It's easy to talk about courage.

I have talked about courage a view times on this blog.

I talk about it because it's one of those incredibly valuable yet elusive things on this planet.

When people look back over the last year they will see many moments when they had a choice.

The choice between courage and mediocrity.

Courage or fear.

We see this choice being played out I all areas of our life:

how to get rich


In business, it's Courage or fear.

Or more commonly its a choice between courage and the middle class.

The reason why the middle class is such a popular choice is that its so easy to get to the middle class and once you get there you can just settle.

You're done, your good.

The scary truth is that you are far from good.

You are vulnerable and exposed.

In a changing world full of uncertainty the middle class is a dangerous place to be.

Especially if you are not working on a way to get out.

You have to start working on a way to make your first million and beyond.

That's the first step then its up and up.

It never ends.

It's a constant battle between courage and fear.

The courage to start that business with almost no resources.

The courage to start that company and walk away from your job.

The courage to stick with something long enough to see it grow into something great.

But what do most people do when they find any resistance?

They give into fear, they reject courage.

They settle and go for the safe haven of the middle class.

Remember these words.


You are a lot safer out in the world walking tall with courage and fighting until you get what you want.

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With dating and relationships, the choice is the same.

Courage Or fear.

A lot of men have problems with dating and relationships.

They find it hard to meet women or having a relationship.

They struggle and then give into fear.

When they give into fear they stop pursuing the woman they want.

They stop talking to attractive women.

They stop putting themselves out there out of fear.

So they reject courage and settle for mediocrity.

They sometimes go for porn and isolation.

Sometimes they just settle for anyone they can get.

Whatever form of mediocrity they chose it all one thing. It's fear.

When you choose fear you reject courage.

When you reject courage you start dying little by little inside.

The truth with dating problems is that a lot of times it's just about mindset.

Guys believe that they were borne a certain way and that that's the reason why they don't have success with women or dating.

The truth is everyone has a shot.

Sure some guys have it easier than others.

But I know a lot average and below average guys that chose courage and win all the time.

They chose courage and took responsibility for their shitty dating lives.

They found the tools and resources to learn more about social dynamics, psychology, mindset, and self-help.

They improved their health and fitness.

More importantly, they take action consistently.

They do all these things because they chose courage.

Courage is not the easy rode.

It's hard but the rewards are great.

When you approach a woman fear will appear out of nowhere.

Guess what?

This is normal.

The question is what do you do at that moment after fear shows up?

Your heart starts beating faster and you are in the moment with her.

You feel alive and yes you feel fear.

But you are armed with courage so you overcome the fear and you talk to her anyway.

By doing that you start building confidence.

You get better and better.

Now you live in courage.

You pushed fear away for now but you know it will return so you stay vigilant.

But that's OK because you will just keep on fighting.



Your Fitness and health are about Courage or fear.

The courage to accept that you are unfit, unhealthy and unattractive is not easy.

You have to stand in the mirror and accept the fact that you have been neglecting one of the most important parts of your life.

Your body is the machine that carries everything.

If your body is out of whack everything is out of whack.

But like with everything its a struggle between courage and fear.

Fear to go to that first JiuJitsu class as an overweight man that knows nothing about fighting.

Fear to go to the gym because you don't even know how to squat or dead-lift.

Fear because you seemed to be the only man in that yoga class.

Guess what?

If go with courage you start showing up and that is all that you need.

Start showing up.

Every day just show up.

That is what courage is mostly about.

Just showing up.

Showing up when you feel like shit.

Showing up when you feel fat or weak.

Showing up when you are scared to be choked out in JiuJitsu

Its all a choice between courage and fear.

John Winters


Courage or fear.

Mindset should probably have been number one on this list.

It's the foundation of everything.

Its the one things thing that changes the most lives.

In my life, I was always looking for answers outside myself.

I went traveling around the world to “find myself”.

The more I looked the further away I felt I was going.

But on this journey of trying to “find myself” I realized one important thing.

You don't find yourself, you create yourself.

You choose who you want to be.

You choose what type of man you want to be.

You choose the code you will live by.

You choose the way you will think.

This is key!

You choose the mental habits that you want to create.

You choose what you want to focus on.

You choose to focus mostly on positive or negative.

You choose the knowledge you consume.

You choose the people you surround yourself with.

You choose the amount of work you will put into your own mind.

But before any of this happens you will again come down to the big battleground of life.

This battleground is at the doorway of your mind.

Hear you do constant battle. You battle fear and courage.

It's not easy.

The first choice is the hardest.

The first courageous choice is to admit you have to change.

Admit that you need to get better and improve.

Taking ownership is the big one.

Then after that, it's constantly battling your own mind to choose courage.

Fixed Mindset


Step up and be strong and courageous.

Remember fear will always be lurking in the shadows.

It's lurking in the shadows trying to pull you back down.

It wants you comfortable and in fear.

Always remember,your brain is not designed to make you happy.

That is your job.