For most people walking around on this planet the word strategy is not something that comes to mind as an approach to a successful life. 

But the truth is that if you focus on doing a group of specific things in combination it will make your chances of being successful and happy a lot higher.

So today I will share with you a simple strategy to help you get what you want out of life.

This strategy is mind hacking happiness and success.

Some of these steps might seem simple, but remember they are working in combination with all the others. 

And together they are very powerful. 

So let's begin!

The Mind Hacking Happiness And Success Strategy  


(1)Focus On Useful Education.

By a useful education I dont mean formal education in school or university. 

I mean your self-education.

Your Self Education is your responsibility.

If you want to build your value as an individual then start reading and learning about a wide range of topics. 

Become a renaissance man and become truly educated about important subjects. 

I get it we can't learn everything but become a man that knows the fundamentals of the most important books on the planet. 

That alone will put you head and soldiers above the average man.

laws of power

(2)Don't Break The Law.

This is a simple one. 

Stay on the right side of the law.

Even if it sometimes seems like its simpler to take a short cut and break a “minor” law it's not.

These things have a way to catch up with you.

Don't become successful and then lose it all because you crossed the line onto an illegal area of life. 

So pay your taxes and do things right.

Short cuts are never worth it and most times in life they dont exist.


(3)Stay Away From Drugs.

I get it, drugs are fun and most people have experimented with some “lightweight drugs” like marijuana and Magic mushrooms. 

Unfortunately, this leads many people to abuse those drugs and many times leads them to harder and more dangerous drugs. 

My opinion is that it's a good idea to not use drugs. 

The return of investment is just not worth it. 

It's easy to lose control and fuck up your life. 

If you want success then stay away from most drugs. 

Drink a glass of wine and a few beers on weekends but dont lose control. 

Focus on your success.

mind hacking happiness

(4)Don't Become A Parent Too Soon.

Should you become a parent or not?

That is a big question.

Having a family is great.

But the reality is that it's not for everyone. 

More importantly, if you do decide to have a baby with your partner then timing is everything. 

Many people jump into this massive decision without thinking. 

And then they realize the massive financial and time investment it takes to give a child a solid and stable home environment.

The wise choice is to think it through.

First, ask yourself if you want to be a father. 

Have a talk with your partner talk about it.

Think about your financial situation and your goals in life. 

What do you want to achieve and how much time will that demand of you?

Now I'm not saying wait until you are a millionaire. 

But at least wait until you have a very solid foundation to give a child a great home, good education, and a great chance of happiness in life. 

More importantly, first, become the type of man your child can look up to and be proud to call his or her father. 

In our current environment, there are a lot of “man-children” running around acting like clowns and destroying other people's property without thinking. 

Unfortunetly those “man-children” are a result of weak or nonexistent fathers. 

Young men need male guidance and solid father figures or it leads to men with no direction or honor.

(5)Build A Talent Stack.

The old way of thinking is going to university and college and getting a piece of paper. 

And although there is still value in that in certain areas for example Law, science, engineering, and Medicine; it's not a must-do to go to school if you are not interested in those areas I just mentioned. 

It will give you a better return of investment to learn skills through books, blogs, and online courses that will raise your value as an individual.

Getting a basic understanding of the following skills will raise your value and chances of success above the average person on the street:

  • Public speaking – Learn how to become comfortable speaking in public.
  • Psychology – Learn the most important psychology principles. Read the most important books. You dont need to be a master just a good student. Focus on practical psychology. For example the psychology of power.
  • Business -Learn the fundamental principles of business and how to set up and run a small business.
  • Accounting -You dont need to be a master. Just know the basics. Read accounting for dummies and you are good to go.
  • Design (the basics) -Just know the basics. Read a book about good design and check out the big brands(apple) and how they set up their websites and the design of their products. (Simple is better.)
  • Conversation -Improve your social intelligence and emotional intelligence this will improve your life on all levels.
  • Overcoming shyness -If your shy then learn not to be shy. You dont need to be the loudest person in the room but you have to come out of your shell to be a successful player in this game of life.
  • Learn a second language -I speak 2 languages fluently and now I'm learning a third one. This will not only change the way you experience the world but raise your value in most environments.
  • Jiu-Jitsu – Gracie JiuJitsu is like a dangerous game of chess. It teaches you to think (strategy)when you are tired and uncomfortable. It also teaches you to defend yourself. But most importantly it improves all other parts of your life.
  • Proper grammar -Keep it simple. You dont have to be a language expert. But bad Grammar exposes you as someone that dont know the basics of the most important language on the planet. Read Engish Grammar for Dummies.
  • Persuasion -Persuasion is a vital skill to use in all areas of life and understanding the most important principles will be good enough to help you navigate reality.
  • Technology (hobby level) -Do you know how your Apple computer and phone works? I'm not talking about the basic functions.I mean all the Ninja potential on your electronic devices that you are not using. Start searching on youtube for tutorials and your specific computer and phone.
  • Proper voice technique – Most guys who struggle to be an authority at work and in their dating life dont realize that their voice tone sounds weak. If you are one of those guys then get a voice coach and fix it.

These skills might look like they don't make sense to a lot of people individually, but together as a unit, they make you an asset in almost any job.

Remember have a growth mindset. 

Believe you can improve and learn all these things because the truth is you can. 

Whether you think you can or think you can't ,your are right.


(6)Be Useful To Others.

A lot of peole are stupid or a burden to others. 

With stupid I mean people put other people's needs in front of their own. 

They even put other people's happiness before their own. 

They think by doing this they will somehow be rewarded for it. 

Yes, it might be nice to help others but it's not always the right thing to do.

Secondly, if you are a burden to others you have no use to others and your own low value is a pain in the ass to others.

For example, you have no money, no job, and have to borrow money from others.

If most men realize that selfishness is the key to their own success the world will change and be a better place. 

Now I dont mean to be a selfish asshole. 

I mean put your own vision, goals, and happiness first.

And by doing this you raise your value and power. 

And by doing that you earn the right to help others and really make a big difference in other people's lives.

If you are strong you can make everyone around you strong.


(7)Favour Systems Over Goals.

Goals are important for mind hacking happiness ,but systems should be prioritized if you want to be sure of success. 

For example, in business, it's more advisable to choose a business model that is automated to a certain degree so you can leverage your time and resources to reach your full potential. 

An example of a good business model is a coaching/consulting business that is run online and is mostly automated.

In other words, you get clients while you sleep and doing more important things like creating great products and services while you are awake.

It also brings down your costs by outsourcing certain tasks to online virtual assistants. 

The problem with prioritising goals is that you don't priorities systems and this puts you at a disadvantage.

The better idea is to choose a path that offers you good systems and which allows you to tailor your goals accordingly.

You can use the same system with dieting for example.

Forget about your goal of losing 20 pounds, rather focus on creating a system of eating healthy as a lifestyle. 

A very important part of systems is that it simplifies everything. You dont have to worry about details.

The system will take care of it and remind you if you need to make adjustments.

think big

(8)Learn Basic Risk Management.

Whatever you get involved in both professionally and personally always remember everything has a potential downside.

So whether its a new business, investment, or long term relationships always consider the downside. 

If you go into a long term relationship for example take a moment and put emotions aside. 

Ask yourself questions that you usually avoid. 

Questions like: 

How well do I know her? 

How do I really feel about her? 

Do I see a long term future with her? 

Do we want the same things? 

If you look at the divorce rates then you know this is the smart thing to do.

In business do the same. 

What is the potential worst-case scenario for your business?

What will you do if it happens? 

Do you have other sources of income if you lose everything? 

These are simple examples but you get the picture.


(9)Eat The Right Food.

One of the biggest elements of living a happy life is being healthy. 

And one of the pillars of being healthy is eating a healthy diet. 

Most importantly creating a system of eating healthily. 

The biggest mistake most people make is short term diets to lose weight and “be more healthy”.

These diets get marketed for one reason. 

They make marketers money by never really solving the problem long term.

They just give you a bit of hope with short term weight loss and then you gain back all the weight when you finish the diet. 

The failure of these diet plans is actually obvious if you look at it logically and objectively.

But we humans are mostly irrational and we need to take a step back sometimes to see our many mistakes.


(10)Get Enough Sleep.

Get enough sleep another simple yet powerful part to being happy, healthy, and effective. 

It one of those simple elements like eating healthy that seems too simple to influence your overall happiness in a big way. 

Now I get it, there will be times that you will need to push yourself into the red to get some projects done and reach your goals.

However long term sleep deprivation is not sustainable and will lead to mental health problems like depression and irritability.

So manage yourself well and make sure sleep is a big part of it.

If you get a good quality 6 hours then that will be enough.

But in general aim for 7 hours.

Success and Happiness


If I have to choose 3 things on this list that will give you the most leverage for everything else on this list it will be healthy eating, enough sleep, and exercise. 

Again they are so simple that most people change the subject when they hear you mention them in a conversation about success and happiness.

Exercise is a powerful tool in your overall happiness and plays a role in everything else you do. 

It influences your productivity, sex life, mindset, and most things that lead to happiness. 

Weight training and yoga will give you the most bang for your buck. 

I do both of them and also add some cardio sessions in between.

Gracie jiujitsu

(12)Do Things You Can Steadily Improve At.

Do things that you can slowly get better at that will add overall value to your life. 

For me, one of those things is Gracie JiuJitsu.

It's very difficult, challenging, and rewarding.

It's great for self-defense and gives me a great workout.

It's also a great way to meet new people. 

So If I lose my career and money tomorrow then I have a skill that not only teaches me how to fight but also puts me in a position to potentially start a Self Defense Academy and build a new way to make money. 

Other things could be Latin Dancing, Photography, etc…


(13)Help Others.

I mentioned earlier that being selfish first must be an absolute priority to make yourself strong first.

However, you can be of service to the planet every single day. 

Where ever you can be a positive influence do it and be of service. 

If someone needs help and you can make a change without disadvantaging yourself do it.

 If you need to step up and protect someone against a bully then do it. 

If you can give some money to a charity every year then do it. 

If you can help in your community in some way then do it. 

Be someone that everyone in your world can depend on to be of service. 

But only help when the cause is just. 

Dont help professional victims with no honor. 

There are plenty of them these days and they are damaging society every day.


(14)Reduce Daily Decisions To Routine.

I mentioned earlier that systems will help your success like nothing else. Routines are very similar to systems.

Routines are basically doing the same things at the same time and the same way every day.


Well, it simplifies everything for you and reduces the need for you to make choices. 

For example, always eat the same for lunch on a specific day. 

For example, always eat a chicken salad for lunch on Mondays.

That will reduce your decision making regarding food. 

In my book about Self Discipline, I have a morning start-up plan with a whole range of actions to do every day to elevate you with momentum into every day and removing any decisions on your side.

 By doing routines in all areas of your life you open up space in your mind for bigger decisions and choices. 

We have so much choice in the modern world that it becomes paralyzing.

So use routines to limit your daily decisions to the minimum.


(15)Imagine An Incredible Future.

I'm a positive person by nature. 

And people sometimes ask me why I always think that things will work out because sometimes they dont. 

Well, the reason is simple: What is the alternative? 

The alternative is a dark depressing mindset that sees the world ending in disaster and your life being a failure. 

So I choose to think my life will be great and my future will be fantastic. 

And so far it hard worked out great for me.

 Yes, I have some disappointments but my mindset is more relaxed because my inner world is one of faith in my abilities and plans for the future. 

I choose to believe that everything in my future will be big.

I choose to think big. 

What most people don't realize is that the most powerful tool in your mind is your imagination. 

The imagination was used to invent everything you see around you including the device you reading these words. 

These men with their giant imaginations chose to believe in a great future.

So dream big its a tool that you must use to build the world you want.

mind hacking happiness


Remember the mind will attract that which you think of most. 

So logically it's a good idea to think about an incredible future because then the odds are you will get one. 

Your mind is yours, so use it wisely and create success.

Mind hacking happiness and success is in your hands.