Yes, whatever it is you want to do you can figure out by yourself.

Want to start a business?

Just figure it out. 

Want to get shape? 

Just figure it out. 

Want to improve your dating life? 

Just figure out.

Yes, it's possible for us to figure things out by only trial and error.

But the problem with going it alone in terms of knowledge, skill, and experience is that time is against you.

It takes a lot of time to get an advantage or an edge in any field.

Enter Richard Dawkins.….

“Survival machines that can simulate the future are one jump ahead of survival machines who can only learn on the basis of overt trial and error. The trouble with trial and error is that it takes time and energy. The trouble with overt error is that it is often fatal. Simulation is both safer and faster. The evolution of the capacity to simulate seems to have cumulated in subjective consciousness.”

– Richard Dawkins

power of positive thinking

Richard Dawkins is a British evolutionary biologist and author who figured out that humans are simulation machines. 

We learn by watching, observing, and studying others. 

In this way, humans are able to get things done a lot faster than other species. 

We are able to jump ahead in time by watching others and learning from their mistakes. 

This reality in the modern world gives humans an edge if they choose to use the opportunity given to them by modern civilization.

In modern times we live in a knowledge economy.

Knowledge is the biggest commodity we have. 

And time is the most important commodity.

Knowledge is freely available and many times we get so much knowledge thrown at us that most ignore it. 

They choose to waste their time watching TV, surfing the net, or spending hours on social media.

But what has all of this got to do with you? 

Well, if you are reading these words then it means you are looking for something. 

Or you want to figure something out. 

The point of this article is that I want to remind you that you are a born simulation machine living in the best time in human history in terms of the availability of knowledge. 


“Successful people, in all callings, never stop acquiring specialized knowledge related to their major purpose, business, or profession.” – Napoleon Hill

All you need to do is find specialized knowledge in whatever field it is you want to master.

For example: Want to start a business? 

Don't go and figure it out yourself. 

Rather find the best books on the subject. 

Find the best online courses you can find on the subject. 

You will get there a lot faster. 

You will be able to master concepts and ideas that have already been figured out and proven effective by other men that came before you.

This will push you to success and reaching your goals a lot faster. 

Remember, I mentioned earlier that time is our most important commodity.

And by elevating your own abilities as a simulation machine by using specialized knowledge will give you an edge.

It will push you forward and put you ahead of the pack.

specialised knowledge

Don't Fall For Negativity

A lot of men who struggle to reach their goals have one big thing in common. 

They are all negative about the knowledge economy. 

They think anyone that sells a book or an online course is a scammer and a bullshit artist. 

The reality is that scammers and bullshit artists do exist.

But there are many great sources of knowledge. 

There are many great authors, consultants, content creators, and real artists who want to help their clients.

Once you figure that out only one thing remains:

And that is to find those people and then investing in yourself. 

Because that is what you do when you read a blog post like this one or when you are buying a book or course online. 

You invest in yourself and by doing that you become a more valuable human that transforms your own life and the world you live in. 

So dont fall for the trap of the people who still think the whole internet is filled with scammers.

The people who think that are losers. 

Napoleon Hill

And if you talk to them 10 years later they are still in exactly the same position as they were ten years ago.

These men will never realize their full potential.

They won't reach their full potential because they avoided investing in themselves and by doing that they denied their own ability as simulation machines. 

They didn't realize that humans dont just learn by watching in the real world. 

We learn by watching videos, reading books, and learning from mistakes that have already been made by men before us.

This leads to rapid advancement and innovation.

study success

Elon Musk taught himself to build rockets by reading books.

You can do the same thing in whatever field it is you want to master and improve. 

The only thing you have to do is to get out of your own way.