The modern world has given us something that has never existed before.

It has given the global consciousness.

It's one giant brain that connects us all.

Like bees we all use this hive mind to share ideas and do business.

Yes the internet has changed everything.

For entrepreneurs, it has been something that has transformed everything.

It has opened up a global market for anyone with an internet connection and a laptop.

Entrepreneurs are the artists of the world. We all know the titans of the entrepreneurial world like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs and others.

But for millions of other entrepreneurs the world has changed because of the internet.

Not everyone has become millionaires and billionaires but is has created freedom and independence for many.

Freedom to start their own businesses, freedom from working for someone else and freedom to work when and how they please.

The Fakers.

With this opportunity of the internet came a lot of fake gurus and people who were out to make a quick buck.

Many fell for the trap thinking they could start an internet business, work 4 hours a week and lie on the beach most of the time.

This world they sold to many doesn't exist.

Or at least the version they sold doesn't exist.

Sure you can build up an online business to the level where you can take months and weeks off from work.

But the bottom line is that an online business is a real business that needs you to put in long hours.

Like any business an online business is hard to build and to grow.

But it does have advantages that normal businesses don't have:

(1)You Can Start With A Laptop From Anywhere.

You just need an internet connection to start and run your business. So you can start a business from anywhere.

Many entrepreneurs go to countries with a low cost of living like Thailand and Vietnam to build their businesses.

Once it's up and running and making money they move back home.

(2)You Can Start It With Very Little Money.

Many online businesses need little or no capital to start.

Sure some ventures do need money but there are many opportunities that you can start with a $100 or less.

Examples of low-cost business ideas:

  • Start A YouTube Channel.

YouTube channels are great ways to build a following and start monetizing that channel to build a full-time income.

  • Start A Blog.

You can start a blog like this one you are reading now and share your ideas and knowledge.Then use the blog to sell your products and services.

  • Social Media Manager.

You can manage other businesses social media accounts and get very well paid for it.

If you have a good work ethic and understanding of social media, then this could be a good opportunity for you.

  •  Sell Your Skills.

You can become a coach or consultant and sell your skills at high costs.

For example, you can create a blog and sell your language skills.

Or you can sell your marketing skills.

  • Start a Self Publishing Business And Sell Books Online.

You can write your own books and sell them.

If you are willing to spend more money, then you can pay someone else to write books for you.

This is a good option if you don't see yourself as a writer.

(3)You Can Build It Yourself.

Starting an online business needs only you and your determination to be successful.

You don't need investors and a big staff.

What you do need is your mind, focus and courage.

You will need to work many hours to get this thing started.

You will need to sacrifice weekends and many other social events to get things on the move.

A business is like an airplane.

The takeoff is the hardest part.

(4) It's A Lot More Flexible Than Normal Business.

I mentioned earlier about working 4 hours a week was something many people took literally.

But once your business is up and running you can sit on the beach for weeks if you choose to do so.

However the business won't last if this is your main priority.

Online businesses are fluid and things change so you need to be in control and have your ear on the ground.

The Reality.

The famous book The 4 hour Work Week was revolutionary for many entrepreneurs, including myself.

I still think its a great book with a great title.

The advice in the book is still very valuable and I recommend any entrepreneur to read it.

However don't take the title literally and think that you just need 4 hours a week and your good.

That is not the reality.

Especially starting and growing your business will be hard.


Entrepreneurship is not for everybody but it's a great opportunity for many.

It's not easy to become successful but the best things in life are never easy.

You need to educate yourself and get an understanding of what it takes to become a good entrepreneur.