There is no bigger challenge than taking a vision or idea and having the courage to turn it into a reality.

Even as you go past the first obstacle of making the decision to go for it the true scale of the road ahead is not yet understood.

If you did understand what it takes then very few would start the road.

To achieve something great you need to be a bit crazy to overcome what the universe will throw your way in pursuit of your dream for the future.

It will not be easy, in fact, it going to test you in ways that you can not even begin to understand.

How Strong is Your Will?

Here is the truth about success: It is a test of your will.

Many people talk about what they are going to do, but very few have the courage to go after their goals with a blind determination.

Very few are able to go after their vision even with insurmountable odds against them.

People will tell you that isn't impossible.

You will start thinking that its impossible.

The things you start will start having problems.

The things you finished will sometimes fail and take you back to square one.

Sometimes you might have to go back to square one several times.

You might lose money, friends, and girlfriends.

You will have to change course in the face of a massive storm.

Your mind will be flooded with emotions of fear, uncertainty, doubt, envy, excitement, joy, anguish, desperation.

Within this ocean of emotions, you will have to stand like a tower of strength and overcome the emotions that are holding you back and use the emotions that are pushing you forward.

Within this ocean of criticism from people, you will have to overcome it and move forward.

When the failures come you will need to take that punch in the mouth and move forward.

Whatever happens keep on moving forward.

Let you will keep on pushing you forward.


Success is a Discipline.

It will require everything from you.

The ability to do what you say you’re going to do, regardless of how you feel.

You will need to find a way to overcome your own resistance to the requirements of success.

If you are able to overcome the initial attacks that the universe will throw your way then you will start hardening up and get stronger.

You will start noticing you are improving.

This type of improvement will only happen if you make yourself do what success requires.

The Requirements Of Success

This firstly means being excellent at what you do.

This does not require being perfect.

It requires excellence.

There is a big difference.

Perfect doesn't exist but excellence has levels.

You will see your level of excellence increase if you keep on improving and working at your craft.

Whatever it is that you do you have to put in the hours so can get better at what you do. It's a cliche for a reason, but I will say it again.

You need to do the hard work.

You need to do the backbreaking work that you don't feel like doing.

The work that needs to be done when you are so tired that you just want to go to bed and sleep.

The work that needs to be done when everyone is out partying.

The work that needs to be dome when everyone is watching the Game of Thrones marathon.

The work that needs to be done when everyone is calling you to come out and join them.

The work that needs to be done when nobody is watching.

Success is uncompromising, it doesn't care about your feelings or the fact that you are tired, it just cares about results.

Time is an ally of success.

The two work hand in hand and the longer you wait the better the chance is that success will slip away.

Then there is one more nice little thing that might feel like a kick in the face.

There is no guarantee of success.


There is no return policy.

You might fail, and you should be OK with the fact that its a possibility.

But that is what creates greatness when your will is so strong that you still keep on moving forward even with the sword of failure hanging over your head.

You keep on moving forward even with all these forces trying to stop you.

Your will must be the thing that stands out like a tower of strength within a raging fire of chaos.

The human will that is cultivated against resistance get stronger and stronger.

It's like a muscle, the more the world fucks with you the more you want to fight.

The will starts feeding on all this chaos and resistance.

All of this is a test, its a test of your resolve.

How badly do you want to reach your goal?

How badly do you want it?

What are you willing to sacrifice to get there?

Staying Focused On Your Vision

When the flames are raging around you stay focused on your vision.

So you need to make sure you revision of success is clear and fresh in your mind.

Your mindset must be constantly improved and refined.

Your mindset is not just something you create and then it runs by itself.

You need to make sure the maintenance you do on your mindset is consistent.

Your mind will be tested and it will be the biggest weapon you have in the battle towards success. You must find all the tools and resources to keep your mindset a place of strength and solitude against the outside world.

Remember the closer you get to success the more you will be tested.

The closer you become to success they more they will try and stop you.

This is the way it is.

Accept it and embrace the challenge.

When you start your journey they will tell you not to do it.

They will say “We like you just the way you are”.

When you are doing it they will tell you “You are crazy”.

When you are done they will ask you “How did you do it?

Stay the course and let your Will drive you to success.