Today I'm doing a review of Submission Secrets an online course on dating a submissive woman. Submission Secrets was written by a woman that goes by the pen name “Lover's Guide.”

If you are a masculine man that enjoys dating feminine submissive women, then this course is for you.

If you are a man who want a submissive wife or your current partner has the potential to be a submissive wife then this course is also for you.

Also, the course will be valuable for men who are in a relationship with a feminine woman with a lot of potential and who are not sure how to develop their girlfriends into more submissive women.

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Submission Secrets Review: How To Date And Have Relationships With A Submissive Woman

Let's get right to the point! What will you find inside the Submission Secrets course ?

  • “The Submission Secrets” main eBook gives you the main Submission philosophy that included the whole process of molding your partner into the type of submissive feminine woman that you want.You will learn how to guide her into the submissive role.


  • “The First Date Playbook” is another ebook that explains the whole process of the first date, but most importantly, it shows you exactly what critical mistakes you should avoid on the first date and how to find a submissive woman.


  • “The Five Biggest Mistakes men make in bed” eBook gives you insider secrets of things to avoid in the bedroom and how to have a great sex life.


  • “How to attract and Approach” eBook on how to have a masculine game and how to successfully start the process of seduction with a detailed foundational approach.Unlock the secret to gaining an edge in any social situation. Impress even a model from Victoria's Secret or that cute girl at work with ease and magnetism.


  • “25 Sex Positions” ebook will give you the moves to make her beg you for more with this insider to submissive sex guide written by a submissive woman.Unleash the ultimate pleasure with positions that guarantee to make her scream out your name in ecstasy. Follow the detailed instructions and images for a seamless experience; no guesswork required!This is a sex and submission guide.


  • “25 Pick up lines” ebook will give you openers to always have something to say when approaching a beautiful woman and effortlessly make a good first impression.Want to make an unforgettable impression on that special someone? Look no further than these tried-and-tested lines, sure to get you noticed while separating yourself from the competition.


  • “The Texting blueprint” ebook will give you an easy way to send messages to her that will make her constantly be thinking about only you.Master the art of texting with The Texting Blueprint! This foolproof system provides step-by-step guidance to ensure you send the perfect message, every time. Become a pro at crafting engaging texts that get results.


  • “The Instagram Daddy” ebook is a detailed guide on how to use Instagram to stand out as a powerful masculine man that easily gets the attention of beautiful women online.Transform your Instagram into an irresistible magnet for female attention, even if you don't fit society's standards of beauty. Build a profile to be envied by Playboy and make girls DM you first!


  • “The Quit porn like a pro” eBook will give you a step-by-step framework to finally stop the loser activity of watching porn and transform yourself into a confident, masculine man.Struggling with pornography addiction? Take control of your life and experience the rewards: get BJs from women you once admired only in fantasy. Quit porn like a pro!


  • “The wife material checklist” ebook is your guide to easily identify feminine high-quality women so that you can make wise decisions about who you choose to spend time with in life.You will also learn how to treat a submissive female in a relationship by guiding submissive behavior.Looking for the perfect partner? Avoiding a costly divorce in future by evaluating your potential fiancée up-front. This checklist helps you determine if someone is truly ‘wife material'.


  • “The body language workbook” ebook will give you the secrets of successful body language, it will reveal why this is one of the most important parts of being successful in life and in your relationships.Step into a room with confidence; become the alpha male everyone desires. Through proper body language and engaging conversation, you can train yourself to command every space and make people's hearts beat faster. Unlock your inner dominance – start Body Language 101 today!


  • “Overcoming a breakup” ebook will help men who are struggling with a bad breakup and help them get back their confidence and masculine presence.After a difficult period of heartache and sorrow, you can take solace in the fact that one day she'll look back on this breakup with regret. Regret for ever letting go of such an incredible person – namely you!


  • The “Reignite the fire in your boring, sexless marriage” ebook is for men who are in a bad relationship and how they can transform the relationship into one that is full of passion and excitement.Learn how the submission of a woman is a process and how she can become a submissive wife in time.Reawaken The Passion: If your relationship is lagging, use this system to reignite the flames of desire and become her admired king in both lovemaking and life.Teach her how to be submissive.


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    A Word Of Warning

    Before we continue I want to give you guys a word or warning.

    Dating in the modern world is getting harder and harder for the average man.

    The modern world has made women more picky than ever before in history.

    They have a world of choice in their hands in the form of dating and social media apps like Instagram.

    Millions of men simp for them and try to get their attention.

    They have built up stronger defenses and have a tougher screening process than ever before.

    This modern world has taken a woman's natural hypergamous nature and put it on steroids.

    She is constantly asking herself, “Is this the best guy I can get?”

    This is the world we live in.

    You either adapt and win or you keep on losing.

    Unfortunately, most men do not adapt so they end up alone or settle for mediocre women.

    Why am I telling you this?

    Well, I'm telling you this so that you realize that you need all the tools you can get for you to get an edge in the dating market.

    The bad news is most men will not do any work on themselves.

    Most men will never invest themselves in the form of a course or a book so that they can get better.

    The good news is that if you have read this far that you are different.

    Therefore I'm encouraging you guys to get the knowledge and tools to improve yourself so that you dont just survive in the modern dating world, but thrive and excel.

    Remember, you can have a lot of success with women and dating if you are smart and you do the work.

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Submission Secrets Course Content Review – How To Make Women Submissive

By now, you are probably wondering what format is Submission Secrets.

Is it a book? Well, it's basically an online course in the form of ebooks that goes through the whole process of becoming a strong masculine man that effortlessly attracts feminine women and transforms them into submissive women.

Submission Secrets

The ebooks discuss all the important aspects of becoming a high-value man and how to make the women in your life submit to your masculine presence.

For me, the foundation Submission Secrets ebook is the most important and worth half the course just by itself.

The fact the book is written by a woman that wasn't always submissive to men but then got transformed by her man into a feminine submissive woman is what gives the book a unique perspective.

And therefore you will learn how to make women submissive and build a healthy relationship.

She gives the insider perspective on how she got transformed and why all the things her boyfriend did to her worked so well.

She also explains the signs of a submissive woman.

The amount of detail she gives about what to say, what to do, and what not to do will make it easy for any man to walk away from this course with the tools to be successful in dating and relationships.

But one thing is clear, you must go and do the work to get results.

And if you go through the whole course and make notes, you will realize that you have a lot of work to do.

Another part of the course that stood out for me was how she made the course multidimensional in the sense that she didnt just focus on sex, she gave a detailed education on the whole seduction process, including how to use Instagram as a seduction tool.

What a lot of men do not realize is how powerful a tool it is to spice up your dating life, and this course will show you exactly how you can use Instagram in this way.

Another chapter that stood out for me was texting blueprint. A lot of times, men are clueless about texting and communication on digital platforms.

And this course gives you insights on things to avoid, but most importantly, it tells you exactly what to say and why you should say it. The better your online communication, the more success you will have.


Don't Settle For Mediocrity

Another key aspect of submission secrets is that it will teach you not to settle for mediocre women that add no value to your life.

A lot of men fall for the trap of dating women that make their lives harder, not better.

A lot of men end up with a feminist who has an Only Fans page or Instagram page where she constantly shows her naked body to other men.

These same women usually have a high body count that these men don't even know about.

These types of women don't add any value to your life, they just add drama and confusion.

In Submission Secrets, you get the tools to transform yourself into the type of man that naturally attracts the type of woman that add a lot of value to your life.

Feminine women that have a low body count and go out of their way to make you happy.

These are the types of women who totally align with your masculinity and life mission.

These are the types of women that you want in your life.

The type of woman that adds value to everything you do.

Don't fall for the trap where  you end up miserable in a relationship with a bad sex life.

Rather create a relationship with a submissive girlfriend or a submissive wife.

So dont just settle for mediocrity gentleman, you have the potential to transform and create a better life for yourself.

All you have to do is do some work on yourself, become a dominant man, and then take action.

For The Doubters.

Some men reading this might be thinking if it's a good idea to be a dominant man in a modern relationship.

But the reality is that many women desire this type of relationship.

Subconsciously submissive women often desire to be placed in a submissive role in the context of a relationship with a dominant man because they view it as an emotionally secure route.

Many women are typically less interested in control and power than they are in feeling appreciated, taken care of, and safe.

A submissive girl sees the dominant man as someone who will provide stability, security, and overall protection while allowing her to focus on other things in her life.

This is a big reason why submissive relationships are becoming more popular in modern society.

And for all the women out there reading this thinking “Do men like submissive women?”,the answer is most masculine men like submissive women.

Sometimes men and women argue about why Fifty Shades Of Grey is so popular?

Well the answer is right in-front of you ,it sold 150 million copies.So yes many women enjoy being a submissive female.

One Last Thing To Keep In Mind

We only have limited time on this planet, and so many men fall for the pornography trap and get stuck in mediocrity.

They give up on meeting high-value women and settle for a life of fapping and depression.

Dont wake up one day and realize you wasted your best years in front of a screen using your hand as a pleasure tool.

Realize that you have 3 choices:

1. Do nothing and spend the rest of your life as a mediocre man that gets nothing but low-value women or spends his time fapping. In other words a life of regret and depression. Your current belief system brought you to this point, maybe its time for a change?

2. You can go do some research and try to figure all this out by yourself. Sure, you might get there in a few years but you will waste a lot of time with trial and error.

3. Take control of the situation right now and get the tried and tested methods that are proven to help you meet new submissive women or to fix your existing relationship.

The choice is clear! A life of abundance and pleasure or a life of mediocrity and suffering.

So step up and become the dominant man that you want to be.


Conclusion -Submissive Women

There a few weak points I could point out in this course, but the value added outweigh the things that I thought could have been better.

No course or book is perfect, but the value added in this course is why I would recommend it to men who want to improve their dating or relationships.

My final verdict on Submission Secrets is that it's an online course packed with value with a unique perspective in the sense that it was written by a submissive woman.

Not just any woman, but a woman who transformed from a normie into a feminine submissive woman.

Again the course is loaded with content and is detailed in the key areas of dating, relationships, and how to become a better man.

Another cool future of the course is that you become part of the Telegram group, where you can become part of the community and ask the creator of the course questions and get more insights on things you want to learn more about.

If you want to learn more about submission secrets, check it out below. 

Until Next time.

Submission Secrets Course