The modern world convinced most people that they are not connected to the universe.

We live in a modern world and science has established itself as the primary source of knowledge.

What is science?

Science is a tool for us to get answers.

A tool to understand the universe we live in.

Science has helped us and has advanced us in many ways.

And in this modernization of the world art has been forgotten.

It has been pushed to the side. Its been labeled irrational.

It's been labeled as ancient.

Its been forgotten in many ways.

For those who still have a belief in some higher energy the bond has been broken.

And faith in the power of the universe has been lost.

Call it God, the Force or the universe but one thing is for certain we live in an energy field.

This energy field is a mystery to us.

Even with all our scientific knowledge we haven't even scratched the surface.

There is very little we do know.

Nikola Tesla the famous scientist has been very clear about the existence of this energy and the importance of it.

 “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla

“The Day will soon come when I will show the world that the transmission of power and speech without the aid of any wires is possible.” -Nikola Tesla

We are connected to this energy field.

Every human on the planet is connected whether they know it or not.

How Are We Connected To The Universe?

Sometimes we reach out to this energy field.

Sometimes in a playful way and other times in a desperate way.

And every time we reach out to God or the universe it hears us.

Remember if you put your word out there it is always felt.

It's just the nature of the universe.

Thoughts are energy and your words are just code that leaves your body and the code go into the energy field.

Just like a signal that travels through space your words and thoughts get picked up by God if you direct it at Him.

Think of the energy field as an endless field of opportunity with cause and effect.

And when you sit at home or at work and say something like this:

“God please help me”

“God I need to get this”

“God I need this money”

“God just give me a shot”

When you say something like this God will throw out a chain to you in this universe.

Maybe you will get some “luck” in the form of a burst of energy.

Or business opportunity or some other connection that puts you at an advantage.

So the chain is there.

But what happens then in most situations?

Unfortunately most people don't reach out and grab that chain.

They get distracted, lose interest, lose discipline or just give up.

So God gave you the chain and you didn't respond or you didn't follow through.

They forget that they are spiritually connected to the universe.

The 50/50 World.

I said it before and I will say it again: We live in a 50/50 world.

You have to give in order to receive.

Because know this:

Every time you put your word out there in the universe you are making a pact with God.

And at some stage God is going to get tired of your inaction and inability to grab on to the chain.

What happens then?

Well, the universe takes its chains somewhere else.

Maybe someone else will grab them.

The world is built on this 50/50 principle.

The Sun rises and sets.

Things go up and down.

Cold and hot.

Masculine and feminine.

The duality of the universe is everywhere.

You have to show faith in this reality to be successful in this life.

So You Want To Create A Great Life?

Then you better start grabbing chains.

Every opportunity you take is a chain you send back into the universe.

God send the chain and you grab it and connect it with your chain.

And if you keep your faith in the universe the next chain will be sent.

And again and again, until you have hundreds of chain connections.

And you have a thousand.

All build-up out of your actions.

It's all cause and effect.

Your Free Will

You have a beautiful thing called free will.

You have the choice to either reach out to the chains and take them or not.

But remember if you pass on too many of the chains they will disappear.

The Big One

When you start building your chain connections with the universe something big could happen.

Maybe God decides to send you a giant chain.

This chain could be something that totally transforms your life.

Maybe a big deal, your dream women, a million dollars in sales or financial freedom.

It could be anything.

But for any of this to happen you need to realize that science is not enough.

You need some art.

You need to be irrational sometimes.

This irrationality comes in the form of faith.

Faith in God and faith in yourself to create whatever you set out to create in this world.

If you use science and art together you will find your power increases.

You will find your success increases.

You will find that life can never fully be understood, but with faith and your will, you can move mountains.

When someone says “Those universe or God stories are irrational.

I answer to that ” Yes, it's irrational.”

But great men in history have figured out that science is not enough.

They have realized that you need a 50/50 reality.

With Science and Art on your side you can do anything.

Great Things Are Always Labeled As Crazy.

Most great things in history were seen as crazy or irrational

Think of the airplane, space travel, phones.

There was a time that all these inventions was scene as irrational and crazy.

But those men had an irrational belief in their vision.

They kept the faith and kept on grabbing those chains.

And before they knew it they had thousands of chains.

And then the universe reached out and gave them the giant chain that changed the game.


This is how art and science become one.

This is where you find your Zen.

We need science but we need to spend more time in this world as an artist.

If we do that we can create things that are impossible.

If you do that you can do the impossible.