Most men are, average frustrated chumps.

This is easy to see if you look at the state of today's society.

People just accept things.

They let things happen to them.

They don't understand things and just accept that as part of their reality.

They don't have an effect on this planet, they are being affected by the planet and they do nothing about it.

They have chosen to be victims.

These people wonder about things.

They don't find out about things.

The irony about this mindset that many men have is that we live in the time where knowledge is freely available.

There has never been a time where it has been as easy to get knowledge as it is now.

Many men wonder why nobody takes them seriously or give them the time of day.

They get ignored and don't get what they want in life.

People can sense your value in the conversations you have and the questions you ask.

How To Become Successful

High-value people can spot other high-value people within seconds of starting a conversation with them.

That's why CEO's will fire someone within seconds of meeting them, they just know instinctively if this person is worth their time.

If you want to become a high-value man then you need to stop wondering.

You need to get curious and learn about things.

And I'm not talking about the type of learning that you get at university or school.

I'm talking about self-education.

You can learn by observing or read about a certain aspect that you want to learn about.

Study the thing you know nothing about.

By learning about the world you will start being more impressive and interesting.

You will actually have opinions and arguments that people will take seriously.

Now before you get all defensive, yes I get it, you can't know everything.

However, there is a lot of things that you can learn that will raise your value massively.

How To Become Successful


Get a general overview of world history.

At least understand generally how the world we live in came together.

You don't need to know all the details.

But knowing a few key things will make you understand the world better and give you insights into everything about the world.

A good place to start is the Will Du Rant History books.

Short, detailed and Insightful.


Learn how the technology works.

Figure out all the functions on your computer and phone.

Google the things you don't understand and figure them out.

This will help you use these tools more efficiently in business and life.

You need to be competent with these tools in the modern world.


Learn about your own body and how it works.

Ask yourself why certain things happen in your body and why people get a disease.

Learn why people get fat and overweight.

Learn how food affects your health.

Money and Economics

Read a Math and accounting book for dummies.

Do whatever you have to do to raise your awareness in this field.

Start understanding how markets work and how businesses do their taxes.

Learn about money and how you can invest it.

Learn about business.


Learn how people communicate and use body language.

Learn about relationships and raising a family.

Start learning about society and why some work better than others.

Dating and Relationships

The most commons mistake about this area is that people think they can just wing it.


Most people have no idea about the opposite sex.

Most men have no idea why women do what they and when they do it.

Then it's a surprise to them why they don't have a girlfriend or why there are so many divorces in the world.

Learn about social dynamics, dating, and everything related to it.

Find out how good relationships are built and how to maintain and improve them.

This includes relationships in your personal and professional life.


Go figure out why people get happy and why certain people are always happy.

The famous scientist Maslow wrote the Famous human hierarchy of needs.

Go read about it and figure out how it works.

Take Action

One thing is for certain and that is if you keep on wondering then nothing in your life will ever change.

Don't ever forget that we now live in a time where you can click on a screen and a book can be delivered at your door within a few days.

Or click on the screen and read it immediately in digital form.

You can even download entire digital video courses about a certain topic and watch it immediately.

So the opportunity is there.

The only question is if you are going to keep on playing small?

Or are you going to raise your value as a man and put the world on notice that you are in the game?