Comfort Zones are sometimes so nice that they become invisible.

A few years ago I was finding myself in a comfortable job.

The pay was good, and I had all the things that made me not even notice that I was living in this huge comfort zone.

The thing that makes comfort zones dangerous is that they make you stop noticing that time is passing you by and that you have been stuck in the same dead-end job for 5 years.

The modern lifestyle is the friend of the comfort zone.

Things like satellite TV, smartphones,junk-food and no exercise puts you into a walking dead zone.

You don't realize that you are not really living your life, you are a spectator mindlessly doing pointless things every day.

Sure I get it, it's not always easy to just pick up and leave your job.

But at that time of my life, I had no excuses, I was single and had no kids.

I could just walk out and take a chance and try something else, but the comfort zone was so strong that it took me 5 years to get out of that job and dead-end existence.

I wasn't enjoying life and I came to a point where I realized if I didn't make a move I would find myself in the same position 10 years later and that scared me.

It scared me so much that I sold all my stuff, quit my job and bought a ticket to South East Asia.

The moment I made the decision I started to feel like I was breaking through this invisible wall of fear that surrounds a comfort zone.

That is exactly what keeps us in the comfort zone.

It is fear.

We fear what other people might say, fear the uncertainty, fear putting ourselves out there to be judged, and we fear losing so much that we never get in the game.

The thing is I realized the fear of not ever playing this game of life was enough to push me into freedom.

Breaking the shackles of the “safe life” gave me the sense of freedom that I have never experienced and made me go after everything I was afraid to do.

Those big shadows in the back of our minds are the ones we need to confront so that we can break the doors down that are holding us back from living the life of freedom that we all want to live.

The question is, are you going to play it safe?

Or are you going to take a chance and start walking into the great unknown and get your freedom?