How do you know you will be successful?

Of course, we have no guarantees.

However, we do have some signs that most successful people always have.

They usually have most of them or all of them.

So what signs are there that you will be successful in this game we call life:

8 Signs Of Success In The Game Of Life

(1)They Are Super Competitive.

People who become successful are usually super competitive in their chosen field.

Many successful people are competitive in everything they do.

This is just something in them.

They don't know why it's there but they know something is pushing them.

This natural competitiveness is usually fueled with big personal motivations.

If you go and ask them why they are doing it they will tell you.

They will tell you the big reason they push themselves.

They have reasons like:

“I want to be rich”

“I want to be independent”

“I want to be the best”

“I want to be the greatest of all time”

“I do it for my family”

“I do it because it's my duty and responsibility”

But whatever their reason they push themselves to the edge to win.

They made a conscious choice to win in life.

And there is no turning back.

(2)They Surround Themselves With Successful People.

They surround themselves with success.

Whether it's in person or virtual(books, videos).

They make sure their environment is one that is aligned with their life vision and goals.

They never allow negative people and other types of losers into their circle.

They know these people either intentionally or unintentionally will try and prevent them from reaching their goals.

For that reason, they only allow people that push them to the next level.

People who are smarter than them.

People that will challenge them.

People that won't just agree with them on everything.

They know you will become the sum of the people you surround yourself with.

(3)They Have Minds That Are Always Running.

They are always in the game.

Always thinking, strategizing and plotting their next move.

It's very hard for them to switch off.

Even when they go on “vacation” they are always in the game with one eye on the ball.

Even their “down time” when they read or watch content online they are asking themselves this question:

“How can I leverage this to take myself to the next level?”

For them winning battles is just a stepping stone.

Then they start again after a brief victory celebration.

They know this game of life has so many levels that its impossible to ever reach your best.

So they push as hard as they can to see how far they can take it.

Who knows?

Maybe in the next life, the come back for more.

(4)They Are Always Learning.

Successful men take their self-education very seriously.

They know a very fundamental truth:

They know when you leave high school or university your education hasn't ended.

They know their real education only started now.

No human has the capacity to totally understand reality.

This truth pushes them to close that gap of understanding.

They realized that we can learn from the ancient cultures that studied reality as a way of life.

In the modern world, we have the whole thing backward.

Most people think they are “good”.

They think they don't need to learn more.

They think they are done after leaving school.

Successful people don't fall for this trap.

They read books on various subjects.

They read good blogs.

They watch video programs.

They listen to audio programs.

They go to seminars.

Any source of knowledge or motivation they can find they suck up like a vacuum cleaner.

They have a thirst for knowledge.

They know the more knowledge they have the more successful they will be.

They know in the universe most things are related.

So knowledge in one is will lead to wisdom in many areas of life.

Self-education is their biggest weapon.

(5)They Always Finish Things.

Successful people always finish things.

When they read a book they have to finish it.

When they play a game they have to finish all levels.

When they start a business or company they have to take it all the way to the top.

When they start a project then it has to be taken all the way to the end.

They love the process of starting something from scratch and taking it all the way to the end.

They have realized that most of the fun of life is in the process.

The end is just another part of that process.

And when one process is finished they move on to the next.

(6)They Are Obsessed.

Most people think that successful people are motivated.

I guess that is kind of true.

However, that is not the whole story.

The truth is that successful people are obsessed.

They are obsessed with their mission.

They think motivation is nice.

But they know its not enough.

They know that obsession is the next level of motivation.

They know their obsession is their power.

It pushes them to work harder and harder.

It keeps them up at night.

It pushes them to show up every single day no matter what.

They are not obsessed with one specific thing.

They are obsessed with their life and pushing as much into this lifetime as possible.

They know when everyone else has quit they will still be pushing forward with their obsession driving them to the finish line.

(7)They Always Go Further.

They always go one level up.

People already expect a lot from them but they go above and beyond expectation.

Everything they do is with excellence in mind.

They don't want to be perfect.

Because they know it doesn't exist.

But excellence is a culture.

They will always be level above what the world expects.

Always grinding and pushing to be better.

And when it's done people will look at him and ask, “How did he do that?

(8)They Cause Their Own Luck.

They cause their own luck.

People have different opinions about what luck is.

But successful people always put themselves in the position to be lucky.

Let's say the successful person is a hunter.

The hunter knows that to raise his chances of luck he needs to first get in the game.

Once he is in the game he will position himself so that his chances of becoming lucky goes up by 90%.

They know that the harder they work the luckier they get.

The is why many unlucky people never get lucky.

The “unlucky” don't play the game and therefore they have low levels of “luck”.

They unlucky will never talk to that beautiful woman.

They will never start a business.

They will never read that life-changing book.

They will never improve their health to live longer.

They will never travel and meet the person they could have to spend their life with.

They will never take a chance on anything.

So they will never get “lucky”

Successful people know the big secret of this world.

Think big and get in the game.

Then luck will come your way if you keep on playing.