If you are terrible with women and don't know how to get laid then this article will give you some direction.

Imagine for a minute you have 24 hours to improve your dating life.

In this 24 hour window you ask me to help you.

This article will be my answer to you as a short term solution.

This article will point you in the right direction.

Usually I only recommend these Dating Game guidelines once you have worked on your mindset and how you approach life. 

However, I understand that a lot of men need some quick advice on how to get better with interaction with women, dating and building relationships as quickly as possible.

So these guidelines won't solve all your problems but it will give you an advantage over your average frustrated chump who knows nothing about social dynamics and women.

So remember these are not rules set in stone, they are guidelines.

So take what works for you and let the rest go. 

The only rule that is non-negotiable is rule 10. 

That is something every masculine man must adopt into his life.

So if you have 24 hours to get better with women and dating then I would tell you to use the following strategies:

How To Get Laid

attraction is not a choice

(1)Start Building A Habit Of Starting Conversations Just For Fun.

Forget about the outcome of the conversation and see where it takes you. 

Forget about getting something from her. 

Just start a conversation with a woman who you find attractive. 

Only approach women that you find attractive,don't approach every woman you see because its a waste of time.

alpha male

(2)When You Go Out Out To Approach Women Remember To Relax, Have Fun And Have Friendly Energy.

You won't approach women all the time so have fun and enjoy your time out.

Don't look like you are angry at the world.

Women are a lot more perceptive than men and she will sense your energy.

So try and relax.

How to get laid

(3)When You Start Conversations Remember To Lean Back And Be Calm. 

Don't lean into her.

Your body language matters,so lean back this will open space for her to move into you if she feels comfortable.

Speak slowly and express yourself in a calm and laid back way.

Remember its just a conversation,not the end of the world.

Usually, this slight change in your normal behavior should make a big difference.

the mystery method

(4)You Are Out To Approach Women So Have Conversations, Don't Just Stand There And Wait For Her To Talk.

Be cocky and funny, enjoy yourself.

Don't take yourself and the situation too seriously. 

You approached her so it's up to you to lead the conversation and let her take your lead.

what women want

(5)Don't Try And Impress Her With Things Like Your Job, Friends, Car, etc. 

Rather show your value by telling stories with little bits of information about yourself that shows your value. 

If she thinks you are trying to impress her then she will see you as lower value.

High-value men don't need to talk about their accomplishments, let her find out who you are by just opening the door to your life.

social intelligence

(6)Don't Try And Make Anything A Big Deal.

Be playful, fun and interesting.

Don't react to her shit tests.

If she insults you remember that its a test.

Relax and poke fun at her about something else. 

the manuel

(7)If You Followed All My Advice Up Till This Point Then She Will Try And Win You Over. 

Then start showing more interest and pull back slightly with poking fun at her. 

Reward her for good behavior. 

This behaviour will come more naturally to you later but for now, as someone new to this dating game you will have to remember to adjust your own behaviour.

the mystery method

(8)Learn To Show Interest And Disinterest In Her.

Do this in conversation and in physical gestures.

Have you ever noticed in conversations that the person with the most power will sometimes act aloof when someone is talking by looking away or looking amused? 

Combine this slight disinterest with showing interest on your own terms. 

This should be very subtle.

If you are new to this then just remember this: She is not the last woman on the planet, so if you make a mistake its no big deal. Play with social dynamics.

attraction is not a choice

(9)Always Have More Options.

Don't get locked into this woman if you realize she is not what you want.

Guys who have no options will show through their body language that they are low confidence. 

Even at this stage where you may not have many or any options act as you do. 

Women will sense you have options and this will make you look more confident and therefore more attractive. 

Scarcity and desperation are very unattractive. 

On the contrary, abundance is very attractive.

An abundance mindset will show in your body language and women will sense it.

renaissance man

(10)You Need To Have A Life. 

If you don't have one then start building one that's how to get laid using game.

Go to the gym, eat healthily, learn new skills, read, practice good grooming, good hygiene and dress well. 

Travel as much as possible.

And focus on your goals. 

Your mission must be number one and stack all the other things on top of that. 

Success in life must be your primary goal. 

Become a renaissance man.

Make your life legendary.

Let her look at your life and feel interested.

the rational male


Like mentioned before these are dating guidelines.

So try things within this framework, experiment and have fun.

You are an artist so use these guidelines as your brush and be creative.

See what works and what don't work. 

Make adjustments and see what makes a difference.

The most important thing is for you to go out there and take action. 

Because without movement, nothing happens.

Until next time…