Are you having a tough day?

Are you feeling fragile?

Are you feeling weak?

Then Stop thinking of yourself as unique and start thinking of yourself as an animal.

Remember who you are.

Remember where you come from.

Remember the game you are playing.

Remember where it all started.

Remember the blood flowing through your veins.

Remember the evolution of who you are becoming.

Because life is always in flux.

It's always changing.

The position you are in now might be bad.

It might be an absolute nightmare.

It might be overwhelming.

It might be so bad that it's paralyzing.

animal spirit

But this should not be a moment for you to accept defeat.

It should be a moment to feel those emotions of fear, darkness and depression at a deep level

Don't resist it.

Feel it.

Don't pretend that it's not there.

Then remember who you are.

Remember your animal spirit and body given to you by God.

Remember the raw power that evolved through dynamic energy pouring out of the universe into your mind and evolving through your Soul.

Tap into that power.

It is there.


If you really feel the darkness stop for a second and make the decision to use that dark energy as a source of inspiration.

You are an alchemist with the ability to transform dark energy into light.

You can absorb punches that life throws at you and then punch back.

Forget about feeling sensitive, vulnerable and weak.

Open the door for your animal spirit to come out and start fighting back.

We all go through times of doubt, fear and the feeling of defeat creeping into our lives.

But these are the moments that will define who you are.

It will define your character.


It will define whether you accept your destiny or whether you will challenge it.

You are capable of overcoming most things that this life throws at you.

The human-animal is capable of things that most species can only dream of.

The human-animal has a potential that most humans never even tap into.

If you reading this then you might be considering tapping into your true power.

Or you might not even know about the power deep inside you.

The fact that you are reading this means you are from a bloodline that knows how to survive.

We live in a world where men have forgotten who they really are.

They have forgotten that they have the capability to transform reality if they choose to do so.

warrior mindset

But its a choice.

It's a simple one.

You have to believe it's possible.

You have to resist whatever it is that pushed you into the dark hole you are in right now.

And you have to start believing that you have the ability to live another day.

If you can start believing that you can make it through another day then you have started your climb out of hell.

You do this one step at a time.

When your back is against the wall you need to go into those deep caves of your heart.

In those caves start looking for the reserves of strength that have been stored there by your ancestors.

Those reserves have been left there for you.

It's your responsibility to find them, open them up and use them.

If you don't you will be lost.


If you can find these reserves of strength then you can take back your life one step at a time.

But you will need one last thing.

You will need faith in yourself, in the process and in your God or the Force or whatever it is that you believe created you in this universe.

Whatever you believe know this:

There is an energy field at work here and you need to tap into that.

Great scientists like Einstein and Tesla talked about this energy field. It is here all around us.

Everything we think and say gets received in this energy field and who you become is the dominant energy that you put out there into the universe.

That energy gets combined with the energy field of the universe.

And this makes it possible for you to create whatever you want on this planet if you put in the work.

samurai mind

That will only happen if you take the necessary cause and effect actions to get what you want.

So one more thing to remember.

If you are reading this maybe you are looking for something to help you fight back.


I'm here to tell you this:

Get up!!

Take this first step.

The game of life is waiting for you.

Fight back!