Are you a winner or a loser?

Most people you will meet are losers.

I'm not saying this to be a dick.

But unfortunately its how society has programmed us.

It programmed us to think that we can't do things.

It programmed us to think we can't achieve our dreams.

Have you ever read the book by Tim Grover, Relentless?

In the book he make sit clear why you should start your own relentless pursuit of excellence.

In the book, he talks about the differences between 3 types of people.

In the context of the book, it was in professional sports.

The three types are coolers, closers, and Cleaners.

relentless meaning


What is a Cooler?

A cooler is your average person.

They watch what everyone else is doing before they make a move.

They wait to be told what to do or wait to get orders from others before taking action.

They hate making decisions unless and are usually forced to make them.

They can do common tasks but when things get uncertain and dangerous they run.

When the pressure gets too much they pass the ball.

The intensity is not for them.

They can pass and set up some plays, but they can't score the winning points or change the game.


A closer is better than a cooler in the sense that they can handle the pressure.

They can win you games if you tell them what to do.

A Closer likes getting attention.

They like to know what all the other people are doing .

More importantly, they like to know what other people are thinking about them.

They love the fame,perks, and money that comes with their fame.

They will compromise for their financial security and will choose safety before winning and success.

The closer is a good team man and competitor.

He can win the game for you and go sleep happy because of that good performance.

The closer does what is asked to from him.

He does what he is supposed to do.

After he gets the credit for his performance he goes home and sleeps as a happy man.


What is a Cleaner?

A Cleaner is the best of the best.

They are relentless.

In terms of modern sports.

Think of Muhammad Ali, Micheal Jordan, Kobe, Tiger, Michael Phelps, and Tom Brady.

Cleaners are obsessed with their mission.

Cleaners don't wait until they are told what to do.

They just do it.

They don't ask for permission.

Cleaners do the hard work when nobody is watching.

Cleaners are studied by the opposition to figure out how they perform so consistently.

Cleaners are never satisfied.

They will win at any cost.

They constantly set bigger and better goals.

They are not happy with being good.

They want to be great.

When they are great they want to be a legend.

They are never satisfied.

They despise average.

They are not sorry for their actions.

Cleaners trust their gut and goes for the shot every time.

They don't have to think about it.

Something deep inside them drives them.

Cleaners don't have to show others who is in charge.

They already know it's him.

Cleaners don't let emotions cloud their performance or judgment.

When they play they become a machine.

Cleaners don't like specific plans.

They enjoy having all the options available to them.

Cleaners always push themselves when everyone else had enough.

Cleaners push themselves harder when everyone else has had enough.

When they play they go into the “zone” and shut out everything else.

They become relentless.

Who Are You?

Relentless is great book and I suggest you get yourself a copy.

But who do you think you are?

Are you a cooler ,a closer or a Cleaner?

Most people would fall under the cooler category.

Why do you think most people go to the cooler category?

Well the simple answer is because its safe.

Its a safe place to be.

Within this idea of being safe is what stops us.

It's what stops us from reaching success.

We think we are immortal and will live forever.

We wait to see what others are doing.

We wait for others to tell us its OK.

We play it safe.

When things get hard we back off.

When we need to take risks, we back off.

We run away.

We don't like being confronted.

We don't like feeling that weakness deep inside of us.

We have all have these dreams of things that we want to do.

But we never take action on them.

We back off.

The Dangerous Middle-Ground.

Some of us might even develop into closers who do some “good” work.

But that is where it ends.

This is another safe zone.

In this zone we tell ourselves we are OK because we failed, but at least we tried.

We tell ourselves we had a few wins and have to play it safe now.

In many ways, this is worse than being a cooler because it's just this weird middle ground that is a convenient excuse from really stepping into uncertainty and going for it.

We don't take action into uncertainty.

The reality is there is a reason why you don't change.

You don't change because you are not doing the work necessary to get better.

You are not working on your inner problems.

You are not working on your mind.

You are not working on your body.

You are not working on your life.

You are not working on becoming a better human.

But you are living like you have all the time in the world.

But like I mentioned before you don't.

The clock is ticking for all of us.

You will die.

We all will.

What Is Stopping you?

So what is stopping you from being relentless?

The reality of this world is that it's 50/50.

You have to give before you can receive.

Most people miss this point.

They just want to receive.

They then wait their whole life and nothing comes to them.


Because they weren't willing to give first.

They weren't willing to give their sweat equity.

They weren't willing to burn the boats.

They weren't willing to be uncomfortable.

What is holding you back form buying that book that could help you?

What is stopping you from purchasing that gym membership?

What is stopping you from getting that plane ticket to travel New York or wherever you want to go?

What is stopping you from getting that Self Development course to get better and live a better life?

Why are you resisting transforming yourself into who you really are?

Why are you resisting to rip off that mask you have been wearing for years.

Why are resisting showing the world who you really are?

The answer is fear.

You resist investing in yourself.

You resit risking and stepping into uncertainty.

Because you are petrified of the pressure that it will create.

Because you think that safety is going to give you what you want.

But I'm here to give you some bad news.

Safety never transforms anything.

Pressure and grind transform things.

There is no other way.

This is the way of the Cleaner.

Transform Yourself Into A Cleaner.

“Great men are like eagles, and build their nest on some lofty solitude.”
-Arthur Schopenhauer

The Cleaner accepts this as truth.

He wants to to be put under pressure and make the tough calls because he knows that is where he will find greatness.

If you feel like there is no way to get what you want.

Do it anyway!!

Find a way!!

And if there isn't one then make one.

Find a way!!

Just find one!!

Be relentless!

Ask yourself this?

If you are going to die why not go for it?

What is holding you back?

They only thing you have to worry about is playing it safe because that is where the real danger is.

The danger of dying before you can show the world who you really are.


Take the ball.

Make the decision to create pressure and do what scares you.

There you will find your freedom.

Find a way to start your own relentless pursuit of excellence.

Find a way to win.

Your life depends on it!