There is a very simple reason why our plans fail.

Its so obvious when you think about it, but we refuse to see it.

We refuse to see it because we think it's too simple to admit.

So the plan we already have is actually fine, but we decide it's “not good enough”.

failing to plan is planning to fail

We throw it out, without really giving it a proper chance.

We stop because we were not consistent and patient.

These 2 words are simple but powerful.

They are highly underrated because their power is so subtle.

Subtle but devastatingly effective.

In a world were instant gratification and quick fixes are king and fundamentals are seen as “old school” and not appropriate for modern business.

This way of thinking is total bullshit.

Most businesses fail because people give up too soon.

Most plans in organizations, businesses, and the private lives of people fail because there was a lack of patience and consistency.

Let's take a very simple example.

A few years ago a friend of mine asked me for help to lose weight.

So I suggested a simple plan and eating plan.

A few weeks later I saw him again and he said he gave up.

I asked him why and he said he saw no changes after 2 weeks.

He said my plan didn't work for him.

This guy gave up the same way he gave up on other things if he didn't see instant results.

I see this all the time.

A guy starts an online business and after 6 months he gives up because he is not a millionaire.

Or someone starts writing a book and after a month of writing the person says it's never going to work out because he is too busy with other stuff.

One of the biggest problems with this instant gratification mindset is a ridiculous sense of Entitlement.

I meet so many people who want to start businesses who think the world owes them something.

This entitlement shows arrogance at an unbelievable level.

They think that they must be successful within months or the world is out to get them.

These people find out that people who are successful outwork everybody else consistently.

In fact, their work ethic is so insane that people don't believe it.

They think just because they start a business that it should be a roaring success within months.

The real world is more complex than this.

When it comes to plans it's more simple.

Sure there are bad plans, but 90% of the time the plan was good but the problem was the mindset.

Mindset is the biggest thing holding people back from getting what they want.

Your mindset should be a relentless one.

You should go in with the mindset that you will consistently execute your plans and outwork anyone around you.

You must think that you will not stop until you are done.

Doesn't matter if it takes a year or 5 years.

That should be your mindset.

Go into the process of execution and forget about the outcome.

Fundamental principles should be part of your culture as a man.


Consistency and patients are timeless principles with superpowers.

If you follow these fundamentals you can move mountains.

If you don't follow them you will walk away disappointed and you will fail.

Stop throwing out plans.

Throw out a bad mindset.

Replace it with solid principles and you will start seeing success in your life.