Being the master of your own reality is an important part of being a man and how you start to live like a boss.

But living like as an independent and free man is the next level of that process.

It starts by making a shift in your mindset.

This means living like a boss.

A Boss life is shifting your own reality to the next level.

It means start seeing yourself as someone that lives life by his own code.

Someone that make his own rules.

So let's get into it.

How To Live Like A  Boss

(1)Dress Like A Man.

Contrary to popular opinion the following is true:

The way you look matters.

The way you present yourself to the world matters.

You are a man not a chump, loser, or poser.

Dress like a masculine man with style and substance.

The key to looking good is owning whatever it is you wear.

If its a suit then own it.

If it's a jean and dress-shirt then own it.

Just remember you are not a high school student anymore.

So let go of the sneakers and white socks.

If you want to be taken seriously in the world then dress the part.

Show the world who you really are.

(2)Have a Life Mission.

One of the biggest modern problems for young men and men in general the absence of a life mission.

Modern men feel lost in a world of meaningless bullshit they see online and in the world around them.

They feel like the societies they live in don't value them.

And the virtual (social media) world they live in hate them.

They see their traditional roles as men being attacked and that masculinity is losing its foundation.

Without a mission, men are lost.

The good news is we have knowledge and wisdom in the form of books and sources of information.

We can create meaning for ourselves by finding meaning in things we value.

Find meaning in your work, business, martial arts, the military, law enforcement, church, temple or whatever part of your community that has meaning.

Find meaning in the fact that the universe is an energy field that you are part of and that gives you endless possibilities to create what you want.

You are a King.

Don't forget that.

(3)Be Educated.

Educate yourself.

I'm not talking about getting a formal High school or University education.

Sure high school is something we all need.

But after that, you can educate yourself.

University these days is only a must for professional careers like medicine, science, engineering and law.

Unfortunately, the Arts has become indoctrination camps.

They don't focus on facts and truth.

They focus on how many minds they can fill with horse shit.

If they fill your mind with shit they can control you.

So I advise that you avoid it.

Want to take a break after high school? Join the Marines or Army.

But avoid most of the universities except for the few exceptions I mentioned.

Your education is in your hands, and it never ends.

You have access to the most knowledge that has ever been available to human civilization.

All you have to do is be disciplined and access the resources at your disposal.

(4)Get Your Money Right.

You have to get your money right.

Living from paycheck to paycheck is not enough.

If you have a job right now then start doing a side hustle or start an online business.

Build that business after your normal job and during your lunch breaks.

Start saving your money from your job and your business and start building your cash up.

Then invest and repeat the process.

Eventually, quit your job and get your freedom.

That is what it's all about.

Getting your freedom will give you your independence so that you can enjoy your biggest commodity of all, your time.

(5)Use Words As A Weapon And As Art.

First, we made sounds.

Then we created words.

Next we developed languages.

Now we have codes and a global brain, also known as the internet.

Your words have power.

With them, you can create value.

Value in the forms of books, codes, and art.

You can use your words to persuade and market your business.

You can use words to seduce and entertain.

Know the power of words to transform yourself and the world around you.

Learn about language and words and create value for yourself and the world.

(6)Have A Mindset Of a King.

Dream massive unrealistic dreams and then go out into the world and make them a reality.

Think Big.

Think Bigger than you have ever thought in your life.

Put it all out there on the table.Go for it!

For too long young men has been brainwashed and told what is not possible.

What if we change the script and say that it is possible.

Our imaginations are the most powerful weapon that we have.

Your imagination is what makes you a King.

Start acting like one and start dreaming Big.

(7)Be Selfish

Become the most selfish person you know.

Become selfish to change yourself and the world around you.

Why do you want to become selfish?

The sooner you start focusing on yourself, the stronger you will get.

And when you get strong you can make the people around you strong.

So when I say be selfish its not the type of pointless selfishness you see on the street.

I'm talking about selfishness with a long-term objective of creating value.

That value can only be created by being selfish first.

Be looking after yourself first you will become strong.

And then you will take everyone around you along for the ride.

But you need to focus on yourself first.

Your mission and objective must become your number one priority.

(8)Create Value

Most people think money is valuable.

Actually its not.

It's paper or code somewhere on a hard drive.

But what does money represent?

It represents value.

This is what many people miss.

They say they want money.

They say they will do anything to get money.

Most of these people never get that money they so badly want. 


Because they offer no value to the world.

I said it before and I will say it again.

We live in a 50/50 world.

You must give in order to receive.

In order for you to be rewarded in life you have to create value.

Create value with your services and products.

But most importantly create value by the type of man you are and the King you are becoming.

(9)You Live By A Code.

The world lives by their rules.

You live by your own rules.

More than that you live by a code.

You create your own code that you don't break for anybody.

This code is your compass through life.

This will create freedom and power in your life.

It will make people hate you and love you.

It will make you go above and beyond that you thought was possible.

You know this fundamental truth.

A wolf walks alone.

He follows only his own rules.

This is Boss Living.