When will she lose sexual attraction for you?

This is a common question I get from men.

And to answer this we need to go back to a concept we talked about before, Hypergamy.

We have talked about hypergamy before on this blog and it's unavoidable when it comes to attraction in relationships.

In simple terms, hypergamy is her attraction to her highest option of optimal survival.

This is based on your value.

Value in terms of your alpha qualities and your overall value(resources etc.)

In reality, she wants both.

Or like they like to say in red pill circles, “alpha fucks beta bucks.”

But in more specific terms what behaviors do you need to watch out for when it comes to losing attraction?

In other words, when will she lose attraction for you?

Before I answer this question I want to say that this could potentially be a very long list.

So I narrowed it down to the most common and critical mistakes men make when it comes to attraction.

Also, keep in mind that women were taught to look for a specific type of man.

The problem is a woman's biology wants something that goes against what society taught her to look for in a man.

Hence all the confusion and actions from women that seems illogical but make perfect sense once you understand what women really want.

So What Makes Her Lose Attraction For You?

-If you are a yes man.

-If you dont emotionally stimulate her.

-If you act consistently weak.

-If you have no ambition.

-If you are needy.

-If she is emotionally stronger than you.

-If you can't protect her.

-If you dont know how to listen to her.

-If she can tell you what to do.

-If you chase her.

-If you put her on a pedestal.

-If other women dont want you.

-If you don't have boundaries.

-If your value lowers.

Now you might ask,”When can I stop doing the work and stop caring about these types of behaviors?”

And the answer is simple: “Never!”

If you want your relationship to be healthy long-term then always be working on getting better.

The reality is that there is no build-up equity with a woman.

She will test your value in the current moment.

Now you might say “John, life is hard, it's not always easy.”

And you might have an excuse but here is the reality.

Her biology doesn't care about your excuses.

Let's make another list.

This time a quick list of what her biology doesn't care about.

Her Biology Doesn't Care About:

-Your logic.

-Your reasons and what you really intended or meant.

-If you are too busy.

-You are tired.

-You forgot.

-Your past.


-You didn't mean it.

-Your Facebook post or status.

-How long you have been together.

-Your promises.

There is only one major thing that matters to her biology and that is her own survival and the survival of her offspring.

You must show your ability to protect her.

Her biology is constantly looking for the optimal source of survival and safety(hypergamy).

The best path for you to maintain her attraction in a relationship is to consistently show that you are her best option.


I'm not telling you all these things to scare you.

I'm telling you about them to let you understand the reality of women's biology.

Does this mean you need to be paranoid and fearful all the time? No!!!

Does this mean you need to distrust your girlfriend or wife? No!!!

What it means is that there are powerful biological forces that play a big role in how humans act.

In this case, women have specific wiring that is always under the surface on different levels dependent on things like age, time of the month,ect.

So the point of understanding this reality is this:

The fact that you are aware of this means you can be proactive and not end up as part of the negative statistics.

For example, the US divorce rate is 50%.

And a big reason for this is the misunderstandings about the opposite sex.

And in this case the misunderstanding of women.

You always need to deal with women in your life with the understanding of her in 2 parts:

1. Her as an individual with her unique personality.

2. Her biology.

When you understand and accept this you put yourself in a powerful position in terms of how you should manage life.

My long-term advice for you is this:

Build your level of attractiveness (value) to such a level that the thought of life without you causes her to go into a state of fear, panic, and doubt of ever finding someone like you.

So there you have it guys, the basis of what makes you less attractive to women.

Until next time