The Daniel Craig workout is something a lot of people ask about, but they never really dig a little bit deeper and try to find solid information on how to find it. 

There are a lot of articles giving superficial information on how James Bond(Daniel Craig) workout. 

In this article, I'm going to the source, and I'm going to share with you a solid structure on how to start working out as James Bond.

Daniel Craig Set A New Standard For James Bond

The reason why James Bond became a popular figure again was that Daniel Craig gave the character James Bond the transformation it needed. 

Before Daniel Craig, the James Bond character took a slight dip in popularity in terms of box office results. 

The reason was simple, the character just wasn't that exciting anymore, and the audience was looking for something more: Enter Daniel Craig.

If you look at other movie franchises like Batman, a similar thing happened. 

Up until 2005, people were getting bored with the character of Batman, so they discided to give it a transformation in authenticity: Enter Christian Bale. 

Batman got transformed and got boosted back into popularity and made the production company millions of dollars.

Daniel Craig reinvented James Bond in many ways. Sure there were still old Bond characteristics like being a lady's man and a man of action. But Bond became more raw and real. 

On-screen, Bond was an imposing figure. If you look back at Casino Royale, Daniel Craig's first Bond movie, he was the first Bond to look physically intimidating and powerful. The James Bond physique was trasnformed.

He looked like an ex-SAS soldier turned secret operator. He looked like he could knock you out, choke you out, run 5 miles, swim 5r miles, jump, ect. 

He embodied what people imagined Bond would really be like. Daniel Craig finally turned Bond into a badass.

Bond, the character, showed his imperfections and flaws, and people loved the edge he brought to the character. However, it was his physical transformation that got the attention of the world. 

And that is what this article is all about. A lot of guys out there want to be built like Bond. He looks powerful, lean, and athletic. 

He doesn't look like a bodybuilder, he looks like a Special Operator in terms of his peak physical condition. So how did Bond get in such great shape?

The Daniel Craig Workout, No Time To Die – Background

For all of Daniel Graig's James Bond movies, he used the same trainer Simon Waterson. 

Simon Waterson is an ex-British Royal Marine Commando and specializes in training celebrities for action roles. He is the same guy that turned Chris Evans into a superhero.

Bond was 38 when he started out as Bond in Casino Royale. In his last Bond film, No Time To Die, he was 54. 

And if you look at what great shape he was, you must realize how impressive it is to be in such great shape at that age. 

This also means you have no excuse for not getting in great shape. If Danie Craig can do it at his age, then you can, so let's get started.

I mentioned earlier that Simon Waterson was an ex-Royal Marine Commando; therefore, the workout he created for Bond is a military-inspired workout.

They wanted to create a workout that would shine through in the character. Waterson is of the opinion that you can't fake fitness on screen, people will very quickly see if the actor is faking his physical capabilities. 

Therefore they wanted Craig in peak physical condition to be as authentic as possible on screen.

In Casino Royale, Bond looked more imposing and intimidating. His shoulders were massive, and he looked like a beast.

In his following movies, he was still looking great, but they slightly toned down the bulking so that Bond could fit into his suits better. 

The good news is that the workout for all the movies was very similar, and therefore you can tweak the workout in terms of your goals.

The Daniel Craig James Bond workout is adaptable.

So you can make it as intense as you think appropriate for your goals and objectives.

daniel craig workout casino royale

The Vision – James Bond

This brings us to an important starting point for your Daniel Craig James Bond workout.

How do you picture yourself? Do you want to go for the Casino Royale version of Bond, or do you want to go for the more lean version in No Time To Die or Spectre? The Daniel Craig look of Casino Royale is still a favorite for many, but maybe you want to try a more lean version of Bond?

After you decided what version of Bond you want to transform into, then get some pictures of Bond and keep them on your phone for inspiration for your workouts.

Remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. This will keep you focused after your initial motivation starts to fade.

Be Patient

Everyone reading this will be of different ages and different physical conditions. 

Remember, some of you might be 21 years old, and others might be 41 or even 51. 

Some of you might be overweight and in bad physical condition, or some might be in average shape.

The reason I mention this is to keep in mind that physical transformations take time.

For some, it will be faster than others due to their physical condition and genetics. 

And for some, it might take longer. So be patient, stay focused, and do the work. 

If you stay consistent with your efforts, the results will come.

Be Disciplined With Your Diet

If you want to be successful in any training program, then you need to get your diet squared away.

If you are not going to be disciplined with what you put inside your body, then you are going to struggle to have success with any training program. 

Therefore focus on eating fresh food and drinking lots of water.

Daniel Craig fitness

The Daniel Craig workout routine “diet” focused on the following:

Daniel Craig's trainer Simon Waterson is of the opinion that it's not necessary to give up your life to get into good shape and build nice lean muscle. 

You can still have a glass of wine or 2 on the weekends.(but watch your alcohol intake)

Yes,watch your calorie intake ,but it's all about moderation.

Waterston and Craig didnt do “cheat days”, as many other training programs talk about. 

They did something else, they did “Theme Days”. 

“Theme days” were a different style of food on different days.

 For example, “vegetarian Mondays” and “Red meat Fridays.” 

Therefore on Saturday, you could, for example, do a BBQ Saturday.

The bottom line is to eat moderate portions of fresh food. Don't overeat and avoid proceed food. 

Another important thing to remember is to not starve yourself. 

It's not necessary to cut out carbs totally, like I mentioned earlier, just eat moderate portions, and you will be fine. 

Daniel Craig also boosted his diet with protein shakes ,and Tumeric root juice to help with recovery. 

Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory supplement and helps a lot with recovery.

He also combined it with plant based recovery shakes.

Protein intake was very important.

Craig also made sure to stay hydrated at all times. 

So get a bottle of water and carry it with you all day. 

You might not feel thirsty, but that doesn't mean you are not dehydrated.

A supplement that has been a game changer for my workouts and all-round fitness is Creatine.

Time To Recover

Another key thing to keep in mind is to take rest days and to listen to your body.

You must listen to your body when your body tells you it's tired. 

Therefore let small injuries heal,dont train a body part that's injured. 

But also dont be lazy and make excuses. 

For example, if your ankle is injured, then train your upper body. 

Or if your arm is injured, train your lower body. 

Be smart with your training, and you will get long-term results

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Before we share with you the James Bond workout, let's talk about another key component of this workout: 

You need to get out of your comfort zone. 

A big reason why a lot of people fail in their fitness goals is that they stay in their comfort zone. 

If you give average effort in your workouts, then you will get average results. 

If you set big goals, then you need to follow them up with a big effort.

You will have to be disciplined and focused. 

Bring 100% effort to all your workouts. 

That doesn't mean you shoudl do crazy things, but it does mean, for example, if you do sprints, you give 100% effort in every single sprint you do. 

Give 100% effort in every rep of every exercise. 

There is a reason I told you to get pictures of Bond to keep you inspired. 

If you have a vision and drive for what you want, then the results will come. 

Waterson said something very important about the human body. 

He said that the human body likes to be lazy. 

The human body is always trying to save energy and keep you safe. 

So when you try new things, you must expect resistance from your body, you might get stiff and tired. 

But your body is very adaptable, it will recover and respond better in the future.

Daniel Craig Workout No Time To Die

The priority of the James Bond No Time To Die training program is push-pull movements. 

The focus is on the upper body, which includes the chest, back, abs, arms, and obliques.

The program works the whole body, but the main focus is the upper body.

The great thing about this program is that you can start training like James Bond today regardless of your fitness level. 

You can just adjust the levels of resistance and weight for your current fitness level.

The program consists of training the upper body twice a week.It also includes twice-weekly cardio sessions.

Simon Waterson also recommends doing another activity once or twice a week, for example, swimming, yoga, ect. Choose something you enjoy doing and make that part of your weekly training program.

The Daniel Craig No Time To Die Workout Program

You will do 5 supersets consisting of 2 exercises(A+B).

Each exercise should consist of 15-25 reps.

But don't push it too far if you have a low fitness level, gradually build your strength up to a high rep range. 

Remember to stretch and drink water between sets. 

Take a couple of minutes of rest between each set.

gym training

The Upper Body Program

Superset 1

A- Low To High Cable Chest Fly

B -Abdominal rollout

Superset 2

A- Bosu Mountain Climber Push-up

B-Traditional Pull Up

Superset 3

A- Russian Twist

B- Side Obliques Bend

Superset 4

A-TRX Row And Curl

B-Bodyweight Dips

Superset 5

A-Hanging Leg Raise And Windscreen Wiper

B-Reverse Bosu Cable Retraction

interval training combined with heavy weights


Like Daniel Craig, you must include some cardio sessions twice a week. 

I recommend some interval running for you for one day of cardio and then a steady long run or fast walk for your other cardio day.

Combine the cardio with some body-weight lunges and squats at the end of your cardio days.

After every workout, stretch and rehydrate.

I mentioned earlier that this program could be adjusted according to your fitness level.

If you feel you need more challenge, then add more reps or more weight. 

And obviously, you can push yourself in your cardio sessions as far as you feel is necessary. 

But at the end of the week, take a day off for recovery.

What I like today is to save Saturdays for Yoga and then totally rest on Sundays. 

This way, my body gets enough recovery before I start a new week.

If you want to learn the details of the Daniel Craig workout program and also other movie stars and their start training programs, then I highly recommend you get the book called Intelligent Fitness written by Simon Waterson.

Simon Waterson is the personal trainer of Daniel Craig and the guy who designed all the James Bond Workouts.

It's a very good read and gives you a background and understanding of what it takes to prepare for high-level movie roles. 

But more importantly, it will give you a road map to get into the best shape of your life.


As I mentioned earlier, you have no excuses!

If Daniel Craig can train this way in his early 50s, then you can do it at your age.

It doesn't matter how young or old you are, you have no excuses. 

Get started today and transform your body. 

Get in the best shape of your life. 

Until next time.

(Always consult a Doctor before starting any new fitness program)