We live in the so-called knowledge economy.

The industrial revolution has long since past and now knowledge is the most important commodity we have.

“Examples of knowledge- commodities are all sorts of commodified data, computer software, chemical formulas, patented information, recorded music, copyrighted compositions and movies, and monopolized scientific knowledge.”

“The Knowledge economy is an economy in which growth is dependent on the quantity, quality, and accessibility of the information available, rather than the means of production.”

But if we come back to the individual level in terms of me and you, how does knowledge play a role?

Well,it started on our first day of our formal education. 

Knowledge was being taught to us so that we all could get the minimum knowledge needed to operate in our modern societies. 

And if you were fortunate enough you went all the way up to university level.

So this brings us back to now and the reason you are reading this blog.

Is the knowledge you got in a formal education enough?

The easy answer is no. 

The current formal education system is broken and a lot of “knowledge” especially at the university level is questionable at best.

The more important point is that you need specialized knowledge for whatever career or job you want to focus on.

But on a deeper level, you need ancient, modern and ultra-specialized knowledge to be competitive in an ultra-competitive world.

You don't just need the knowledge to succeed professionally but also to succeed in your personal life.

But let us dig even deeper. 

self education

Being Above Average

For you to operate as an above-average individual you will need to study specialized and personalized areas of study to become a better human being.

You will have to go into areas of study that most people will never study.

The reality is that for you to be the type of man who lives life on the next level you will need to look for knowledge that is literally about you.

The human-animal.

That should be your starting point.

When you master youself everything else becomes better. 

You will have better relationships, make more money, be healthier and ultimately be happier.


Why Not Do The Work?

But now you will ask why most men are not doing this deep self-study that leads to happiness and success?

The easy answer is that its not easy. 

Most men at the beginning of their adult lives chose to please other people above themselves. 

Nothing wrong with helping others. 

But unfortunately most try to help from a position of weakness.

So they get themselves into exactly the opposite position that they thought they wanted to be in.

Before they know it they are in an unhappy long term relationship/marriage,are shoulder deep in debt, overweight/unhealthy and unhappy. 

They then look back and asked themselves what happened?

Life is a lot like someone that sees an airplane and tells people,”I'm going to fly that airplane”.

Then people reply “You don't know how to fly” .

He then replies,”I will figure it out as we go along.”

We all know that “airplane” will crash.

personal development

What It Takes To Win

Remember modern societies with modern family structures are relatively new. 

Most people don't really know what it takes to live successfully in this modern world that is changing so fast.

That combined with the fact that we still have ancient brains with powerful forces that operates in a modern world.

And even if you do decide to improve yourself and start studying yourself most will give up.

Because studying yourself and the subjects related to that takes time and discipline.

To put it simple it's not easy. 

It's hard. 

You need to have a strong and relentless desire to learn,grow and get better. 

You need to despise mediocrity in yourself and have a vision of yourself living a successful life for yourself first.

Do it for yourself.

The irony of this is that if you do that you will be able to help a lot of others on this planet. 

Because if you are strong then you will be able to help others get strong.

More importantly, you will be able to make smarter choices to will lead to better results in all areas of life.

Foundations in life are key.


The Reality 

So now some of you will say “I want that,I want to change my life and be successful on all levels.”

Well, we have another problem.

Let's look at books for example:

Even if I give you my book on Self Discipline for free most will never finish reading it.

A large group will never even go beyond the first page.

Because here is another open secret:

“Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when and if it is organized into definite plans of action and directed to a definite end.” -Napoleon Hill 

Napoleon Hill was right and this is why most will never change their lives.

Because even if you are one of the exceptions to the rule and you finish that personal development book……. ask yourself this question:

Will you use the knowledge? 

Will you go and apply it? 

Not just once but will you apply, adapt and go back for more.

For example, you read an article on dating advice and you are instructed to go and start conversations with women: Most guys will try once and say “It doesn't work”.

But there is a small group of relentless men who will go and approach women, fail, learn and improve until they get it right. 

That is the mindset you need to bring some truth to the words “Knowledge is power”.



“A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting. ”

-Carlos Castaneda

You can live an extraordinary life if you choose to do so. 

But you will need to do what others are not willing to do. 

You will need to cultivate a hunger for living on a level that very few ever do.

The great thing about success is not just money.

Its that it gives you something that is very rare on this planet.


But to get that freedom you must be willing to pay the price.

In the last several years I haven't worked a normal job.

I get up whenever I want to. 

I live life on my terms and travel all over the world.

This is freedom. 

But it came at a cost. 

It comes at a price.

That price is mastery of self and my craft.

I was willing to do whatever it took. 

I was willing to pay the price. 

The question is this: 

Are you?