a delusional sense of importance because of online dating.

And most men only approach women online.

But what happened?

Why did online dating create a false reality for many women and men?

The World Before Internet Dating.

Before internet dating or dating online men had to meet women in the old fashioned way.

The old fashioned way would be to walk up to women wherever she might be and start a conversation.

This approach for many men is hard.

Men struggled to do this for various reasons.

The biggest one is the fear of being rejected.

And of course a whole range of other reasons like lack of self-esteem,low self-confidence, fear, etc.

So if men wanted to have sex, get a girlfriend or get married they had to overcome their fears and get into the game of approaching and seducing women.

The rest of the men who didn't have the balls to do it was left behind and got nothing.

For beautiful women, the world was pretty much the same.

She was still very popular and most men wanted to be with her.

But back then beautiful women only got approached by mostly confident men and men who had their shit together.

She had to deal with the random guy who had no shot but at least had the balls to approach her.

But mostly her world was the same. (It only got bigger with online dating)

For women with average and below-average attractiveness, the world was a lot more lonely.

These women were happy when men approached them. And they were easy to approach.

It was easy because there were large groups of average men and only a small group of average men had the balls to approach them.

Most of the other men weren't even interested in them because of the simple reason that they weren't attractive enough.

So this group of women was very open to being approached.

Enter Online Dating.

So then online dating happened.

Suddenly millions of men had no more fear.

Now they could talk to any women they wanted.

They even got options.

They could just join free dating apps like Tinder and social media apps like Instagram.

Then they simply started sending thousands of messages to women.

Or they could go the paid option and get rid of the cheap seats.

It became ridiculously easy for any man to talk to any women.

Suddenly all the guys who would never say a word to any women were the biggest players online.Tinder dating and Instagram dating changed the game.

They could sit on their couch and be a big (virtual) player.

No fear of rejection and a ridiculously easy way to be part of the game.

And so online dating created a delusional reality with no substance.

The Delusional Reality Created For Women.

I already painted a picture of the world before online dating.

But what happens after?

The 10 (Beautiful Women).

Well, for beautiful women not that much changed except their phones got swamped with messages.

But they found an easy solution:

Just ignore most of them or don't use online dating at all.

Think about it, if you are a 10 and you are always the center of attention.

You already have a massive following on Instagram and Facebook.

Do you think she would have time for thousands of messages every day?

No, of course not.

So what happens for a 10?

She just stops using free apps or just uses them when she is bored.

dating online

The Average.

But what happened to average and below-average women?

Well, there the whole universe changed.

Suddenly they went from being not noticed to being the center of attention and getting hundreds of messages every day.

Virtual reality was formed where she was under the impression that maybe she was hot after all and finally the world was starting to notice.

Not so fast!! What really happened?

Well, what happened is that millions of men with smartphones would sit home at night and just swipe right without looking at who they were giving the green light to.

Millions of men were copying and pasting messages and sending it thousands of women.

So what was the result?

Well, these women suddenly elevated themselves to elite class in their own minds.

Posting ridiculous demands on their profiles.

For example: “Don't just say hi, I want something real not just an empty message.”

Or another beauty “Don't even talk to me if you don't have a profile with substance”.

OK, I get it, women are allowed to post whatever they want, but the arrogance of these women just show the delusion of their own importance.

Think about it.

Here is a woman you have never met and she is not that attractive.

But she expects you to recite poetry or write a novel before you dare talk to her?

Sounds balanced right?

No, you're right, its crazy towns.

Most of these women have now moved into a parallel universe that doesn't exist in the real world.

Think about it.

Is this type of dating really better than dating in the real world?

Unfortunately, the answer is mostly NO!!

In the real world, it's actually OK to just say “hi” to someone and start a conversation.

But in the wacko free app world, the delusional princess thinks you have to explain yourself to be in her presence.


So is online dating dead?

No, it's not.

But if you want to minimize the army of delusional women then I suggest avoiding free dating apps.

The problem is that most women get delusional on these free websites because of the low barrier of entry.

Any person who breathes can join those apps and send messages.

So its too easy.

To have a reasonable experience with online dating go-to online services where you pay a subscription.

With the paid sites you can't message people if you don't pay a subscription.

You will avoid most of the crazy ones and have a better experience.

red pill

I prefer to date Asian and Eastern European women so I spend most of my time on the subscription sites focusing on those women.

But regardless of your preference of women, there is one more important thing to remember:

Limit your time with online dating.

Don't spend hours and hours online scrolling profiles.

It gets addictive and sucks you into the virtual reality.

Go out into the real world and approach women you find attractive.

Don't live your life in a total simulation.

Get out there and get into the real world.

Take action my friends!