“Batman the hero we need” is an appropriate quote for the lessons learned from the superhero movie character.

There is a scene in Batman The Dark Knight Rises where he is in jail.

The jail is underground with only one way out.

That is climbing the dangerous wall to the top and then making one final dangerous jump on the way out into freedom.

So Batman decides to make the climb and then starts climbing with a safety rope, this way if he falls he won't die and he can try another day.

He tries a few times, but every time he fails to make it.

It's then that an old man that has been in jail for a long time tells him that the only way he is going to get out of jail is if he makes the climb without the rope.

The man tells him that he needs to find the fear of death again.

So what happens?

He Succeeds.

He climbs and then jumps to freedom.

When we find fear again, it pushes us to incredible things.

batman the hero we need

Fear or pain gets a bad rap sometimes.

We tend to look away from it and try to push it into a dark corner where we don't have to look at it.

The reality is if we start looking at fear and pain we can use it as an incredible tool to drive us to our goals in life.

Fear can become your partner on the journey to freedom.

Here is why it's so important to start making your climb as an entrepreneur without the rope.

As entrepreneurs, the rope is the backup plans we have that we fall back on if things don't work.

You won't give it 150% until you let go of all other possibilities.Its either succeed or die.

Here is what will happen if you let go of the rope(back up plan):

mental toughness

(1)You will start feeling fear, and you will realize its do or die.You have to succeed.

Most of us want that rope so we can tell people we tried but its ok because you still have “the rope”.

So you never gave it 150% with the help of fear.

You played far below your full potential.

mind over matter

(2)You will not handle your business a hobby, and you will start treating it as a real business.

That is a mistake that many new entrepreneurs make.They dabble in “entrepreneurship” with a rope around their bodies.

go for it

(3)You will start taking risks necessary for you to succeed.

In business, you will need to take calculated risks.

You will make mistakes that will cost you money.You have to be okay with this, or you will lose.

Lessons From Batman

(4)You will start outworking everyone else around you.

With fear driving you every day you will find the motivation and drive necessary to succeed.

You will start working when everyone else has given up.You will start playing the game at a different level.

(5)You will become obsessed with winning and success.

The climb without the rope will make you obsessed with surviving and winning.

You will become obsessed with doing whatever it takes to make the jump and win.