The power of positive thoughts sometimes gets criticized for being unrealistic. It gets criticized for being wishful thinking.

But what is the alternative to thinking positive ? What is the opposite of Positive thinking?

Is it misery and failure?

Keep Your Thoughts Positive: What Choice Do We Have?

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In life we have a simple choice every day.

We either focus on what is positive or we focus on what is negative.

You keep your thoughts positive or negative.

For Example:

At a restaurant, you need to make a choice.

You have 2 options.

You can have a steak or a pizza.

You choose one.

You can now feel happy about the choice you made.

Or you can focus on the negative and think about what you didn't get.

Your whole life is about making choices.

The more success and money you get the more choices you will get.

You can see this as a problem or you can see it as something that you are gaining.

For example, when you get a new gym membership you can focus on the money leaving your pocket.

Or you can focus on creating a powerful body.

So constantly your mind can go towards the negative or the positive.

This is the story with anything in life.

the power of positive thinking

Pros And Cons Are Everywhere.

Everything has pros and cons.

I'm sure you know people who always go towards the negative.

And you probably also know people that always go towards the positive.

What do you think will give you a better life?

Do you think focusing on all the bad shit is a great way to spend every day?

Or do you think focusing on all the good stuff and everything you are gaining is a better way to live?

Every single day you have to choose how you will use your power of focus.

Where will you focus your attention?

On the positive or negative?

But ask yourself this?

What do you think is going to attract more opportunity, business, people and wealth into your life?

Do you think the universe is going to help you out if you are a negative, miserable, depressed, angry person who complains about everything?

Or do you think a positive, happy, hungry person has a better chance of being successful in life?

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Be The Hunter.

Imagine there are two hunters in the forest.

The one is negative and complaining all the time with his rifle hanging at the side of his body.

The second hunter is positive, alert and has his rifle ready to fire.

Which hunter do you think has a better chance of a successful hunt?

having a positive attitude

The Rich And Poor.

Ask yourself this question?

Why do rich people get richer and richer?

And why do poor people get poorer and poorer?


The answer is simple.

It's all about mindset.

There are many stories of rich guys losing all their money and wealth.

Then a few years later they make back all their money and more.


Because they have a positive mindset and belief in themselves.

They already know how to win and achieve success.

And they know it all starts with their mindset.

And part of this mindset is being positive, hungry, conscious and seeking opportunities in all areas of life.

They have the mindset of not just thinking positive but thinking great big dreams.

They go all-in on life.

power of positive thinking

What About Most People?

What do most people do?

They play the safe game because they think there are no guarantees with going all in on something.

But they haven't thought about the true reality of the universe.

There are no guarantees in life.


But there is one universal guarantee that they don't know about.

And its a guarantee I can give you today with absolute certainty.

And the guarantee is this: If you don't take action you will get nothing.

If you don't take action then its impossible to get a positive outcome in any area of life.

But what do most people do if they do decide to take action?

They don't fully commit, they just put one foot into the water.

The just dabble.

They don't jump in and commit. That is too dangerous for them.

So very gently they test it out.

For example, they will start an online business for a month “Just to try it out” and then not immediately get the results they want.

But the problem with this is they create a negative feedback loop in their minds.

And the negative feedback loop says” I tried this for a month and now with the bad results I know it doesn't work.”

Their feedback loop looks like this: Action = Failure

So now they can go back to their old lives and tell everyone, “I told you guys it will never work.”

But the truth is they failed before they even started.

Then the even worse part of this feedback loop is that with the next thing they try in any area of their lives they unconsciously expect it to fail because this is their mindset.

They created this mindset by constantly thinking about failure and not committing to success.

They chose to focus on the negatives so the negatives keep on repeating in their lives.

positive mindset

The Winning Way.

But what about the winners and action takers.

How do they approach something?

They approach it from the positive mindset of going all-in with everything they got and making a conscious choice to win no matter what.

They go in with one primary focus and that is to take massive consistent action.

They know this leads to big results that lead to a positive feedback loop.

Their feedback loop looks like this:

Consistent Committed Action = Massive Results.

And this feedback loop will build a powerful positive vision of the possibility of who you can become.

They know if they keep taking these action steps the results will follow.

They know the rule of cause and effect.

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The Windows Of Life.

The reality of being successful in life is that you need to re-frame everything into a positive mindset.

I get it !

Bad shit happens.

But it's your responsibility to ask yourself this: “How can I change this into a positive for me? “

“How can I re-frame this in my mind?”

Even in the worst situations there is some kind of positive.

Take that positive and use it to frame your mind in a positive way.

Everything in your life is a window to something else.

You have to choose which window you are going to climb through.

Are you going to choose the positive windows or the negative windows?

Just Remember these windows lead to totally different destinations.

The universe will work for you if you start making better choices in terms of what you focus on and the windows you choose to climb through.

Did you get fired from your job?

Maybe you needed to grow as a person and find a better job or start a business.

Did you break up with your girlfriend?

Maybe you need to improve yourself and get stronger. And this will lead to you finding an even better woman in the future.

Did you get injured?

Maybe its a sign that you need rest, recover and reevaluate the way you eat and train. This will lead to you getting bigger and stronger.

See these windows of choice is all about mindset?

the winning way

What Is Your Mindset In Life?

What are you focusing on?

What windows are you climbing through?

“But John I don't have the money,time or resources to do what you say I should do.”

Let me tell you right now that it's not about money or resources.

It's about the way you think.

It's about the mindset you have that creates the reality for you on this planet.

So forget about resources and start thinking about resourcefulness.

How resourceful are you to make something happen with what you have?

mind over matter

Think About It!

There are many trust fund babies or rich kids that end up as losers or create nothing of value for this world.

They had the money but ended up as losers.

So how did it happen?

It happened because their mindset was terrible and they focused on the wrong things.

They didn't have the hunger to create and conquer their objectives.

Even with all the resources they lost.

So become resourceful and work with whatever you have to make it happen.

You have the most powerful resource of all: Your mind.

think and grow rich

Thoughts Of Gold.

The richest men in the world are the ones that have thoughts of gold.

Your thoughts become your reality.

There so many stories of ordinary people even people living on the street that turned their lives around and became highly successful.

How did they do it?

Well, they had thoughts of gold that created a powerful mindset.

This made them highly resourceful and they took what had and created value for the world and themselves.

Your sheer will can move mountains if you start believing in yourself and what you are capable of becoming.

This is the art of positive thinking.

self confidence

You Have To Believe First.

You have to believe in yourself first before anyone else will believe in you.

The most important thing you have to do is cultivate that mindset of pure positive possibility and then follow it up with action.

Every single day show up wit this positive hunter mentality looking for opportunity.

Be that hungry lion roaming the savanna expecting to have a successful hunt.

Turn yourself into the most valuable resource you have by improving every part of yourself.

Read, learn, transform and stay focused on your goals and vision.

Stay consistent with whatever you do and always find a way to win no matter the circumstances.

growth mindset

It All Leads Back To Mindset.

And guess what this all will bring you back to?

It brings it all back to that massive resource your positive mindset.

The positive mindset that reminds you to be ready and to be on the lookout for an opportunity in every moment of life.

If you are in a bad situation right now remember this:

However bad it is right now it's never as bad as you think it is and it could have been worse.

This is an opportunity for you to take a new window if you choose to climb through it.

The question is this: Will you see this opportunity? Will you take it?

self belief

The Dual Reality Of The Universe.

Most people forget that this universe is built on opposites.

Light vs Darkness

Hot vs Cold

Soft vs Hard

Summer vs Winter

Joy vs Pain

Positive vs Negative

grow positive thoughts

Focus !

If you choose to accept this reality of the universe and choose which side to focus on you can create power in your life.

But you have to step up and choose the positive.

Choose the light!

Be a man of focus, commitment and sheer will.

Then see how your world changes for the good.