One thing is certain on this road of life.

And that is fear is coming for you.

And if you think it left you it will come back.

This is certain.Those who say they have never felt fear are liars.

Fear is real.

If you reading this then it means you are one of the small group of men that are on a mission.

A mission to transform themselves into something great.

To transform their own destiny into something that will last forever.

When you are on a mission to greatness you will meet our old friend fear.

Because on the road where lions and wolves walk big challenges await.

This is nature.

This is life.

Do not try and change this.

It cannot be changed.

There Is A Cost

The life you want to live will come at a cost.

The life you want to live will ask everything from you.

Your body, your mind, your spirit and your soul.

You will need to leave it all out there on the playing field of life to reach your full potential.

So what happens when you start going after your mission?

You want to quit your job and start your own business?

But fear comes down from the mountain, and you start doubting yourself.

You want to change your body, build muscle, and get in shape.

But fear meets you at the door of the gym.

You want to join the military and go after that dream of going for special operations?

But fear is there to greet you at the recruitment office.

You want to ask out that beautiful women that work at the bookstore?

But fear has been holding you back for months.

You want to buy that plane ticket to Vietnam and live the life you always wanted?

But fear is waiting for you and you decide not to go.

You want to go to medical school ?

But fear tells you not to go for it.

These are the stories we tell ourselves.

So we stop.

We give up.

We let it overtake us and paralyze us.

Until we are left with regret.

Regret that haunts us.

how to overcome fear

From Darkness To Light

Regret is poison.

It eats at your veins.

I know I have done things that I will always live with.

And Fear was the reason for these mistakes.

Then fear gave me regret as a price.

But see, I didn't let fear and regret break me.

I learned from my mistakes.

I found inspiration in them.

It became my teacher.

I learned how to fight back against these dark forces and fuck it up with light.

We all have this light.

But you have to choose light over darkness.

And when you make this choice anything is possible.

You can come back from death and create a new world.

Start Again And Become One Of The Fearless Ones

You will have to start from scratch.

You will have to dig deep.

You will have to find something inside of you.

And then you start digging yourself out of this hole you made for yourself.

But if you start fighting and you keep on fighting you will start seeing progress.

You will start seeing change.

But fear will not be gone.

Fear will be standing there.

It will be watching.

Fear will be trying to stop you.

As soon as you start fighting it will come for you.

But you have learned to move forward despite the presence of fear.

You have decided to go beyond it and become one of the fearless ones.

Fear In Abundance

You have realized that fear is something that is in abundance on this planet.

It's not hard to find.

It's everywhere.

Social media, TV, newspapers and in conversations you sense its presence.

Fear has made its home in many men's hearts.

It's in total abundance.

It's a currency that people like to swim in.

They give away fear for free.

But what you won't find in abundance is courage.

What About Courage?

Courage is much harder to find.

It's a very rare commodity.

It's something that you need to build and hold on to.

Once you get the courage, you start seeing momentum in your life.

Because now you start moving out of these dark holes.

You start getting small wins.

Then more small wins and then your first big win.

Then you look back and smile.

You look back how far you have come.

You have overcome fear and now you are in control.

You now have to power to go where you have never gone before.

You have exposed your own power.

Power you didn't know you had.

You have started to develop faith in your own abilities.

You have chosen your God-given strength and courage and creativity to build whatever it is you want in this universe.

You have decided to fuck the world with your dynamic energy and leave your legacy.

There is a bridge between static and dynamic energy and you will have to cross it.

This bridge is where dreams are made or broken.

Many hearts and souls lie in pieces on this bridge.

These are the hearts and souls of men who were confronted by that old ghost with the name Fear.

You see, what happens is you will need to cross this bridge from the static side on to the dynamic side.

And in the middle of this bridge fear will meet you.

Do you know those moments?

Those moments where you need to put in your credit card details to buy your ticket.

That moment when you need to decide whether to quit your job or stay miserable in your job.

That moment just before you walk over to that beautiful women and your heart start pounding in your chest.

That moment before you decide to defend yourself and punch that guy in the mouth.

That moment before you decide to stop smoking.

That moment before you decide to go all-in on a business idea.

The moment when you decide you can't live like a pig anymore and you decide to join the gym and eat healthy.

These are the bridge moments.

They are tests.

I have seen many put one foot over to the other side and then pull back.

Most don't even get one foot over before fear overtakes them.

The question for you is:

What are you going to do at this bridge?

Are you going too turn back or move forward?

This life is like smoke through a barrel.

Every time you choose fear you lose a chance to live life on your terms.

You lose a chance to live life like a free man.

If you choose courage and decide to go through that invisible wall on the bridge you will start experiencing life on a whole new level.

A level that you didn't know existed.

To get to this level you need one more thing other than courage.

One Last Thing

You need an irrational obsession and a will to do whatever it takes to get to the other side.

Yes obsession will take you those last few steps to get you where you want to be.

Let it fuel you.

This is the thing about success.

Once you start experiencing success you look back and ask yourself:

“How did I live like that?

“How the fuck did I live like that?”

You will look back on your old life of fear and regret and you will never go back.

You have tasted freedom and now you want more.

Congratulations you are on your way to greatness.