I hear a lot of people say that they want to take action, but they are just waiting for the right time.

They are just waiting for the right weather.

They are just waiting for the right business opportunity.

Just waiting until they have enough money.

They are just waiting for the right girl before they ask her out.

I have been there.

Pretending that if I just get this one thing right it will give me the green light to take action.

Deep down I knew it was bullshit.

It was all self sabotage.

The reality is there is no right time to start taking action with whatever it is you want to do.

There is, however the best time and that is right now.

In this very moment the opportunities are waiting for you.

They are right there waiting in plain sight to be taken.

But we walk past them, pretending not to see them.

A part of our brain trying to protect us cuts it out.

Or worse yet we do see it .

We see it clearly and choose to ignore it.

Something is holding us back.

Our minds are telling us that we have time and that we can do it next time.

Then next time comes and again we pass on the opportunity.

The sad thing is we don't just pass on the opportunity.

We also pass on the opportunity to start building our path to greatness.

We don't dare to be great.

And therefore we suffer.

self sabotage in relationships

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”

– Seneca

Self sabotage in relationships is very common.

For example, let's say you find it hard to meet a girlfriend.

Or you find it hard in general to meet women.

You tell yourself stories about how hard it is to meet women.

You tell yourself how “women just don't get you”.

You have all these excuses why you haven't had any success with women.

You have all these excuses why you can't find a girlfriend.

Problem is you start believing those excuses and this issue about women start growing in your mind.

The longer you wait the heavier the problem becomes.

Now here is the reality.

There are millions of women on this planet.

In every city and town you can meet women.

You can go online and meet women.

In fact it has never been easier to meet women than right now.

But you have all these excuses.

But you know the truth.

“If you view everything through the lens of fear, then you tend to stay in retreat mode. You can just as easily see a crises or problem as a challenge, an opportunity to prove your mettle, the chance to strengthen and toughen yourself, or a call to collective action. By seeing it as a challenge, you will have converted this negative into a positive purely by a mental process that will result in positive action as well. ”
-Robert Greene, The 50th Law

The truth is you have given into fear.

You have started to believe your own bullshit.

You have rejected courage and accepted the darkness.

Those stories about yourself that you have created have become real in your mind.

So you double down on those stories and nothing changes.

The only thing that changes is that the clock keeps on ticking.

This is truth.

You can't hide from truth.

You can't run from it.

It cuts through everything.

If you want to get what you want then you need to dare.

You need to dare greatly.

You need to jump and hope that your parachute opens.

This is what courage is all about.

There are few things as exhilarating as walking into a venue and seeing an intimidatingly beautiful woman and walking over to her to start a conversation.

It's exhilarating because you know you are daring greatly.

You are a stranger walking into her space.

You know those types of women are very aware of their beauty and power.

You are very aware that she intimidates most men.

But she doesn't intimidate you.

You have decided you want to talk to her and only her.

No compromise.

You are daring greatly in that moment.

It's Dynamic.

What makes the moment dynamic?

It's dynamic because you are walking through that fear that you feel in the background.

It's dynamic because you feel your heartbeat going up and you are still going ahead with it.

You can feel other men and women staring at you because you dared to walk into their space but you are still doing it.

It is dynamic because you are a stranger to her and everyone around her but you are still doing it.

It is dynamic because you are in the moment.

When you are truly in the moment anything can happen and you know it.

You can get rejected and crash and burn.

But you also know this:

You can win.

You know that you can end up going home with her or better yet meet a potential girlfriend.

It's dynamic because you know this type of dare is so dynamic that it creates possibilities that can only be created when you dare greatly in the moment.

Who dares wins!

This is the truth in every area of life.

Dating,business, sports and everything else.

When you go for it and dare your chances of winning big skyrockets greatly.

When you stay home and stare at your smartphone and never take action you lose.

This is where many get lost.

They get all psyched up about something like meeting a girlfriend or something else but they never do anything about it.

The only thing that improves for them is that their excuses get better.

And that is the only type of improvement that we don't want.

Stop waiting,the clock is ticking.

If you think you can do something, then find the resources to get better.

self sabotage in relationships

But you have to stop self sabotage in relationships.

If you don't know how to talk to women then find out how.

If you are shy and feel you don't know what to say to women find out how.

Do something to improve and then take action.

Dare to be great, this is why we are here on this planet.

We are here to dare and go after what we want.

Who dare wins!